I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 131 - Amethyst! Phoenix Emperor Sword!

Chapter 131 - Amethyst! Phoenix Emperor Sword!


Daoya Old Man came up to him and was surprised, “Oh? This guy finally decided to train his sword technique. I almost forgot that he’s a sword cultivator.”

Zhou Xuanji’s attitude in putting everything he had into internalizing Qi was indisputable.

But that did not mean that he agreed with him.

Only when he thought about Lin Guanyu’s threat outside, he tacitly consented.

“My master can train any sword technique to Great Accomplishment in a short time. So, he does not usually need to train sword techniques.” Zhao Congjian spoke proudly.

So powerful?

*  Must be a bluff!*

Daoya Old Man curled his lip and watched Zhou Xuanji’s training.

Heavenly Lights encompassed seventy-two sword moves and each was hard to counter in its own ways. Zhou Xuanji took 22 breaths to complete one round.

From the second round onwards, his speed increased tremendously.

After 10 rounds, his speed increased again, which made Daoya Old Man’s expression change.

“This guy…”

After 100 rounds, Heavenly Lights reached Small Accomplishment.

After 200 rounds, Heavenly Lights reached Great Accomplishment.

After 400 rounds, Zhou Xuanji realized its sword will!

With the Soft velvety Sword in hand and sword Qi flowed surrounding his body, a majestic mirage of heavenly lights appeared behind him.

Even Jiang Xue, the little black snake, and Han Shenbo came to take a look.

“What is that sword?”

Zhao Congjian asked. He could barely contain his excitement. I really want to learn!

Zhou Xuanji said calmly, “The Sword generates the world. The Sword generates a small-thousand world, and the Sword generates a great-thousand world. The Heavenly Lights are the foundation of the world.”

“This sword technique is called Heavenly Lights.”

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Huang Lianxin, Beixiao Wangjian were all in a dazzle. They repeated Zhou Xuanji’s words.

Daoya Old Man frowned as he contemplated.

*  This guy’s words are so mysterious.*

*  He’s good.*

Zhou Xuanji stored his sword and turned the attention away from his accomplishments. He walked up to Jiang Xue and asked about her cultivation.

Beixiao Wangjian patted on Zhao Congjian’s shoulder and said, shaking his head, “Stop thinking about it. We have a lot of opportunities in the future.”

Zhao Congjian took a deep breath and nodded forcefully.

His eyes burned with determination once again.

Daoya Old Man covered his chest, and his face did not look good.

He lifted up his eyes to look at Zhou Xuanji. “Why does this guy have such fantastic talent in the Sword’s Way? Then, did I make any mistakes back when I was changing his destiny?”

Good things and bad things came hand in hand.

They had to be on the alert.

The group continued to train in the subterranean cavern.

A month later.

Zhou Xuanji finally broke through to the Soul Fountain stage!

In the Soul Fountain stage, his energy would turn into a soul fountain, flowing through all his vital channels and converging at his Dantian.

His channeling and regeneration of spirit energy were much faster than before. The spirit energy generated was also more powerful.

Simply put, Zhou Xuanji felt that his spirit energy increased over 100 times.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached Soul Fountain stage. Gacha started!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [Amethyst] Phoenix Emperor Sword!”

Amethyst legendary sword!

Zhou Xuanji was exhilarated. Until now, he no longer fancied Gold Grade legendary swords. Amethyst Grade legendary swords were his minimum standard!

Although it was not as good as Glorious Gold, the side effects of the Glorious Gold legendary swords were just too heavy for him to bear. It was like controlling them with his life.

He immediately took out the Phoenix Emperor Sword.

The sword was crimson in color and a meter long. The blade was a palm’s width, and the quillon was carved with a phoenix pattern, which had its wings facing downwards and looking majestic. Moreover, three phoenix feathers were attached to the hilt of the sword.

When the Phoenix Emperor Sword was drawn, it lit up the entire subterranean space.

Everyone could feel a wave of warm air coming toward them from their back.

He turned around instinctively and saw Zhou Xuanji with the Phoenix Emperor Sword in his hand.

Streams of flames emerged from the blade and converged into a fire phoenix. Its wingspan was about 15 meters, which looked incredibly majestic.

