I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 134 - Chongming Demon Monarch

Chapter 134 - Chongming Demon Monarch


The 10 cultivators, including Zhou Xuanji, walked into the mist. With their enchanted artifacts in hand, they walked ahead carefully.

Zhou Xuanji shamelessly took the center position of the group.

He felt that walking at the two flanks were too terrifying.

Even though he was the most powerful person among them.

After entering the mist, the ground underneath was moist and swamps surrounded them.

Zhou Xuanji looked back and scanned his surrounding with his mind, but he could not sense Xu Xianxuan and her maidservants.

“Don’t tell me they are fooling us?”

Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself. The others did not seem to hear him and were still on the alert.

Actually, they did not trust Xu Xianxuan fully.

But since they were already here, they could only go ahead reluctantly.

They each had their own abilities to survive, so they were quite confident.

After walking ahead for 500 meters, they still had not encountered any danger yet.

They had already entered a swampy terrain. With the mist surrounding them, their visibility was as low as just 10 meters.


A deafening roar came from in front, along with a burst of wind that smelled of blood. Everyone’s hair danced messily in the wind.

“Everyone, be careful.”

A bald man with a big face said deeply. Needless for him to say, the others were already anxious.

The least anxious one was Zhou Xuanji.

He just did not like the atmosphere, but that did not mean that he was afraid. He was not even scared of the Seventh Rank great demon.

It was his first time seeing a Seventh Rank demon, so he was rather curious.

“I hope the demon will not disappoint.”

He mumbled to himself with expectant eyes.

The group continued ahead.

They unleashed their Qi-signature, and no demon dared to attack them.

As they moved forward, the roar became more deafening, which was a sign that they were closing in on the Seventh Rank Demon.

“A group of worms. Right timing, I’m hungry already.”

At this moment, a hideous and intimidating voice came from in front and gave everyone goosebumps.

Next, the ground shook violently, as though there was giant charging at them.

Rank Seven Great Demon King!


Xu Xianxuan’s voice came from an unknown place. The group heard and began retreating.

Zhou Xuanji turned around and moved swiftly to the side with the Eight-step Sword Lunge and disappeared into the mist.

He quickly hid into the mangroves and used the Qi Obscuring Incantation to hide his Qi-signature.

Under Daoya Old Man’s guidance, his Qi Obscuring Incantation had reached a higher dimension. As long as his opponent was not three stages higher than him, it would be very difficult to sense his Qi-signature.

The Seventh Rank demon was only two stages higher than him!

Soon, he saw a giant silhouette that looked like a mountain dashed by in front of him.


An ear-piercing sound came along with a flash. Xu Xianxuan was on the move.


The ground shook violently, and the mist billowed. Zhou Xuanji did not have a clear picture of what was going on. He could only see blur shadows moving crazily.

He was not interested in the treasure in the territory of the great demon.

He was more interested in the demon himself.

His part still needed a tank.

This guy might have been suitable with such a massive body.

“Damn, woman! You think you can stand up to me with your puny power?”

The great demon roared again. His tone was full of disdain.


A silhouette flew straight to Zhou Xuanj with extreme speed.

Zhou Xuanji dodged aside instinctively, and Xu Xianxuan landed beside him. The silk veil flew up, revealing an incredibly charming face that could turn an empire upside down.

Xu Xianxuan looked at him with hateful eyes.

She saw clearly how Zhou Xuanji dodged. Although she did not want to have physical contact with another man, this guy was without any pity towards a beautiful lady.

She got up quickly and asked, “Why haven’t you escaped?”

Zhou Xuanji giggled, “I did not disrupt your mission. Why run?”

Xu Xianxuan frowned. She did not speak further because the great demon was already charging at her.

The mist was dispersed by the violent wind. Zhou Xuanji finally got a clear look at the demon’s appearance.

The 30-meter tall demon was covered with black fur. Amidst a head of messy black hair was a pair of bull horns that pointed up toward the sky. His face and body were like a human, but his bloodshot eyes made him extremely hideous.

He wore black armor and a green robe that danced in the wind.

“Very good!” The demon grinned when he saw Zhou Xuanji, “Another thing to fill my teeth!”

Zhou Xuanji stared at him and nodded satisfactorily, “The body looks very intimidating.”

The bull demon heard laughed proudly, “I’m Chongming Demon Monarch. Of course, do you think my name is intimidating?”

Chongming Demon Monarch?

Zhou Xuanji had never heard of it before. But he was satisfied with this demon’s appearance.

“Follow me from now on!”

Zhou Xuanji asked with a smile. With this, Xu Xianxuan’s expression changed. The demon was also stunned.

“Are you dumb?” Chongming Demon Monarch stared at Zhou Xuanji and asked with a deep voice.

He flipped his right hand, and the Phoenix Emperor Sword appeared. A horrifying aura exploded from within his body.

The phoenix fire enveloped his right arm. Next, half of his body was on fire, but he was not damaged at all.

At this moment, he was like a fire god incarnate.

Chongming Demon Monarch was a little shocked. The young man in front gave him a terrifying feeling.

Xu Xianxuan opened her gorgeous eyes wide. She did not expect Zhou Xuanji to be this powerful.

What goal does he have?

Xu Xianxuan sensed that something was wrong and looked alarmingly at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji walked toward the demon with his sword in hand. “How? Am I dumb?” He laughed coldly.

Chongming Demon Monarch heard and felt humiliated.

He let out a long roar and raised his right hand. A giant blade of white bones, which was even taller than him, appeared in his hands

He slashed at Zhou Xuanji with such a force that seemed to collapse the ground beneath. The mist surrounding them were dispersed straightaway, revealing the swamp in a radius of 500 meters.


The blades clashed. Zhou Xuanji blocked his attack with his sword single-handedly.

I feel good!

Amethyst legendary sword indeed!

Zhou Xuanji that Chongming Demon Monarch was not that powerful.

It could be because of his breakthrough in cultivation, which made it easier for him to use the Amethyst legendary sword.

Chongming Demon Monarch was enraged. A faint black aura emanated from his body.


The ground beneath him vibrated violently. Cracks were crawling on the ground as his power began to increase.

Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes and came to Chongming Demon Monarch’s back with the Eight-step Sword Lunge. He kicked with his legs forcefully and leaped up.

With the Phoenix Emperor Sword raised, he slashed.

Tempest Slash!

His sword Qi blasted out across the demon’s back. Blood splattered.

Chongming Demon Monarch’s face twisted and his body could not help but limped a few steps ahead.

Xu Xianxuan backed off quickly to draw some distance from the two of them.

She was aghast. Chongming Demon Monarch looked helpless in front of Zhou Xuanji?

“Brat! I will cut you down for sure!”

The demon roared in a rage and turned around with a slash.

The horrifying demonic Qi converged on his blade. In a flash, the blade Qi blasted out vertically and cut the pervading mist into half. The ground surface in front of him was torn open, trees were uprooted, and hills turned into ashes.

Boom! Boom! Boooom…

The blade Qi traveled unstoppably across 10,000 meters, leaving behind a horrifying abyss.