I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 122 - Divine Eye, Huang Ming’s Scheme.

Chapter 122 - Divine Eye, Huang Ming’s Scheme.


“We encountered him right when we arrived here. Such bad luck!”

The little black snake sighed, but he did not lose his composure.

He looked at Zhou Xuanji and said, “Take out the God-Emperor Sword and kill him. I’m sure you can!”


Zhou Xuanji whipped the little black snake with the flat side of the Ghost Curse Sword, like a teacher disciplining his student with his ruler, sending the little black snake flying.


Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself while staring fixedly at Huang Ming.

Huang Ming was not as powerful as the Sword Monarch, so he had no fear.

But when he thought about becoming a cripple, he was reluctant.

At this moment, Huang Ming looked at Huang Lianxin. “You have the Ghost Emperor Clan’s Ghost Emperor Divine Eye. Come back, I will nurture you to become the new clan chief.”

Ghost Emperor Divine Eye!

Huang Lianxin’s body trembled. She touched her eyes instinctively.

“Sister Lianxin, didn’t you promised to be with us forever?” Jiang Xue quickly hugged her arms and said.

The little black snake crawled over and said, “What a bluff. Your Ghost Emperor Clan is already gone. Only the two of you are left. She’s the chief, and you are her ancestor. You are a scammer!”

Huang Ming glanced at him and showed his killer’s intent. This frightened the little black snake so much that he hid behind Zhou Xuanji.

* Boom! Boom!*

Two silhouettes burst out from the ground and landed before Zhou Xuanji. They were Xiao Jinghong and Zhao Congjian.

They sensed a tremendous killer’s aura and immediately came out to help.

“Such prowess…”

Zhao Congjian squinted his eyes and mumbled.

Huang Lianxin took a deep breath and patted Jiang Xue on her hand. “Of course. I made a promise and will keep to it. Without my master, I would have already died in Shady Mountain Stronghold.” She said with a smile.

Having heard this, Huang Ming frowned.

He raised his giant scythe and his demonic Qi billowed. Thunder clouds gathered above his head.

Ghastly shadows appeared and levitated above ground. They maintained the look of the moment right before they died. Each was horrifying and there were tens of thousands of them.

These ghosts surrounded them, as though they were about to pound on them at any moment.

“You are Xinhao Sect’s Huang Ming?” Xiao Jinghong asked.

“How did you track us?”

Could Han Shenbo be right about foreseeing?

Huang Ming ignored them and stared at Huang Lianxin, “If you don’t change your mind, I will take away your Ghost Emperor Divine Eye.”

Taking her eye!

Huang Lianxin did not lose her composure. She held Jiang Xue’s hands and walked up to Zhou Xuanji.

“Maybe you are really my ancestor, but now I have my master. He’s more powerful than you.” She looked up at Huang Ming and said.

With this, Zhou Xuanji felt really pleasant and straightened his body.

Huang Ming swung his giant scythe with squinted eyes and slashed at Zhou Xuanji and the rest.

Demonic Qi formed into countless sharp shafts and rained down like a storm.

Zhou Xuanji immediately took out the God-Emperor Sword and conjured the God-Emperor and dispersed the black shafts with one swing.

Huang Ming opened his eyes wide. A formless sword Qi was coming at his face, which forced him to dodge immediately.

Zhou Xuanji’s expression changed slightly. He looked down at the God-Emperor Sword in his hand instinctively.

His right hand was shivering slightly, and cold sweats begin to appear on his forehead.

“What’s happening… How come the feedback came so quickly?”

Zhou Xuanji was shocked in his heart. His injuries had already fully recovered, and yet…

“The Ghost Emperor Qi in your body has yet to disperse totally. It needed more time.”

The Sword Spirit reminded, which made Zhou Xuanji frown.

He sensed that the most he could do was eight slashes, and after that, he would surely turn into a cripple.

In mid-air.

