I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 128 - Great Catastrophe, Most Powerful In Northern Wilderness Region

Chapter 128 - Great Catastrophe, Most Powerful In Northern Wilderness Region


At a relay station in Juemo Wasteland.

There was a small inn, with three tables inside.

A tall-looking man sat at one of the tables. He wore white clothes and carried a black curved-blade that was six inches wide.

His black hair was tied up behind his head. His eyes were sharp, and his facial features were defined, as though his face was carved with a knife.

His head hung low as he shook the wine cup in his hand lightly.

At this moment, two men walked into the inn as they chatted and laughed.

“Tsk tsk. I didn’t expect the Empress to die right outside Great Zhou. Not even a piece of her was left. Miserable.”

“Yeah. Sword God Zhou was too ruthless!”

“That Xitan Changshi is too useless. He could not even protect the Empress. How is he fit to be the State General?”

“We have a great drama going on. Xinhao Sect wants to kill Sword God Zhou, Great Zhou too.”

The two chatted as they called the server over.

The man in white put down his wine cup and walked to their table. “What you have said is true?” He said with a deep voice.

The two looked up at him and were frightened by his icy eyes.

“Yes, it is true. The news has spread all over Juemo Wasteland!” They answered truthfully immediately.

“Right. News of it has been spread into Great Zhou!”

The man in white heard them and immediately turned around to leave.

With each step covering 100 meters, he disappeared into the horizon after seven steps.

The two men, the server, as well as the inn owner, were all stunned by what they saw.

The white clouds at the horizon were suddenly torn apart, as though the sky was cut asunder.

The Great Zhou Empire.

In a palace. A muscular man who wore a black robe with python patterns was cultivating on his bed.

He had a handsome face. With two hands in front of his abdomen, palms facing upwards, streams of winds flowed in the palace, swaying the candle lights ceaselessly.

He was Zhou Yalong!

Great Zhou Royal Family’s top prodigy. The one who had the most hope to succeed the throne!

Zhou Yalong’s brows were slightly raised. He felt a little uneasy.

Somehow, he felt that something terrible was happening.

The higher one’s cultivation goes, the more likely such feelings pointed to something real.

At this moment, a maidservant walked into the door quickly.

“My prince! Bad news…”

The maidservant knelt before him and cried out fearfully. Her face was pale, and tears were welling up in her eyes.

Zhou Yalong frowned. “What happened?” He asked with a deep voice.

“The Empress… The Empress… She…”

The maidservant choked with sobs and could not speak a full sentence for a long time.

Zhou Yalong’s expression changed drastically. He raised his right hand and took the maidservant into his hand. “Say it clearly!” He said, gritting his teeth, “Do you want to die?”

The horrifying murderous intent sent shivers down the maidservant’s spine. She immediately cried out, “The Empress was killed in Juemo Wasteland! She was killed by Sword God Zhou!”

With this, Zhou Yalong felt like he was struck by lightning. He looked as though he lost his soul.

He felt weak in his right hand, and the maidservant dropped to the ground. She immediately flipped herself up to kneel down out of fear.

Zhou Yalong sat paralyzed on his head. His lips trembled as he wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what to say.

He touched the bedsheets anxiously as his face turned sinister.

“What you said is true?”

“Wasn’t Xitan Changshi escorting her?”

Zhou Yalong roared like a furious lion.

At this moment, he really wanted to tear Sword God Zhou into pieces.

“Xinhao Sect’s Huang Ming was in the battle too. General Xitan was tied up with him.”

The maidservant replied carefully. It was her first time seeing Zhou Yalong like this. It made her terrified.


Zhou Yalong burst out into laughter, which emanated a murderous intent that could cut deep into ones bones.

How could he not know how powerful Huang Ming was?

How could he not understand the prowess of Xitan Changshi?

He immediately turned into a black gust and flew out of the palace.

10 days later.

Zhou Xuanji and the others came to a forest.

Han Shenbo looked ahead and said, “After we get past this forest, we will be out of Juemo Wasteland. The empire in front was a neighbor to the Great Zhou Empire. We are still in great danger.”

After Xinhao Sect, Great Zhou had also put up a bounty for Zhou Xuanji.

Emperor Yan of Zhou did not reveal Zhou Xuanji’s identity.

A prince who murdered the Empress of Great Zhou. It was a breach of position as well as a murder within the family, which was a great taboo. If news about this were to spread, the entire Great Zhou would be in shame.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “We cannot let out guards down. Xinhao Sect will not give up just like that. We need to find a good place to settle down for another 20 years. After that, I will surely go unrivaled in the world.”

The last time he said 10 years, in the end, it was face-slapping for him.

To be safe, add another 10 years. This time I won’t be slapped in the face?

The group nodded. They also wanted to find a place to focus on their training, to avoid the awkward situation they are in now.

Huang Lianxin mumbled, “20 years later, Zhou Yalong will become the emperor?”

Zhou Xuanji glanced at her and said casually, “Then, I will charge into Great Zhou and cut the Emperor down.”

Such heroism and courage!

Living in this world, one talked big!

“20 years later, will my master break through to Astral Infant?” Zhao Congjian said excitedly.

“The Astral Infant? You look down on me? Then, I will take the Astral Infant as my target!”

Zhou Xuanji snorted, and everyone burst into laughter.

“Hahahaha! Break through to Astral Infant in 20 years? You are wildly arrogant, indeed!”

A burst of familiar laughter came. The group turned around to see.

Daoya Old Man was standing on the tree and was waiting for them with a smile.

“Xuanji’s grand-teacher!” Jiang Xue cried out with eyes wide-open.

Han Shenbo raised his brow. He heard many rumors about Daoya Old Man. This person’s cultivation is unfathomably high.

“Come quick. I have things to tell you. It’s really a miracle that you guys did not die in Juemo Wasteland, given how carefree you are.”

Daoya Old Man waved his hand and looked at Zhou Xuanji with a complicated expression in his eyes.

He did not expect Zhou Xuanji to kill the Empress.

This guy is only seventeen!

*  So damn devilish!*

Zhou Xuanji immediately led the group to the tree he was on.

Daoya Old Man jumped down and sighed in amazement, “You were being used. Do you know that?”

Zhou Xuanji replied expressionlessly, “I want to kill her. I’m okay with being used.”

The group was curious. They also felt something was peculiar.

“The Empress of Great Zhou was too forceful. The Emperor was worried that after his ascension, the Empress would interfere with the politics, so he used you to get rid of her. So that in the future, no matter who takes the throne, he will not be controlled by the Empress. But do you know the Empress’ background?”

“Not only the Merciful Melody Cliff but her older brother Lin Guanyu is also in Juemo Wasteland.”

Daoya Old Man sighed and looked as though Zhou Xuanji was about to encounter a fatal catastrophe.

“What? Lin Guanyu is the Empress’ older brother?”

Han Shenbo cried out in fear.

Lin Guanyu was at Juemo Wasteland!

He immediately turned around to look.

Xiao Jinghong asked curiously, “Who is Lin Guanyu?”

“Beiba Blademaster. His blade is the most powerful blade in the Northern Wilderness Region. The Emperor feared the Empress because of him so that he did not dare to get rid of her personally.”

Daoya Old Man sighed. His words made Zhou Xuanji frown.

The most powerful in the Northern Wilderness Region!

This title was really frightening.

“Since you already know, I’m about to come. You can kneel down and wait for your death.”

At this moment, an apathetic voice resounded, as though a deity was speaking to ordinary men.