I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 132 - The Destined One! The Order Of Great Shang’s Emperor!

Chapter 132 - The Destined One! The Order Of Great Shang’s Emperor!


“When will it begin? Where?”

Zhou Xuanji asked with a frown. If he could break through to Astral Infant with the Thunder Core Grass, he, of course, had to try.

Moreover, who knew him in Great Shang?

“In two months, at Chaoge Royal City. When you enter the city, you will know where to participate. Great Shang is just and upright. As long as you register for the World Hero Conference, no clans or sects can find you any trouble. You can rest assured on this.”

“Of course, if you are the trouble-maker and met with trouble, then whether you can come out of it will solely depend on yourself.”

Daoya Old Man introduced as he stroked his long beard. His words moved Zhou Xuanji’s heart.

“I want to go too!” Zhao Congjian said excitedly.

Daoya Old Man threw him a stare. “None of you can go. Stay here and cultivate!” He said.

Zhao Congjian’s face turned bitter in an instant.

Jiang Xue, Xiao Jinghong, Huang Lianxin, and the rest saddened too.

Han Shenbo waved his hand in a smile, “Yeah, go out for what. It’s too dangerous.”

He had yet to recover all his cultivation. He really wanted to stay.

The little black snake popped his head out from the cauldron and spat his forked-tongue, filling the space with its meaty fragrance. “All stay. What rank can you get even if you go?” He said, “1,000 years of my cultivation was not even comparable to his 18 years of cultivation…”

At this, it could not help but sigh sorrowfully.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Jiang Xue and said, “Help me put on some makeup. Best to change my face.”

He looked back at Daoya Old Man again and asked, “If my face-change was revealed, will I be disqualified?”

Daoya Old Man giggled, “Who is standing before you?”

“I, the old immortal!”

“I will cast some spells on you to make sure no one will notice.”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes. How boastful.

Shortly after, he followed Jiang Xue to a wooden hut to change his face.

Jiang Xue’s fingers were cold as they rubbed on Zhou Xuanji’s face.

“This time around we will not be with you. You must be careful.”

Jiang Xue reminded him as she worked out the face-change.

Usually, Zhou Xuanji could let his guard down and cultivate or rest boldly, because the rest were on the watch. He had to rely on himself during this period.

“When you reach Chaoge, don’t attract the attention of girls.”

“Don’t go to those lustful places that Beixiao was speaking of.”

“Don’t wink at other girls.”


Jiang Xue began instructing him ceaselessly, which gave Zhou Xuanji a headache.

He said helplessly, “My sister, I’m there to fight, not for romance. Lin Guanyu might still be in Great Shang also.”

Jiang Xue heard him and asked anxiously, “Then, don’t go. Cultivating for 10 more years is not a big deal? I’m here with you.”

The two continued to chat.

Zhou Xuanji did not need the feeling of being pursued, and so he desperately wanted to become more powerful. He had to participate in the World Hero Conference.

Moreover, Daoya Old Man was injured. He had to save him.

An hour later.

Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue walked out of the wooden hut. Everyone turned around and their expressions changed.

“You feel like another person totally.” Huang Lianxin sighed in amazement

Daoya Old Man walked up to Zhou Xuanji. He bit his thumb and drew on Zhou Xuanji’s forehead with his blood.


Zhou Xuanji said with an unpleasant tone. He felt that his forehead was getting hotter. Next, his entire face was burning.

“This is immortal blood!” Daoya Old Man stared at him and said with an unpleasant tone.

Zhou Xuanji ignored him. He walked to the lake to take a look at his new face.

“What the! So ugly?”

Zhou Xuanji turned around and looked at Jiang Xue angrily.

Jiang Xue rolled her eyes and said, “It’s not ugly? It’s just that you were too good looking.”

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji had big eyes and thick brows, with bronze-colored skin. He looked ordinary, like a passerby.

“Three months later, you will change back to your original appearance. You must cherish the time and come back quickly.”

