I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 121 - Blood-Robed Huang Ming

Chapter 121 - Blood-Robed Huang Ming


Seeing Xiao Jinghong’s unusual behavior, Zhou Xuanji was curious. It was rare to see such an excited expression on his disciple’s face.

“You found a sword?” Zhou Xuanji speculated.

Xiao Jinghong was called the Sword Noble because he loved swords.

Other than swords, he loved nothing else, to the extent that he even wanted to turn himself into a sword.

“Nope,” Xiao Jinghong said with a mysterious smile, “Follow me!”

After that, he turned around and walked ahead, as though he was in a rush.

“Did this guy see some lady taking a bath? Such a hurry. Is he worried about missing it?”

The little black snake, with his face covered in dirt, mumbled.

Zhou Xuanji whistled, and Ah Big and Small Er swooped down.

The group followed Xiao Jinghong and were all curious about what Xiao Jinghong found.

After walking for a few hundred meters.

They came to a place surrounded by hills and forests. Looking out, they could only see undulating mountain ranges like neverending waves.

Zhou Xuanji noticed that numerous red ants were crawling on the ground. They were the size of his pinky.

He suddenly thought of something in his mind.

Zhao Congjian walked to the rear and scanned their surrounding. “Could this place be where the ant swarm is? Everyone, be careful. Ants that can survive in this place cannot be underestimated.”

The group nodded. People used to use ants to describe those who were weak.

But, in fact, a multitude of ants could eat an elephant.

Xiao Jinghong walked at the forefront and was a dozen meters ahead of the rest.

After they entered the deeper regions, they were still continuing ahead.

Finally, they stopped at a hill that looked insignificant.

The Three-eyed Drought Rodent, that was in Zhou Xuanji’s arms, dashed out in a sudden and jumped onto the hill before it began digging. Soon, it drilled into the ground.

The hill was close to 10 meters high. It was covered with sand and rocks, and some grass.

Xiao Jinghong pointed to the hill and said, “Just now, I found out with my mind that there was a rare treasure hidden underneath it. It could be used to forge a legendary sword.”

So, it really had to do with swords.

Zhou Xuanji curled his lip and did not look interested.

With his Supreme Legendary Sword System, he did not really care about forging swords.

But Zhao Congjian and the others were very interested.

Zhou Xuanji sat down on the spot and laid on the hill beside. “Little Black, look after me. If an ant crawls on me, I will throw you into their nest.” He instructed.

The little black snake heard and trembled.

The thought of being chewed on by countless ants sent a cold shiver down his body.

He came to Zhou Xuanji’s side immediately and looked around watchfully.

Jiang Xue and Han Shenbo sat on Zhou Xuanji’s left and right.

After the Three-eyed Drought Rodent went down, Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and Beixiao Wangjian began digging, so that they could go underground.

“Xuanji, you really don’t feel like you are being watched?”

Jiang Xue began pulling the corner of Zhou Xuanji’s shirt and asked anxiously.

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes at her and said, “Don’t be so afraid. We have so many people.”

Han Shenbo sat and smiled, “Although Juemo Wasteland has many supernatural things, as long as we are careful…”

Before he could finish, he froze.

Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue looked at him instinctively and saw fear on his face. His body was also shivering.

Following the direction of where he was looking, Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue saw no one but hills.

Zhou Xuanji slapped the back of his head and cursed at him, “You dare to scare me?”

Jiang Xue, on the other hand, hugged Zhou Xuanji’s arm. Goosebumps covered her skin.

“Did you see…” Han Shenbo said with a stutter, “There were two little girls who were cut open at their tummy. Their eyes were bleeding, and they were looking at us…”

Zhou Xuanji looked over again. There’s nothing!

The little black snake denounced Han Shenbo, saying, “Master, he said such things in broad daylight. Give two months’ worth of his food to me. If…”

His voice stopped abruptly as his body shot straight up with and its eyes were opened wide.

Zhou Xuanji looked over. There was no one.

Anger welled up in him. He took out the Chicken Slaying Sword and said, “Little Black, you also dare to scare me?”

“No… So many ghosts… They are coming to us from all directions…” The little black snake said with a trembling voice.

Ah Big and Small Er were also whimpering anxiously.

Zhou Xuanji realized that something was not right. The two were so timid that they would not dare to deceive him.

Moreover, Jiang Xue was also saying that someone was peeking at her.

Could there really be ghosts?

Zhou Xuanji immediately took out his Ghost Curse Sword and shouted, “I believe in science!”

After that, he slashed ahead. A wave of ghastly howls could be heard, and his sword Qi blasted out towards his surroundings.


A pitiful shriek sent shivers down Zhou Xuanji’s spine.

He could not see the ghosts, which made it even more horrifying.

Ghosts appeared in broad daylight?

“Master, stop!”

At this moment, Huang Lianxin, who had not been speaking, suddenly screamed. She quickly pounced on Zhou Xuanji to stop him from swinging his sword.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and looked at her alarmingly.

Could this girl be possessed?

Huang Lianxin, with tears in her eyes, said chokingly, “They are my clan members.”

Clan members?

Zhou Xuanji was stunned. Jiang Xue and Han Shenbo were confused as well.

Huang Lianxin wiped the tears off her face and said, “The city we were at was near the border of Great Zhou, beside a kingdom. Strictly speaking, it did not belong to Great Zhou and was secluded. The entire city belonged to one clan. It was because of this, after Zhou Yalong slaughtered the entire city, no news of what he did was spread into the Great Zhou.”

Zhou Xuanji asked with a frown, “Your slaughtered city is near here?”

“It’s on the other end of Great Zhou, very far from here.” She shook her head and replied.

But why did the ghosts of Huang Liaxin’s clan members appear here?

“They stopped!”

The little black snake shouted in surprise. Those ghosts are friendlies!

“I did not expect to meet my descendant here.”

At this moment, a cold voice could be heard, as though it came from hades. A ghastly wind brushed against their skin.

The group turned around and looked. They could only see a blood-robed man appeared in mid-air.

He was tall and had white hair. He had purple eye-bags on his cold face. He had a crown embedded with jewels and even a pair of wings formed by demonic Qi that were dozens of meters wide.

“You are?” Han Shenbo asked.

Zhou Xuanji’s face was grim. He felt that this person was even more powerful than Xiahou Gongji. Although he was not as powerful as the Sword Monarch, he was still powerful.

Could it be…

“I’m Xinhao Sect’s Huang Ming.”

The blood-robed man said indifferently. A scythe appeared on his right hand. The blade of the scythe was blood-colored, and gusts of dark wind surrounded it. Its killer’s aura burst out into the sky.

Xinhao Sect’s top prodigy, Huang Ming!

The group’s expressions changed, and everyone prepared themselves for battle.

Huang Ming looked at Huang Lianxin and said, “Do you know why Zhou Yalong slaughtered your entire clan? Because you are my descendant. He was badly injured by me, so he wanted revenge.”

After Huang Lianxin heard him, her pupils contracted in a sudden. Her body trembled violently, and she did not believe in what she heard.

She was the descendant of a powerful evil cultivator?

Zhou Xuanji, Jiang Xue, Han Shenbo, and the little black snake were all astonished. No one expected Huang Lianxin to have such a background.

Hold on!

Huang Lianxin had the talent of penetrative sight. It was apparently not possible for her to be someone ordinary.