I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 133 - The Reason For The Choice

Chapter 133 - The Reason For The Choice


Facing the lady in the white skirt that was like a celestial maiden, Zhou Xuanji rejected her upfront. “Sorry, I’m going to participate in the World Hero Conference. I will not leave with you.”

Poor Saintess.

*  I will not give you the chance to meddle with me.*

The lady in white frowned and looked at him peculiarly.

The cultivators who were queuing were too.

“Then, it’s in the same direction. Follow me, you will be greatly rewarded.”

The lady in white skirt said as she nodded her head. This made Zhou Xuanji’s eyes brighten up.

He immediately asked, “Could it be that your young master also wants to participate in the World Hero Conference?”

“You are right, so follow me.”

After that, the lady in the white dress flew up to the bluebirds.

Zhou Xuanji hesitated no more and leaped up.

He noticed that there were a few others who followed.


*  Nevermind.*

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and thought about it no more. He quickly came to the bluebirds.

He looked toward the carriage instinctively. He was a little curious about the Saintess of Hanyin Divine Sect, who was sitting inside.

Soon, the other chosen nine gathered beside the bluebirds as well.

They were all male.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly realized this. It could be that he was overthinking.

The appearance of the other men was not the best.

Then, he remembered his own face.

His face immediately turned green.

“I hope that I did not overthink this.”

He prayed in his heart. If this were so, then it would really be a significant blow to his heart.

The lady in the red dress said to Zhou Xuanji and the others, “Follow behind us and enter Chaoge Royal City straightaway.”

After that, he waved her right hand. The two bluebirds stretched their wings and flew toward Great Shang, pulling the carriage behind them.

When the carriage turned, the wind unveiled the silk covering the window. Zhou Xuanji saw a stunningly gorgeous and extremely beautiful face.

It was only an instant.

He did not even have a clear look at the face, but he only felt that it was gorgeous.

He dazzled for a short moment before catching up with them.

The others were so too. With the envy of thousands of people, they entered the border custom and disappeared into the horizon.

On the way, the other nine cultivators were all exhilarated.

According to them, Xu Xianxuan from Hanyin Divine Sect was Great Shang’s top beauty. Her cultivation had reached Astral Projection.

Zhou Xuanji heard them. Old woman?

To reach Astral Projection, who knew how many hundreds of years she had lived. She could have already lived for 1,000 years.

His Jiang Xue was still more adorable.

Zhou Xuanji did not chat along with the rest and remained silent.

Until dusk, the two bluebirds landed on a mountainous terrain along with the carriage.

The two ladies walked over graciously. They were apparently from noble families.

The lady in the red dress spoke, “We will rest here tonight. Later, our young master will come out to brief you on the mission.”

The group nodded. The one with the highest cultivation among the group was merely Astral Infant Level Three. They would not dare to do anything reckless even if they had the ill intentions.

Zhou Xuanji sat before a giant rock and cultivated.

The other cultivators gathered in groups of twos and threes. Some chatted, while others cultivated.

Night fell.

The group built campfires. Occasionally, there were shrieks of demons in the surrounding forests.

Xu Xianxuan walked out of the carriage. She graciously postured body was covered in a white dress. On her face, she a blue silk veil that only revealed her stunningly beautiful eyes. Her hair was coiled up into a bun and she wore a string of jewels on her porcelain forehead.

Under the moonlight, her beauty was out of the world.

Everyone was attracted to her. The other nine cultivators were all mesmerized.

Zhou Xuanji saw her and snorted. She was just putting on a show.

Xu Xianxuan walked up to the group and said, “The reason you were all chosen is because you are all not handsome.”

A critical hit!

Except for Zhou Xuanji, the other nine cultivators’ expressions all changed drastically, as though they had eaten a fly.

Just as I thought.

Zhou Xuanji sighed in his heart. Fortunately, my real face looks handsome, like an idol. Or else, I will fight them to death.

Xu Xianxuan ignored their expressions and continued to speak, “I don’t mean ill. After the mission, I will give each of you 10,000 Level Four spirit stones, 10,000 Spirit Gathering Pills, and an Earth Grade spell scroll.”

The group heard her, and they no longer looked so bitter.

After all, no one praised them for their looks since young.

As long as the reward was attractive, they would endure.

Spirit Gathering Pill was a pill used for cultivation. At the same time, it was a currency like the spirit stones. In Great Shang, people were more used to trading with Spirit Gathering Pills.

“What do you need us to do specifically?”

A man with a face full of black spots asked.

Xu Xianxuan scanned them, and her eyes did not stop more than a second on each of them, including Zhou Xuanji.

“On the way to Chaoge Royal City, there is a Rank Seven great demon,” She said, “There are some rare materials that we want from his territory. Your mission is to be the bait. I don’t need you to fight, just attract his attention is good enough.”

“As long as you lure him out of his territory, I will do the fighting. My maidservants will do the gathering.”

A Seventh Rank great demon!

It was equal to Astral Projection!

The group was a little shocked. A short and fat man, with a bumpy and tan face, asked, “That simple? Why choose us?”

Could it be that the demon liked to eat ugly men?

The lady in red skirt said with an unpleasant tone, “You haven’t heard about our young master’s wedding engagement? If the other person knew about other men coming near our young master, you would surely die.”

Zhou Xuanji suddenly came to a realization.

Ugliness was a form of protection sometimes.


The biggest joke in the world!

Zhou Xuanji pitied the other nine men.

But the others heaved sighs of relief.

“Haoqi Alliance’s Little Evil Lord?”

“Tsk tsk. That’s why.”

“I heard that the Little Evil Lord was extremely pretty. So it was just as I expected. It’s been really hard on Xian-zi.”

(TL Note: “Xian-zi” is a nickname for Xu Xianxuan, which also means “fairy.”)

“Yeah, how can the Little Evil Lord be fit to marry Xian-zi?”

“Don’t worry, Xian-zi, we will accomplish the mission.”

The group spoke, and their words confused Zhou Xuanji.

Haoqi Alliance?

Not sure if they were related to Xinhao Sect.

“Everyone, please rest well. We will move out early in the morning.”

Xu Xianxuan ignored everyone’s denouncement of the Little Evil Lord and returned to her carriage.

The nine ugly men looked at her back silhouette with regret.

She was definitely the dream of every man. But a pity, it was destined that she was beyond them.

Zhou Xuanji closed his eyes and continued to cultivate.

For the next 12 days, Xu Xianxuan did not come out from her carriage.

They traveled during the day and rested at night.

They traveled over mountains, lakes, and rivers, and finally reached the territory of the great demon that she described.

The ground was bumpy with a lot of ditch. A mist pervaded the air in front. Under the veil of fog, the tall trees were like demons with their claws and teeth.

The bluebirds landed.

Xu Xianxan walked out with her maidservants. She said to the male cultivators, “Walk straight ahead. I will move separately with my maidservants to protect you.”

“Remember, you can only retreat when I give the command to, in case you mistakenly take other demons as the great demon.”

The group flushed a little. To them, a Sixth Rank demon might not have seemed different from a Seventh Rank demon. If they really met one, they might have fled out of fear.

And so, Zhou Xuanji walked ahead with the other nine ugly men.

He took out the Soft Velvety Sword and moved ahead carefully.

After he reached Great Shang, he decided not to use the swords he used previously. At least before the World Hero Conference ended, he would not use them, lest he exposed his identity.