I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 120 - The Sword Emperor of Great Zhou Is Wanted

Chapter 120 - The Sword Emperor of Great Zhou Is Wanted


Zhou Xuanji waved his right hand, and the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword deflected the flying knife with perfect, impeccable accuracy.


XIao Jinghong drew his sword and walked to the front. Zhao Congjian stepped backward automatically to protect their rear.

This was what they had rehearsed before.

In case someone might sneak up on them from behind.

Zhou Xuanji looked ahead, squinting his eyes. He could only see the silhouette of someone walking over from the horizon.

He wore a bamboo hat and black clothes, but his face was not yet recognizable.

“Who are you?”

Xiao Jinghong asked loudly. He was immediately kicked by Zhou Xuanji on his ass and almost fell over.

He turned around furiously and was going to ask who did it.

Zhou Xuanji stared at him coldly and said, “He has already attacked, and you still ask who he is? Charge at him straight away!”

Xiao Jinghong was speechless and immediately charged ahead with his sword.

The group continued ahead with their average speed.

Soon, the Sword Noble engaged in combat with the man in black clothes.

The man held two flying knives in each hand. His movements were ghost-like and were on par with Xiao Jinghong.

“This person is an Astral Infant cultivator too?”

Beixiao Wangjian said astonishingly He could feel a powerful pressurizing aura that made his scalp numb.

The little black snake laid on Small Er’s head and said strengthless, “Outside of Great Zhou, there are as many Astral Infants as dogs?”

Half a month ago, while the Three-eyed Drought Rodent was out searching for treasure, it ate something it shouldn’t have. And because of that, the little black snake was without food for half a month.

Han Shenbo said, “Juemo Wasteland is extremely chaotic. People who come here are all very powerful, and most of them are here for assassination or treasure hunting.”

He was taught in the Sacred Ground, after all, so he passed by Juemo Wasteland before.

“Our situation is rare. If we do things carefully, it’s improbable that we will meet an Astral Infant cultivator.” He said with the tone of someone with experience.

After Zhou Xuanji and the others reached Xiao Jinghong, he had already taken the head of his enemy and searched his body for storage bags and rings.

This person was considered wealthy. He had plenty of pills and spirit stones.

The group continued ahead.

After half an hour.

Two muscular men charged at them with their own great-hammers. They were both Astral Infant cultivators.

Xiao Jinghong fought the two alone. Although he was slightly injured, he killed both his enemies.

“This is what you mean by very unlikely?”

The little black snake threw Han Shenbo a stare and called him to account.

After that, it looked toward Zhou Xuanji and shouted, “Master, this guy spoke insolently. I suggest awarding all his food to me.”

Han Shenbo was anxious.

Their food was not merely food, they were pills used for cultivation.

Zhou Xuanji was considered generous to them. Other than Han Shenbo’s enchanted artifact and energy techniques, all his spirit stones and pills were confiscated by Zhou Xuanji.

He was still trying to recover his true prowess. How could he be without his food?

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “Your half months’ ration belong to it now.”


Han Shenbo wanted to cry but no tears came forth. Zhou Xuanji was just too imposing!

Zhou Xuanji ignored him and walked directly to Xiao Jinghong. “Find a place to stop. Our target is to ambush the Empress and not to travel to the other end of Juemo Wasteland.”

The Sword Noble nodded and immediately leaped up. He flew towards the horizon to find a place suitable for settling down.

Jiang Xue walked over and asked mysteriously, “Xuanji, do you sense that something is off? I always feel like something is watching over us.”

Zhou Xuanji looked around. Other than them, there were no traces of other people or demons.

His cultivation was higher than Jiang Xue’s, and yet he sensed nothing wrong. It could be that Jiang Xue was overly anxious.

“Don’t worry,” He shook his head and said with a smile, “We have so many people here. What are the chances of seeing a ghost?”

Speaking of which, ever since he entered this fantasy world, he had seen the astral infants, fiends, demons, but he had never seen a ghost before.

Within the Great Zhou Empire, there were little rumors about ghosts. It was really weird.

Ah Big and Small Er were very bored. They flew up high and circled in the air and played around.

The flew to extreme heights. One would have missed them if he did not look up carefully.

A while later, Xiao Jinghong was still not back.

A squad of carriages, four in total, came from their front suddenly. Ten Soul Fountain cultivators were escorting the carriages.

Zhou Xuanji sat on the hill and did not hide.

The carriages quickly passed them.

“Hold on.”

At this moment, a cold female voice came from one of the carriages, and the squad stopped.

The window curtain of one of the carriages was drawn and a beautiful lady looked out.

Her face was pale and cold. “I can see that the group of you are not evildoers and you act like this is your first time to Juemo Wasteland. Let me give you a piece of advice, go back to Great Zhou quickly. Don’t come out for the time being.” She said.

“Why?” Jiang Xue asked curiously.

“The Sword Emperor of Great Zhou came to Juemo Wasteland. Xinhao Sect has already sent out a wanted order, to search for the Sword Emperor in the entire Juemo Wasteland.”

“Xinhao Sect’s top prodigy, Huang Ming, who is as talented as Zhou Yalong, is going to slay the Sword Emperor personally.”

The beautiful lady replied. Passion and admiration could be seen in her eyes. She paused before continuing, “You should be very clear about the Sword Emperor since, after all, you have come from Great Zhou. With the Sword Emperor’s temper, he will surely fight fearsomely against Xinhao Sect. When that happens, blood will flow in this place like a river. You should avoid this.”

After she finished, the beautiful lady drew back her head. Then, the squad continued their journey ahead toward the Great Zhou Empire.

An awkward expression could be seen on the group’s faces. Huang Lianxin even burst out laughing uncontrollably.

Great Zhou’s Sword Emperor?

*  Isn’t that Zhou Xuanji!*

Ever since the battle on the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle, Zhou Xuanji had a new title, the Sword Emperor.

Although the title of Sword God Zhou sounded mighty, it was self-named. The Sword Emperor of Great Zhou was given to him by the people of Great Zhou, which was much more valuable.

“Tsk tsk. It seems like many ladies admire you.”

Jiang Xue said intently. The group heard and burst out into laughter.

“Of course. I’m so handsome and powerful. Which lady dares to not like me?” Zhou Xuanji said proudly.

“You are boasting!”

Jiang Xue rolled her eyes at him. She turned around to pick up the little black snake to vent at it.

“Why is it me again…”

The little black snake shrieked in despair. Following this, it was rolled into a ball and thrown at the ground.

“Weird. How did Xinhao Sect know that we will come to Juemo Wasteland?” Zhao Congjian said, frowning.

Along the way, he did not sense anyone following them.

Zhou Xuanji was also contemplating the same question.

He killed Ta Qixue. So, Xinhao Sect must have been crazy about killing him.

Han Shenbo said, “In this world, many people mastered the art of foretelling. Even though they did not see something with their own eyes or hear with their own ears, they could still foresee their movements. Wei Suantian was one of them.”

He spoke carefully and did not dare to exaggerate.

So that’s why!

No wonder Wei Suantian knew where they were.

Zhou Xuanji came to the realization and looked at Han Shenbo, displeased. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?

Seeing the expression from his eyes, Han Shenbo shuddered. Did I say something wrong again?

Another 15 minutes passed.

Xiao Hongjing was finally back. After he landed, he spoke excitedly, “Master, guess what I found!”