“Such a handsome firebird!”

Daoya Old Man exclaimed in amazement. This sword is good!

Xiao Jinghong and Zhao Congjian stared fixedly at him.

Another legendary sword!

“Where did this guy obtain so many swords?” The little black snake mumbled.

Zhou Xuanji swung the Phoenix Emperor Sword about and felt that it was extremely powerful.

If he were to use it with the Fiery Sword Technique, it would definitely be dominating!

At this moment, three lines of words appeared before his eyes:

Sword Name: Phoenix Emperor Sword

Grade: Amethyst

Description: 10,000 phoenixes gave birth to one Emperor Phoenix. The Phoenix Emperor Sword was forged with the bones of the Emperor Phoenix. It contains the roaring flame of the phoenixes that can engulf all things!

Although it did have the Phoenix Emperor Sword like the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword, Zhou Xuanji still sensed that the Phoenix Emperor Sword was more powerful.

He could control the power of the Phoenix Emperor Sword as he pleased.

Or maybe it was because he reached the Soul Fountain stage.

With the Phoenix Emperor Sword in hand, he felt that everything else was so weak.

I feel good!

Not sure if I can defeat the Sword Monarch by using the two Amethyst legendary swords with the Two Swords Mode?

The way ahead is still far. I can’t afford to be reckless!

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and stored up the Phoenix Emperor Sword into the Supreme Storage before he continued his cultivation.

He walked to the riverside alone and continued to internalize Qi.

Xiao Jinghong let out a deep sigh. He looked at the sword in his hand and suddenly felt that his sword was no longer that handsome.

Daoya Old Man rubbed his chin and fell into deep thought.

After breaking through to Soul Fountain, Zhou Xuanji did not slow down his cultivation but remained his ferocity.

Three months later, he broke through to Soul Fountain Level Two.

The others were making breakthroughs swiftly as well.

Daoya Old Man cast a spell to concentrate the surrounding spiritual Qi for them to cultivate, which enhanced their effectiveness.

The weakest in the party was at Enlightening Level Five.

Daoya Old Man took special care of the little black snake. He would throw him into the cauldron to temper his body along with rare materials.

As a result, the fragrance of snake meat soup filled up the subterranean cavern every day.

This caused the Dragon Eagles to look at the little black snake with a strange expression.

Now, the little black snake did not dare to approach them. He was afraid of being eaten on the spot.

Four months later.

Zhou Xuanji reached Soul Fountain Level Three.

This day, Daoya Old Man went out to gather information.

Lin Guanyu should have been far off. He should not have been loitering around unless he found them.

Three days later.

Daoya Old Man returned.

“Crazy! Lunatic! Lin Guanyu charged into Great Shang alone, claiming to capture Sword God Zhou, which forced Great Shang’s Fury Buddha to fight him. They were both badly injured, and Lin Guanyu left with severe injuries.”

Daoya Old Man jumped out of the lake water and shouted. He looked extremely excited.

Lin Guanyu was severed injured?

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow. Did Lin Guanyu really become a lunatic?

Daoya Old Man walked up to Zhou Xuanji and grasped his shoulder. “Great Shang is going to organize a World Hero Conference. The top 10 can receive different rewards based on their rankings. The winner can receive three Myria-annum Thunder Core Grass. You must get those.”

Zhou Xuanji asked reluctantly, “Why? Why can’t you let me cultivate peacefully?”

“Myria-annum Thunder Core Grass is a sacred material for body-tempering. It really suits you, and…”

Daoya Old Man’s old face suddenly blushed, and he mumbled on, “Back from when I was injured by Lin Guanyu, there is still a remnant of his blade Qi in my body that cannot be expelled. This prevents me from cultivating. If this continues, it will cause big trouble.”

So that’s why.

Everyone’s expression became peculiar.

Daoya Old Man felt ashamed. He faked a cough and tried to correct his tone, “The path of cultivation cannot be done just by hard work, but opportunities must arise too. This is a great opportunity. If you can win, your Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation will reach Great Accomplishment. The two Myria-annum Thunder Core Grass can help you reach Astral Infant in a month. Compared to cultivating for numerous years, are you sure you don’t want to go?”