I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 130 - Daoya Old Man’s Undying Regeneration

Chapter 130 - Daoya Old Man’s Undying Regeneration


The water was close to 200 meters deep. If not for their cultivation, they would not be able to reach the bottom.

Soon, they entered the cave.

Fortunately, the cave opening was wide enough for Ah Big and Small Er. It would be awkward if the Dragon Eagles were stuck into the entrance.

After they entered the cave, they continued swimming.

After coming out of the tunnel, they swam up 100 meters, and they were welcomed by a whole new world.

In front of them was a subterranean cavern that was very spacious. Sharp stalactites hung from the roof, with water dripping from them.

There were many strange crystals embedded on the surface, which were emanating faded light. As the light converged together, they brightened up the entire cavern.

After the group came out of the water, they all laid on the ground, gasping for air.

The long period of anxious escape gave them extreme fatigue.

Even the little black snake did not speak nonsense but laid on the ground unmoving like a dead snake.

Jiang Xue laid down beside Zhou Xuanji and asked breathlessly, “Can this place hide us from Lin Guanyu?”

“We can only pray.”

Zhou Xuanji sighed. This time, he really hit a dead end.

He did not expect the empress to have such a powerful older brother.

Han Shenbo sighed, “Now that Xinhao Sect, Beiba Blademaster, and Great Zhou want our heads. How pathetic.”

Zhou Xuanji could not help but begin to reflect on what his wrong move was.

He shouldn’t have linked up with Xinhao Sect?

Xinhao Sect had significant influence and power, who Lin Guanyu dared to conflict with directly. As a result, his hatred landed on Zhou Xuanji.

But if it were not for the partnership with Xinhao Sect, he might not be able to kill the empress.

Ultimately, the root cause of all this was his own weakness.

After that, Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and Han Shenbo got up. They began to cast spells to hide their Qi-signature, in case LIn Guanyu sense them.

*  Bloop–bloop–*

At this moment, the water on the surface of the lake was bubbling. The group was so frightened that they got up and prepared for battle.

“Don’t tell me it’s him?” Beixiao Wangjian gulped and mumbled.

Zhou Xuanji had already drawn his God Emperor Sword.

Even if he were to die, he couldn’t die without putting up a fight!


At this moment, a silhouette burst out from the lake, and the group were totally surprised!

Daoya Old Man!

He leaped up swiftly and landed by the lakeside. He patted down his Taoist robe as he cursed, “Damn. I almost died to him. Fortunately, my Undying Regeneration was refined enough!”

Zhou Xuanji and the others rushed up to him and began asking him questions all at once.

Daoya Old Man sat on the ground and began to tell them what happened.

What happened was, he left a mark on Zhou Xuanji’s body to track him.

He delayed Lin Guanyu for an hour and was finally beheaded by the Blademaster. Fortunately, Lin Guanyu did not destroy his body.

After Lin Guanyu left, he grew back his head and used his special ability to transport himself after Zhou Xuanji.

“Undying Regeneration? Are you Wolverine or Deadpool?”

Zhou Xuanji sighed in amazement. So awesome.

Daoya Old Man folded his arms in front of his chest and said proudly, “Why do you think I have so many legends? I’m immortal!”

What a bluff!

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes, but he realized that since Daoya Old Man returned, the anxiety of the group had been significantly relieved.

The old man gave everyone a great sense of security.

Daoya Old Man stretched his lead and said, “From now long, don’t go out. Just cultivate here. Until you have accomplished your cultivations so that you no longer fear Lin Guanyu, then I will let you go.”

The group nodded. Because of Lin Guanyu’s deadly pursuit, they had a ball of anger within their hearts.

Especially Zhou Xuanji!

How many years had it been?

Since he was two years old until now, it was his first time being so pathetic.

“Lin Guanyu, you wait. One day, I will cut your blade into half with my sword!”

Zhou Xuanji roared furiously in his heart. His eyes were burning with anger.

Daoya Old Man glanced at him and sighed in his heart, “His character is totally different from his mother’s. He’s really staunch and determined. It’s good, a man should be like this. Fearless and courageous, and takes revenge on all who offend him.”

After the thought, Daoya Old Man got up slowly and said, “I did some trick on the lake water. Lin Guanyu cannot find this place. Begin cultivation now!”

The group heard him and were all excited. All of them got up.

Zhou Xuanji sat by the lakeside. He took out his pills to internalize Qi and cultivated.

Daoya Old Man walked to his side and drew a circle around him with his finger. Immediately, Zhou Xuanji felt waves of spiritual Qi gathering toward him.

He looked at Daoya Old Man in astonishment.

But his grand-teacher stroked his long beard with a smile and left.

And so, Zhou Xuanji and the group began working hard on their cultivation. Their aim was to get out as soon as possible.

In the beginning, Daoya Old Man would give some pointers to Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and Beixiao Wangjian. But ever since Zhou Xuanji showed his sword techniques, he went to teach the others.

On the mastery of the Sword’s Way, he was not comparable to Zhou Xuanji.

But he could still teach Jiang Xue, Han Shenbo, and the little black snake.

Especially Jiang Xue, whose talent amazed him. She was even more talented than Zhou Xuanji’s mother.

So he began to focus on teaching Jiang Xue.

Under his guidance, Jiang Xue broke through to the next level within one month.

Zhou Xuanji was happy for Jiang Xue, but at the same time, he fell into self-doubt.

It seemed like he was only suitable to teach swords.

On this day.

“Analyzed that the Sword Ower is now 18 years old. Gacha started!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner has obtained [Gold] Soft Velvety Sword, [Silver] Divine Crane Sword, [Silver] Phantom Sword, and Heavenly Lights!”

The voice of the Sword Spirit sounded expectantly in Zhou Xuanji’s mind, which made him open his eyes.

Three legendary swords!

He immediately took out the three swords, and information about them appeared before him simultaneously.

Sword Name: Soft Velvety Sword

Grade: Gold

Description: Only when the enemy is not higher than the sword owner by two cultivation stages, the enemy will lie powerlessly on the ground, if cut by this sword.

Sword Name: Divine Crane Sword

Grade: Silver

Description: Made from the bones of 1,000-year-old divine crane. Extremely hard.

Sword Name: Phantom Sword

Description: When the sword is swung, the blade turns invisible and produces phantom images of itself, catching the enemies off guard!


The Soft Velvety Sword sounds interesting. Once it hit the enemy, he could do everything he wanted to them.

Zhou Xuanji was pleasantly surprised and he gazed at the three legendary swords in his hands.

The Soft Velvety Sword was a soft sword. Its blade was only two fingers wide and looked like an ordinary silver sword.

The Divine Crane Sword was a jade white sword with its quillon in the fashion of a white crane flashing out its wings.

The Phantom Sword was black and ordinary-looking without any special appearance.

The three legendary swords did not look extravagant.

But it was good to have three more swords, which drew him closer and closer to the Hundred Swords mode.

After that, he began internalizing the Heavenly Lights.

Heavenly Lights was a sword technique. It required vast memories, which almost made Zhou Xuanji fall unconscious.

This sword technique was very powerful!

Sword Qi escaped the body, transforming into the image of heavenly lights and blasting off at the opponent!

After a while, Zhou Xuanji internalized the memory. He stored up the Divine Crane Sword and Phantom Sword before he began practicing the sword technique with the Soft Velvety Sword.

Seeing that Zhou Xuanji was practicing the sword again, Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, and Huang Lianxin’s eyes lit up as they came over to him.

Another new sword technique!