I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 127 - Merciless Emperor

Chapter 127 - Merciless Emperor


“Werewolf? Impossible. He is of pure human bloodline! Or else how could he become the First Rank State General?”

Han Shenbo shook his head and said. At the same time, he could see the problem as well.

Xitan Changshi’s attitude was the problem!

Jiang Xue shook her head with a smile and did not explain further.

She did not mean werewolf as in a demon. It was a term Zhou Xuanji always used to make fun of her.

The others had no idea, so she couldn’t be bothered explaining it. She took it as a secret sign between Zhou Xuanji and herself.

Zhou Xuanji swooped down on the Empress with the God-Emperor Sword in hand. In his eyes, the Empress was no longer that powerful.

She could be considered very weak.

“What do you have to say before you die?”

Zhou Xuanji said expressionlessly. He could see what was happening.

Xitan Changshi was waiting for him to kill the Empress!

Could he be working for some prince or concubine?

The Empress steadied her body. Cold-faced, she looked at Xitan Changshi and asked, “General, what are you doing?”

Xitan Changshi, who was engaged in intensive combat with Huang Ming, gritted his teeth and said, “I will do my best to not disappoint the Emperor. I swear I will protect the Empress!”

Having heard that, the Empress’ pupils dilated helplessly.

She immediately understood what the general meant.

She smiled pitifully.

So, that’s why.

She mumbled to herself, “Zisu, I’ve changed. And so have you.”

Zhou Xuanji came to her face with the God-Emperor Sword raised.

Facing the God-Emperor Sword, she had no hope of escaping.

With this slash, the Empress would surely be dead.

She looked up and Zhou Xuanji with a sinister expression, “Brat, you are lucky that I’m going to die today. But I have to warn you. Be careful of your so-called dad!”

Zhou Xuanji squinted. Could it be that the Emperor Yan of Zhou was behind this?

At this moment, the Empress sat down suddenly, as though she was no longer resisting.

“Actually, I’m in the same predicament as your mother,” she said with a pitiful smile.

“Back then, when he took the throne, I was pregnant with the first prince, which should be the crown prince, but was poisoned by a b*tch who killed the unborn baby.”

“He lied to me. He said that after he took the throne, he would only love me.”

“With my first son dead, no matter how talented my second son was, he could not be the crown prince.”

“Why can’t he?”

“When I saw that he was mesmerized by Zhao Xuan, I remembered that b*tch who poisoned me. I will make you and Zhao Xuan feel the same pain of being torn apart by death!”

At this point, she was gnashing her teeth. Her laughter became more miserable.

Looking back at the first half of their lives, Emperor Yan of Zhou was only a young man back then and was not favored by the previous emperor.

She was an elite disciple of the Sacred Grounds. There was a vast gap between their identities and positions.

Eventually, she still descended the mountain along with him to travel across the world and experienced all kinds of challenges. She gave her all to help him become the Emperor.

But of all the promises he gave her, only a few were fulfilled.

Zhou Xuanji looked at the Empress expressionlessly. Even though the Empress appeared to be exceedingly miserable and pitiful, he was unmoved.

It is only proper to pay for her sins.

She lived a bitter life, and so did Lady Zhao Xuan.

Zhou Xuanji’s God-Emperor Sword descended slowly.

Faraway, Xinhao Sect, and the royal guards were still battling fiercely.

Xitan Changshi fought Huang Ming with a sinister expression. He roared occasionally and sounded as though he struggled with his all and was extremely angry.

The Empress flipped her right hand, and a piece of paper appeared. There were badly written words on it.


“Long-er, you can only rely on yourself from today onwards. I will pray for you from below.”

The Empress lowered her and said to herself.

The sword flashed!

Soul-eater Slash!

The black sword Qi engulfed her immediately, turning the piece of paper in her hand into ashes.

The earth shook violently, and its surface collapsed. Cracks crawled in all directions, shocking everyone to a halt and they turned around to see what happened.

All the royal guards’ faces were pale as ashes. With the Empress dead, even if they could escape back to Great Zhou, they would not survive the capital punishment on their whole family.

Xitan Changshi, with his brows, tightly knitted, looked a little dazzled.

He was a veteran general who fought alongside the Emperor. He knew that it was not easy between the Emperor and the Empress. Now that the Empress had died right outside the territory of Great Zhou, even he felt bitter about it.

Only then did he truly understand the mercilessness of the Emperor.

The Empress’s astral infant did not escape. She was totally dead.

Not even a piece of her remained.

Zhou Xuanji withdrew the God-Emperor Sword. Cold sweat could be seen on his head as he took in a deep breath.

He had taken revenge!

“Zhao Xuan, mother. Revenge has been taken. For the rest of this life, I will live for myself.”

Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself. He had the memories of his past life after all. Although it was painful for him to remember Lady Zhao Xuan, it was not that painful.

After killing the Empress, he had the feeling of a rock being lifted from his heart.

He immediately flew toward Jiang Xue and the others.

“You dared to kill the Empress, the Emperor will not let you off!”

Xitan Changshi roared furiously. After that, he disappeared in a stream of life.

Everyone was stunned.

The surviving royal guards’ expressions changed drastically and they began to run, but it was a pity that Xinhao Sect would not let them go.

Huang Ming understood what the general meant and immediately ordered, “Kill all of them!”

He turned around in the direction of the general’s departure. “Interesting. He’s someone who I can loop in.” He said with a smile.

On the other side.

“Are you alright?” Jiang Xue took Zhou Xuanji’s hands and concerned.

Although an act of successful revenge was delightful, it would nevertheless bring up a sorrowful past.

Zhou Xuanji grinned at her. “What will happen to me? I feel so good!” He said.

He then turned to the others and said, “Let’s go!”

He didn’t want to be swarmed by Xinhao Sect.

No one objected. They left quickly.

Soon, all the royal guards were dead.

Huang Ming raised the corner of his lips and smiled sinisterly.

“Sent the news out. Sword God Zhou killed the Empress of Great Zhou! It’s best to send the news to Great Zhou. Stir as big a commotion as you can!”

Once Zhou Yalong knows, he would surely seek Zhou Xuanji out and fight him to death. At that time, Huang Ming could kill the two of them when they are weakened.

He more he thought about it, the more delighted he was. He could not help but raise his head and laugh heartily.

Then, 100,000 cultivators looked at each other. This battle was won faster than they had imagined.

At the same time, they got to see the ruthlessness of the Great Zhou Empire.

Even more ruthless than the evil sect!

Four hours later.

Zhou Xuanji and the others found Ah Big and Small Er. After that, they continued their journey away from Xinhao Sect.

They could sense a storm coming their way.

Within three days.

News of the Empress’ miserable death under Sword God Zhou’s sword spread across the entire Juemo Wasteland, and at the same time, into Great Zhou.

Great Zhou’s reaction was much more drastic than Juemo Wasteland!

“How can it be! Is Sword God Zhou crazy?”

“Sword God Zhou killed the Empress of Great Zhou? Could it be because of what happened previously?”

“It must be. The Empress sent people to kill him. Of course, he had to take revenge!”

“But that was the Mother of Great Zhou after all. Isn’t Sword God Zhou too radical?”

“Oh no… Zhou Yalong will be so angry. If he were to take the throne, Sword God Zhou would not be able to return to Great Zhou!”