I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 125 - Northern Hegemon Blademaster

Chapter 125 - Northern Hegemon Blademaster


“Powerful character? Who?”

The royal guard beside Xitan Changshi asked curiously. How powerful would someone who can stand up to Ta Tianchen be?

Great Realization stage!

Based on their knowledge, someone at the Great Realization stage was equivalent to a land god.

Xitan Chagnshi smiled, “Northern Hegemon Blademaster. Have you heard of him before?”

The royal guard looked confused. Apparently, he had not heard of it before.

“If you have traveled outside of Great Zhou, you would know how powerful this person is. He is greatly reputed in the entire Northern Wilderness Region. He’s the Empress’ older brother. Back then, he and our Emperor called each other brothers. It was a beautiful story to be told in the Northern Wilderness Region.”

Xitan Changshi said with a smile. As the memories of that time welled up in his mind, he looked a little sorrowful.

The Empress’s older brother and Emperor Yan of Zhou’s were god-brothers.

The royal guard heard and had respect for the Beiba Blademaster.

Not only was he respectful, but he was also curious.

“General Changshi, don’t put your hope into another person. You cannot let your guard down.”

At this moment, a cold and prestigious voice came from behind him. A faded but majestic tone could be heard in the voice, as though it was from an empress.

The voice came from a carriage in the center of the company. The carriage was delicately and elegantly decorated. A blue crystal ball, the size of a man’s head, was embedded on top of the carriage.

Xitan smiled back awkwardly and replied, “Don’t worry, my lady. I will not be distracted.”

After that, he turned and look to the front and did not dare to chat further.

Juemo Wasteland.

Zhou Xuanji and the others followed the evil cultivator to a small hill. The evil cultivator formed a spell sign with his right hand and incanted. A huge hole burst out from the hill.

“Follow me.”

The evil cultivator waved at them and disappeared into the hole.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Ah Big and Small Er and said, “Wait nearby. If you encounter an enemy, fly into the air.”

The Dragon Eagles nodded and left.

The group walked into the hole.

Beneath them was a labyrinth of tunnels. It was four meters tall and three meters wide. Spirit stones surrounded them, and their radiance brightened the underpass.

“Xinhao Sect is really determined.”

Xiao Jinghong said in amazement. Looking at these tunnels, it was apparent that they were preparing for a long time.

The evil cultivator who led the way said proudly, “Of course. We dug for a whole year. A spell was cast above, which isolates this place from mental probing. When the time comes, the Empress will be ambushed without her even realizing it!”

Beixiao Wangjian asked, “How many people did the Xinhao Sect rally?”

“A 100,000. They are all Xinhao Sect’s elites and were distributed to each underpass, for the ease of locating the Empress.”

The evil cultivator replied. He did not hide anything intentionally, because Huang Ming instructed him to answer truthfully.

Since they were working together, if he did not treat them genuinely, trouble might have ensued.

Zhou Xuanji was amazed. Xinhao Sect had put in much more thought than him and had a much more detailed plan.

He should have left Juemo Wasteland as soon as possible after this matter, in case he fell prey to Xinhao Sect’s schemes.

An hour later.

Zhou Xuanji and the others finally met up with Huang Ming.

It was an underground square. Thousands of evil cultivators were digging for spirit stones as Huang Ming sat on a huge rock to cultivate.

Sensing Zhou Xuanji and his companions’ presence, he opened his eyes.

“Sword God Zhou, you are here. Train here at this place and wait for the Empress to pass by.”

Huang Ming spoke. His tone was calm, as though he was talking about a small matter.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and brought the group to a corner to sit.

“Let’s be careful. This is the perfect place to be ambushed.” Zhao Congjian said softly.

“Are you reminding them?” The little black snake threw a stare at him and said with an unpleasant tone.

Zhou Xuanji sat down beside Jiang Xue and said quietly, “Okay, stop talking nonsense. When everyone is cultivating, one person should be on the lookout.”

Huang Lianxin looked around with her Ghost Emperor Divine Eye. Her sight could penetrate the rocks to see if there was an ambush.

Xiao Jinghong and Han Shenbo were observing their surroundings.

They were looking for the best way to escape.

Huang Ming continued his cultivation. Although the other evil cultivators looked at them occasionally, no one showed murderous intent but continued to dig for spirit stones.

Next, evil cultivators reported the situation every day.

The Empress had yet to enter Juemo Wasteland.

12 days later.

“Report! My lord! Traces of the Empress’ carriage company have been found!”

An evil cultivator flew up to Huang Ming, knelt down, and spoke with a deep voice.

After he heard this, Huang Ming opened his eyes, and a murderous intent was emanating from his eyes.

He got up straight away and cried out, “Everyone, head over to the tunnel underneath our target!”

The thousands of evil cultivators put down the digging tools in their hands and followed the one who reported to Huang Ming.

“Let’s move,” Huang Ming looked at Zhou Xuanji and said.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and led his companions to follow the evil cultivators.

After moving for an hour, they arrived at the place. The tunnel was full of Xinhao Sect’s evil cultivators.

Huang Ming flew over their heads. He stopped and looked up.

After probing with his mind, he immediately knew what was happening above.

“Wait for my command. Xitan Changshi belongs to me. The Empress is for Sword God Zhou to kill.”

Huang Ming looked down and instructed. Zhou Xuanji was also giving instructions.

“After we get out later, don’t join the battle without my permission.”

Zhou Xuanji ordered them. Beixiao Wangjian, Jiang Xue, Huang Lianxin, and the little black snake were too weak. They would easily be turned into ashes.

The group nodded.

At the same time, above the ground.

The carriages from Great Zhou continued their journey ahead. Xitan Changshi suddenly took out a polearm and looked ahead with his brows locked.

He had already sensed a fade murderous intent.

“Everyone on the alert. The first wave of our enemy is about to come.” He said with a deep voice.

As the First Rank State General, he had experienced numerous wars. Also, people who had died under numbered in the tens of thousands.

He was extremely sensitive to the murderous aura.

He looked ahead, and in all directions, there was only flat terrain. Even trees were a rare sight.

Danger could only come from two directions.

*  Boom!*

The ground in front of them exploded, and a blood-colored silhouette shot out and charged toward Xitan Changshi with extreme speed.

It was Huang Ming!

With the giant scythe in his hand, he hacked furiously at Xitan Changshi.

The general’s pupils contracted suddenly. He lifted up his polearm to deflect the attack.


The clashing sound of the weapons was sharp and ear-piercing.

At this moment, the ground around the carriages exploded as well. Countless silhouettes charge out like 10,000 arrows shot in one accord.

“Empress of Great Zhou! Today is the day you die!”

Zhou Xuanji’s cold voice, which was filled with murderous intent, resounded across the sky. With the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword in his hand and his white shirt dancing in the wind, he slashed toward the carriage the empress was in.

The Power of the Ancient Sword Emperor!

Tempest Slash!

An intimidating sword Qi, hundreds of meters long, blasted the entire company of carriages.

The dust was swept up, along with countless jewels and treasures.

The 100 royal guards quickly evaded.

Xitan Changshi roared furiously, “Die!”

*  Boooom—*

A horrifying aura exploded from his body like a volcanic eruption, which sent Huang Ming flying backward.

He leaped up and came charging at Zhou Xuanji with his polearm.