Daoya Old Man reminded him. It was to warn him not to stay in Chaoge for too long.

There were many attractive places in Chaoge where men lost themselves.

Back then…

Cough cough.

There was no need to mention it!

Zhou Xuanji looked at Jiang Xue with hidden bitterness. He then jumped into the lakewater and left.

Jiang Xue covered her mouth in a chuckle and then pulled Huang Lianxin over and whispered to her.

“I have a feeling. My Revered Teacher will become wildly reputed in Great Shang.”

Xiao Jinghong said with a smile. No matter where Zhou Xuanji went, he could turn the place upside down.

Zhao Congjian and Beixiao Wangjian nodded their head expectantly.

Daoya Old Man shook his head with a smile, “This World Hero Conference is not that simple. A Child of Destiny is also going to participate. Xuanji might not have been able to defeat him. If he can, then a huge transformation awaits for him.”

Everyone in the group was curious. Child of Destiny?

Who was that?

After Zhou Xuanji burst out from the lake, he flew straight towards Great Shang.

He remembered the direction that Han Shenbo pointed him to previously.

He decided to ask for directions to Chaoge Royal City after he entered Great Shang. It would not be a tricky thing.

He flew full speed ahead, without any worry that Lin Guanyu would suddenly appear and attack him.

The fact that Daoya Old Man allowed him to come out was already a clear sign that there was no danger.

But he still could not get it. Why would Lin Guanyu charge into Great Shang and make a huge commotion, instead of ambushing him quietly?

Maybe his mind was muddled by his hatred. He could not find them for half a year after all.

Zhou Xuanji moved ahead as he thought.

Within an hour, he was already at the border custom of Great Shang.

The border custom’s walls were more than 30 meters tall and looked majestic. A long queue was formed by those who were entering the Great Shang. There were at least 1,000 people.

He stored his sword and landed to queue at the back.

“Tsk tsk. The World Hero Conference attracted so many people!”

“Yeah, this is a great opportunity to become famous.”

“Once you show your capabilities, Great Shang’s influential powers will try to loop you in. Who will miss this opportunity?”

“Have you heard about the battle between Beiba Blademaster and Great Shang’s Fury Buddha?”

“Is that very important?”

Zhou Xuanji listened to the conversation of the people in front of him quietly to gather favorable information.

Great Shang’s World Hero Conference was even grander than Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection. There were no conditions for entry and the winner would receive Great Shang Emperor’s Token, which was a representation of Great Shang Emperor’s presence.

No one in Great Shang would dare to offend the holder of the token.

The Emperor of Great Shang was smart. He did not recruit the winners forcefully but used this tactic to build favorable relationships with them so that when Great Shang was in danger, heroes across the world would come to help him.

In the Northern Wilderness Region, reputation was crucial.


At this moment, a bestial scream came from the east.

Everyone turned to look. They saw a carriage flying over from the horizon, pulled by bluebirds with a wingspan of 15 meters.

Two beautiful ladies stood on the footboard of the carriage. One of them wore a red skirt, and the other wore white.

The bluebirds pulled the carriage swiftly over to the border custom.

“Our young master wants to select 10 cultivators for assistance. After the matter, there will be great rewards.”

The lady in the red skirt said. After that, she and the lady in the white dress leaped down like celestial maidens descending to the world.

“Me! Me!”

“Those are from Hanyin Divine Sect!”

Bluebirds pulling the cart. Could it be the Saintess, Xu Xianxuan, from Hanyin Divine Sect?”

“Very likely!”

The cultivators in front of Zhou Xuanji were thrilled. He also noticed that most of them were men.

He rubbed his chin and mumbled, “If I was the main character in a novel, I would be selected by the Saintess, and then a cliche plotline would unfold.”

At this moment, the lady in a white skirt flew straight to Zhou Xuanji’s head and pointed at him.

“You, come, follow me.”

She spoke loftily with a calm expression.