Huang Ming’s face was sinister. He gritted his teeth and said, “Sword God Zhou, you must wait. Although I don’t know why you came to Juemo Wasteland, we, Xinhao Sect, will not let you leave Juemo Wasteland alive!”

After that, he turned into a demonic mist and disappeared into thin air.

He left?

Zhou Xuanji was stunned. He quickly put away the God-Emperor Sword.

“This guy understands the situation. Or else, he will surely die here.” Zhao Congjian said with a smile.

The little black snake snorted, “Didn’t you exaggerate about how powerful Huang Ming was?”

The others heaved sighs of relief as well.

It seemed like Huang Ming could no stand up to Zhou Xuanji.

Xiao Jinghong said with admiration, “The God-Emperor Sword is an Emperor Sword indeed. Oh yeah, Revered Teacher, there are eight Earth Core Irons. You take two. As for the other four, we will take one each.”

Other than Zhou Xuanji, there were only Xiao Jinghong, Beixiao Wangjian, Zhao Congjian, and Huang Lianxin who were sword cultivators.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Is the Earth Core Iron very good?”

Even before Xiao Jinghong could answer, Zhao Congjian replied, “Of course. It can be used to forge enchanted artifacts that are level five and above!”

At this moment, Beixiao Wangjian came out from the underground.

After he landed, the Three-eyed Drought Rodent jumped out from his arms and returned to Zhou Xuanji.

Beixiao Wangjian waved his right hand, and six pieces of long rocks that were a little more than half a meter appeared before everyone.

Earth Core Iron!

They looked like long rocks, but under careful observation, one could see that there was a tinge of metallic reflection on its surface.

Ordinary people would have ignored such rocks.

“Let’s leave this place first,” Zhou Xuanji nodded and said.

He desperately needed to become stronger. He could only use the God-Emperor Sword freely when his body was strong enough.

Deep within the Juemo Wasteland. In a valley, hundreds of thousands of evil cultivators gathered.

Huang Ming sat on a gigantic rock and demonic aura entangled around him like dragons and snakes.

He opened his eyes slowly and said, “God-Emperor Sword? A legendary sword that pulled the Sword Monarch down from his divine pedestal indeed.”

Just when he finished speaking, a shadow landed from above, which appeared to be just like him.

The shadow quickly returned into his body.

He was using his demonic shadow to probe Zhou Xuanji.

A middle-aged man who wore a black robe asked him from beneath, “Revered Teacher, when do we move out?”

The hundreds of thousands of evil cultivators waited in anticipation.

Now that Sword God Zhou was famous across the world, everyone wanted his head.

If they could kill Sword God Zhou, it could be their turn to become famous all over the world.

Huang Ming said with a deep voice, “Let’s wait a while more. The Sword Monarch appears to be generous, but he is extremely petty. He can only rebuild his reputation after Sword God Zhou is dead.”

“Moreover, Sword God Zhou offended the Empress of Great Zhou as well. With Zhou Yalong’s temper, we can make use of Sword God Zhou to lure him out.”

Compared to Zhou Xuanji, he was more interested in killing Zhou Yalong.

Ta Qixue was the grandson of Ta Tianchen and was merely an acquaintance to him.

He sent out words intentionally to make the world perceive that he had made Sword God Zhou an enemy so that he could lure Zhou Yalong out.

Although Zhou Yalong was extremely talented, he did not have many achievements. If he could kill Sword God Zhou, he would have secured his position as the successor of the throne.

The evil cultivators heard him and suppressed their anticipation.

A month later.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner is now 17 years old. Gacha started!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner has obtained [Gold] Falling Petal, Centenary Golden Embryo Pill, and four pieces of Level One spirit stone!”

Zhou Xuanji, who was cultivating on a tree, opened his eyes.

Four pieces of Level One spirit stones?

Are you treating me like a beggar?

Zhou Xuanji was speechless. He immediately took out the Falling Petal to see what kind of special effects the Gold Grade legendary sword had.

“Since the Sword Owner has obtained numerous legendary swords, the higher grades of the legendary swords will be revealed!”