I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 126 - The Battle With The Empress

Chapter 126 - The Battle With The Empress


Sensing Xitan Changshi’s world-shaking killing aura, Zhou Xuanji was not in time to dodge. He slashed back instinctively.

It was the Tempest Slash again!

A sword Qi, hundreds of meters long, swept towards the general.

Xitan Changshi’s face was sinister. He thrust his polearm with one hand and dispersed the sword Qi.

Immediately, he was already right in front of Zhou Xuanji.

When he saw Zhou Xuanji’s face, he was a little dazzled.

The Windcutter Sword appeared underneath Zhou Xuanji’s feet. He harnessed the momentum to use the Eight-step Sword Lunge and leaped to a ruin 100 meters away.

The evil cultivators began attacking each royal guard in a surround.

A great battle exploded into action!

Dust was flying in the air, and Zhou Xuanji was looking at Xitan Changshi, who was in midair, with squinted eyes.

This person’s power is really horrifying!

At that instant, he had the feeling of facing death.

This time, Huang Ming charged toward Xitan Changshi again.

After being swept away by Xitan Changshi’s aura, he felt somewhat embarrassed.

The two of them engaged in fearsome combat once again.

They were so powerful that each time their weapons clashed, an earth-shattering gale blew.

Xitan Changshi was shocked in his heart.

“Who is that young man? Why does he look so alike with the Emperor?”

He thought in his heart as he fought with Huang Ming.

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Jiang Xue, and the others flew out from underground as well. They did not engage in battle but observed from afar.

Although they wanted to fight, there was no gap for them to enter.

More evil cultivators charged out from underground like a swarm of bees. When they landed on the ground from mid-air, they looked black rain.

Zhou Xuanji stared at the site where the carriages exploded and did not sense the Empress’ Qi-signature.

“This old woman died just like this?”

Zhou Xuanji frowned and felt as though it was unrealistic.

The Empress of Great Zhou should not have been weak. Even with his Power of the Ancient Sword Emperor, he should not have been able to kill her with one slash.

“Are you looking for me?”

A cold voice came from Zhou Xuanji’s back, which made his pupils contract suddenly.

It was a voice that he would never forget.

Empress of Great Zhou!

He turned around and saw that the Empress was looking at him coldly from 20 meters away.

She wore an elegant golden skirt and a phoenix crown embedded with jewels. Her face was icy but beautiful. Just by standing there, she gave off an aura that belonged to an Emperor who ruled supreme over all his people.

As an Empress with such an aura, it was considered a miracle for her to live this long.

Zhou Xuanji remarked sarcastically in his heart whether Emperor Yan of Zhou was blind.

If he became the Emperor, how could he allow an Empress with such a huge ambition?

“So, you really did not die. This is good. If you die too easily, I will not be happy.”

Zhou Xuanji said as he squinted his eyes. He remembered Lady Zhao Xuan’s gentle smile, and his fury immediately welled up in his heart.

Honestly speaking, other than saving him at the last minute, Lady Zhao Xuan was not a good mother.

She usually allowed the maidservants in the palace to take care of him. When she had nothing to do, she would bring him out to parade him before others.

But Lady Zhao Xuan was still lovely and truly loved him.

Even before this woman learned how to be a good mother, she had died. How pitiful was that?

Seeing Zhou Xuanji’s fury in his eyes, the Empress raised the corner of her lip and smiled mockingly.

“I didn’t expect you to have grown so powerful already. Seems like Daoya Old Man put in quite the effort.”

The Empress said coldly. She and lady Zhao Xuan had the beauty to overturn an entire kingdom. Both of them were also taught by famous sects, so they were pricks in each others’ eyes.

Now, when she saw that Zhou Xuanji showed a stronger talent than ever Zhou Yalong, she could no longer suppress her anger.

She waved her right hand and a silver whip appeared. Tiny pricks could be seen along the body of the whip.

The silver whip jerked, and lightning enveloped it.

“I can’t even stay peaceful after that b*tch died. I will send you down to Hades to meet her today!”

The Empress walked toward Zhou Xuanji. A powerful murderous intent exploded from her.

Zhou Xuanji did not back off but walked ahead with his sword in hand.

“I will kill you today, and Zhou Yalong in the future, so the two of you can be united in hell.”

After Zhou Xuanji spoke, he dashed toward her.

He promised Huang Lianxin to revenge for her. Of course, he had to keep his promise.

After coming up to the empress, Zhou Xuanji straight away cast Soul-eater Slash!

Three streaks of black sword Qi were raised from the ground as though were to tear the Empress into pieces.

The Empress was equally swift. She whipped at Zhou Xuanji and bursts of lightning shot toward Zhou Xuanji, lighting up the whole place.


The sword Qi exploded with the impact of the whip. Lightning and demonic Qi intertwined together, tearing up the ground and sweeping up a storm of dust.

Zhou Xuanji used the Eight-step Sword Lunge and came behind the Empress.

Although the Empress of Great Zhou lived a comfortable life, her battle consciousness was exceptionally on point. Moreover, her powerful spirit energy made it hard for Zhou Xuanji to close in.

Xitan Changshi, who was battling Huang Ming, could not help but frown.

“Wasn’t Sword God Zhou capable of injuring the Sword Monarch? Why was he on par with the Empress?”

Huang Ming also thought with suspicion. Could it be just a rumor?

If he could stand up to the Sword Monarch, how could he not defeat the Empress of Great Zhou?

Even though the Empress was powerful, she was far from the Sword Monarch.

Xitan Changshi took notice of the battle between ZHou Xuanji and the Empress. He even overheard their conversion clearly.

“Son of Lady Zhao Xuan! No wonder…”

While Xitan Changshi thought about it, he was shocked. Suddenly, he thought about what the Emperor said to him secretively before he left. The expression in his eyes became one of conflict.

At the same time, Jiang Xue, Xiao Jinghong, and the others observed the battle anxiously.

Jiang Xue asked softly, “How come the Empress is so powerful?”

According to storybooks, shouldn’t the master of the royal harem have been busy fighting to consolidate authority?

Han Shenbo replied, “She was taught in Merciful Melody Cliff. Back then, she fought alongside Emperor Yan of Zhou. Of course, she’s powerful.”

Zhou Xuanji was also surprised by the Empress’ prowess.

He could not hurt her even with the Power of the Ancient Sword Emperor.

This old woman must have been at the pinnacle of Astral Projection. Or, she might have already entered Spirit Refinement.

If so…

Zhou Xuanji flipped his left hand, and the God-Emperor Sword appeared.

The God-Emperor Qi exploded and condensed into a horrifying shadow.

The Empress opened her beautiful eyes wide in great shock.

So intimidating!

No wonder he could injure the Sword Monarch!

She was anxious in her heart. Where is Xitan Changshi?

Huang Ming could surely not stand up to Xitan Changshi.

Zhou Xuanji slashed, and his sword Qi burst out.

The Empress tried to deflect with the whip in hand but was pushed back by it.

Before the God-Emperor Sword Qi, the Empress looked so helpless.

Huang Ming heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of that.

At the same time, he was perplexed.

He turned and fixed his eyes on Xitan Changshi. Although the general was still exchanging blows, they were much more intense than expected.

It felt unreal.

“Have I become more powerful? Or, is he not giving his best?”

Huang Ming’s expression turned peculiar in astonishment.

From a distance, Xiao Jinghong could see the problem.

“Why do I sense that Xitan Changshi is not fighting with his full power?” He said with a frown.

With this, everyone turned their attention to the general.

“Could he be a werewolf?”