I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 118 - Reputed Across the World, The Sword Emperor Of Great Zhou

Chapter 118 - Reputed Across the World, The Sword Emperor Of Great Zhou


Facing Zhou Xuanji’s questions, Xiao Jinghong shook his head with a smile, “We did not encounter any trouble. The Sword Monarch is doing his best to wipe his own ass and has no time to deal with us. We are currently deep within the mountains outside of Great Zhou. This place is surrounded by demons and there is little trace of humans.”

Zhou Xuanji heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, nothing happened.

Seems like I should only use the God-Emperor in a life-threatening crisis.

“Master, you don’t know. Your mighty name has been spread across the world. Everyone acknowledges you as the Emperor of the Sword’s Way, a title no less than the Sword Monarch!” Beixiao Wangjian said excitedly.

Zhao Congjian followed and said, “Yeah, the Sacred Ground and the other influential sects around Great Zhou were all trying to make peace with you. All except Xinhao Sect.”

The mentioning of Xinhao Sect made everyone laugh.

“A month ago, Emperor Yan of Zhou went personally and swept across Great Zhou’s border with his absolute power. He kicked Xinhao Sect out of the border. So, no matter how much they hate you, they no longer have a chance.”

Huang Lianxin said, smiling. Xinhao Sect’s threat was not less than the Empress and Zhou Yalong. Fortunately, they were driven out.

Even if powerful cultivators were to infiltrate Great Zhou, they would have to do it secretively.

“Okay, these are not important. It’s good that all of you are okay.” Zhou Xuanji said

“You guys can leave now. A bunch of people surrounding me is giving me a headache.”

Xiao Jinghong and the rest smiled at each other and left together.

All except Han Shenbo.

He stood beside the bed and said, “Master, when will you agree to unseal me?”

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him. “I will consider it after I’m fully recovered. Meanwhile, I will observe your performance.” He said.

Having heard this, Han Shenbo was thrilled. He immediately cupped his fist in salute and left.

He was really suffocating.

He used to be a powerful cultivator, but now he was like an ordinary person. The little black snake bullied him all day, which was like torture to him.

After the group dispersed, Jiang Xue got up and poured a bowl of hot soup for Zhou Xuanji.

She sat by the bedside and blew at the soup as she said, “This soup is made from tonics. It can help you regenerate blood Qi. Come, I’ll feed you.”

Zhou Xuanji wanted to sit up, but his body was so painful that it seemed as if it was being torn apart. He drew in a long breath.

How severely am I injured?

I feel pain everywhere in my body, from my ligaments and bones to my internal organs!

He struggled for quite a while before he could barely raise his upper body with the support of his blanket.

Jiang Xue gently fed him the soup.

“You don’t know how anxious I was during these few months that you passed out. I often thought, what if Xuanji never wakes up? But I thought again, you are so awesome. Surely nothing bad will happen…”

Jiang Xue began chirping endlessly, as if to exhaust everything that she wanted to say but could not for the entire two months.

Zhou Xuanji listened quietly and looked fixedly at her.

He could see a tinge of tiredness on her face.

Apparently, she missed Zhou Xuanji so much that she could not sleep well, and most likely, she could not even focus during her cultivation.

After he finished the tonic soup, Zhou Xuanji grinned, “Don’t worry. With you around, how will I be willing to die? Even if I die, I will crawl out from Hades to find you.”

Jiang Xue rolled her eyes at him before getting up to place the bowl on the table.

Walking back to the bed, she took off her boots and laid beside Zhou Xuanji. She wrapped her arms around his head and let him lay in her arms.

She began telling him what happened in these two months.

They spent 10 days traveling from Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle to this place. During this time, they were all worried and terrified of encountering powerful enemies and dying. That would have been a total waste of what Zhou Xuanji had achieved.

After coming to this place, the group continued their training.

When the demons attacked, they did not need to attend to them, because the little black snake and the Dragon Eagles were capable of dealing with them.

The three of them made themselves famous in the nearby demon territories during this period.

Now, they were roaming outside, doing everything they liked.

As he listened to Jiang Xue speak and saw her sweet smile occasionally, Zhou Xuanji’s thoughts began to go blank.

Slowly, he drifted into a deep sleep.

He was really too tired.

Seven days later.

Zhou Xuanji could finally get down his bed and leave the hut.

They settled in a forest. Behind his wooden hut was a giant tree. Within a radius of 100 meters, there was grassland surrounded by a dense forest.

Xiao Jinghong and Zhao Congjian were sparring, while Beixiao Wangjian was teaching Huang Lianxin sword techniques.

Han Shenbo was cutting firewood.

Zhou Xuanji walked to the giant tree and sat down. A breeze blew, bringing with it the light fragrance of the grass, which refreshed him.


The little black snake rode Small Er and walked out from the forest proudly. It even wore a crown weaved with grass and flower. It was quite ugly.

When it saw Zhou Xuanji, it stared with its eyes wide open.

*  Sssssss!*

It came up to Zhou Xuanji swiftly, like a flash of black lightning.

“Brat, I knew you could…”

Before it could even finish its sentence, Zhou Xuanji’s stare immediately terrified it.

“Master, I knew nothing bad would happen to you. I’m still waiting for you to recover fully. You don’t know, there was a snake demon on the East side that was too arrogant. Who am I? Back then, I was a fifth rank demon king, Hegemon-scaled Black Dragon! How dare it…”

The little black snake began complaining, feeling indignant at times, and felt wronged by others.

Actually, it was bullied by a big demon.

A demon that was also at fifth rank.

Zhao Congjian could deal with it easily, much less Xiao Jinghong.

But the two did not like the little black snake, so they refused to help.

“Stop. You good-for-nothing. You can’t even deal with a fifth rank demon. I will make you hungry for a week to teach you a lesson.”

Zhou Xuanji said impatiently, and the little black snake instantly felt despair.

It wanted to say something but stopped.

At this moment, a gale blew past, frightening everyone. They stopped their training and looked around.

“Everyone be careful! Someone is here!”

Xiao Jinghong said with a deep voice. He could sense a powerful Qi-signature drawing close.

There was no need for his reminder because everyone could sense it.

“Prince Xuanji, it’s been a long time.”

A burst of old laughter resounded and made the group anxious.

That person called Zhou Xuanji as a prince, which meant that he knew Zhou Xuanji’s identity.

Could it be some sent by the empress?

Zhou Xuanji frowned.

He saw an old man with white hair coming from above the forest, who wore a black-purpose long robe and a crown on his head. He had the look of an extraordinary person.

He smiled, and his face looked like someone with high standing.

Seeing him, Zhou Xuanji’s brows were relieved.

“Who are you?”

Xiao Jinghong asked, with his sword in hand.

The old man laughed and said, “I’m Wei Suantian. I have no ill intention.”

Wei Suantian!

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, Huang Lianxin, and Han Shenbo’s expressions changed immediately.

The little black snake was so frightened that it hid behind Zhou Xuanji.

Wei Suantian was Great Zhou’s first rank official. His position was equal to a Prime Minister.

Zhou Xuanji remembered him. He was an official much dearly favored by the Emperor. Back then, when Lady Zhao Xuan escaped, he closed one eye, enabling Lady Zhao Xuan and Zhou Xuanji to escape.

“Were you sent by the Empress?”

Zhao Congjian asked. He was not familiar with the Great Zhou’s court system and did not know the relational situation inside.

Wei Suantian shook his head and looked toward Zhou Xuanji. “Prince Xuanji, do you want to fight heirdom to the throne?”