I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 129 - The Ascension Of The Emperor

Chapter 129 - The Ascension Of The Emperor


Daoya Old Man’s expression turned grim in an instant and he cursed, “Lin Guanyu is following you after all!

Beiba Blademaster, Lin Guanyu!

His blade was unrivaled in the Northern Wilderness Region and he was someone even more powerful than the Sword Monarch.

Before Emperor Yan of Zhou could take the throne, he had already dominated the whole region.

“Oh no… Oh no…”

Han Shenbo’s legs shivered. He was extremely terrified, and his eyes were full of fear.

His understanding of the Northern Wilderness Region was much more in-depth than Xiao Jinghong and the others. He knew what the name Beiba Blademaster meant.


He knelt on the ground out of fear.

Zhou Xuanji frowned. Is Lin Guanyu that terrifying?

* Piak–*

The little black snake dashed over and smacked Han Shenbo with his tail, sending him flying away. “What a shame!” he chided, “Even I’m not that afraid!

After that, he hid entirely under Small Er’s wings.

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian drew their swords and were prepared for battle.

Under everyone’s anxious gazes, Lin Guanyu strolled over from the horizon.

He wore a white robe with a black, curved-blade behind his back.

Even though he was still far away, they could feel his intimidating pressure.

He’s overwhelmingly powerful!

More powerful than the Sword Monarch!

He could even be considered invincible!

Daoya Old Man, who stood behind Zhou Xuanji, sighed, “See, it’s over. Emperor Yan of Zhou might not beat him. The Emperor removed the Empress and turned his hatred toward you. Such an ingenious tactic.”

Zhou Xuanji asked in a frown, “If he’s more powerful than Emperor Yan of Zhou, and since the Emperor is about to ascend, why hasn’t he ascended?”

Not scientific!

“You think Emperor Yan of Zhou wants to ascend?

Daoya Old Man shook his head and said, “Anyone who has been an Emperor for a long time will be forced to ascend, or else, and just reaching the Great Realization stage is not enough for the ascension.”

“Although the emperors of an empire look good, once they ascend, their position drops to the bottom, becoming the lowest among the immortals.

“Many emperors will hand the throne down timely. A pity that Great Zhou is currently facing a fatal crisis. Emperor Yan of Zhou had to continue as the emperor. Until today, even if he gives up the throne, he still had to ascend.”

So Great Realization is not the stage of ascension.

Emperor Yan of Zhou is just a special case.

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath. He took out the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword and prepared for battle.


Daoya Old Man smacked the back of Zhou Xuanji’s head and said with an unpleasant tone, “Brat, you still dare to fight him? You don’t want to live already?”

After that, he pulled Zhou Xuanji to his back.

“All of you stand down! Don’t be a hindrance!” He stared at the others and reprimanded.

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and the others heard him and backed off.

Lin Guanyu was overwhelmingly powerful. It was not time for them to try to be brave.

“Daoya Old Man, if you stop me, I will cut you down.”

Lin Guanyu’s voice came from afar, which sounded casual, as though it was easy to kill Daoya Old Man.

“Your sister killed the daughter that I personally brought up. Now that your sister is dead, it is her retribution. Instead of troubling the Emperor Yan of Zhou, you came to settle the score with a kid. This is not fitting with your title as the Blademaster.” Daoya Old Man said with a giggle.

He turned around to look at Zhou Xuanji and the rest. “Run!” He said softly, “Run as far as you can!”

Zhou Xuanji asked in a frown, “You can deal with him?”

“Back then, I can’t save your mother. Now, if I just watch you die, your mother in Hades will not forgive me.”

Daoya Old Man spoke with a smile that still looked annoying.

“Get lost. Don’t burden me!”

Having heard that, Zhou Xuanji looked at him intently, before leading everyone to escape.

Lin Guanyu’s voice came, “If so, then I will cut off your head first.”

Daoya Old Man straightened his back and said proudly, “In my whole life, I was a man of peace to everyone and not in strife with anyone. But today, I will show my true colors!”

Zhou Xuanji and the others flew as fast as they could. When they heard Daoya Old Man’s words, they admired him.

Beixiao Wangjian sighed, “Looks like our master’s grand-teacher has an admirable hidden character.”

“Of course. Daoya Old Man was someone who is deified. Many legends have his stories.”

Zhao Congjian nodded in admiration.

Zhou Xuanji said with a deep voice, “Stop chatting. Fly faster!”

Everyone’s hearts turned grim and did not dare to speak further.

*  Boom!*

An ear-piercing, earth-shaking sound of an explosion came from behind them. The entire forest was shaken and trees were uprooted.

The group was in great shock. They immediately flew out of the forest and continued ahead as fast as they could.

Zhou Xuanji turned to look. The airspace above the wasteland was covered in dust, which blocked Daoya Old Man’s silhouette from his eyes.

“He should be okay?”

Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself. He was worried.

Daoya Old Man was saving him after all.

Jiang Xue, who was in his arms, comforted him, “Don’t worry. He looked so confident. Even if he cannot defeat him, he should be able to escape.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and continued full-speed ahead.

Soon, the group disappeared into the horizon.

An hour later.

In the billowing dust storm.

Lin Guanyu walked out with his blade in hand, with blood splatters on his white robe.

On his left hand was a human head. It was Daoya Old Man’s.

Daoya Old Man’s face looked hideous. His eyes were wide open, as though he was trying his very best.

“Run? Even if you run to the corners of the earth, I will kill you.”

Lin Guanyu mumbled to himself and continued to walk ahead with Daoya Old Man’s head in his hand.

*  Whooooosh! Whooooosh!*

The Dragon Eagles sped through the sky. The little black snake and Huang Lianxin were on their backs. The others were on their swords, traveling full speed ahead.

Han Shenbo cried out from their back, “The Great Shang Empire is in front of us. It sees the Great Zhou Empire as an arch-enemy. We must not reveal that we are from Great Zhou.”

Great Shang Empire!

Zhou Xuanji remembered about the Shang Dynasty in the history of China.

Northern Wilderness Region was really amazing. There were Great Zhou and Shang. Not sure if there were also Great Qin and Great Tang.

“I’ve heard that many powerful cultivators were hidden in Great Shang, including buddhas with golden bodies and auspicious auras. When the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou was sent by Emperor Yan of Zhou to negotiate in Great Shang, he almost died in Great Shang. Not sure if the source is reliable.”

Xiao Jinghong spoke with a stern tone.

Although the power of Great Shang was not a widespread knowledge among the commoners, everyone knew of its long history. Facing the Great Shang Empire, the Great Zhou Empire was always disadvantaged.

“After we enter Great Shang, we will hide first.”

Zhou Xuanji instructed. He was not sure how was Daoya Old Man doing.

If he could not win, he should have escaped by now.

Mountain ranges covered in lush vegetation were in front of them. The mountains were surrounded by streams and rivers, which was a sign that they were out of Juemo Wasteland entirely.

The group traveled full speed ahead.

Zhou Xuanji sent out Xiao Jinghong and Zhao Congjian to find a cave. It was best to find a cave that would bring them underground. If they didn’t hide, they could die even before reaching Great Shang.

He wrapped around Jiang Xue’s waist with one hand, while Jiang Xue was fanning with a palm-leaf fan. A watery mist began to fill the air.

He was using a water spell to disperse the Qi-signature that they leave behind.

Soon, Zhao Congjian and Xiao Jinghong were back. The two of them found a cave that connected underground.

It was situated in a great lake. The lake was surrounded by a forest and was connected by rivers in many directions.

The group jumped into the river, including Ah Bg and Small Er, and swam toward the bottom of the lake.