I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 117 - Deified After One Battle

Chapter 117 - Deified After One Battle


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Seeing that Xie Wuyou was forced into a tight corner, Zhou Xuanji laughed with disdain.

He came back to Jiang Xue and the rest. “Follow me,” He said.

After he spoke, he led the party to fly over the cliff. He kept his eyes on the plain, in case the Sword Monarch attacks him suddenly.

The Sword Monarch turned around and looked up at him.

At this moment, the Sword Monarch’s face was covered with blood, but he was not crippled. A dangerous aura could still be sensed coming out from him.

Their eyes met, but their positions have been inverted.

Before, it was he who stood loftily above.

Now, he was down below.

”Sword Monarch of Great Zhou, you have been injured twice by me. You still don’t want to admit defeat?”

Zhou Xuanji snorted coldly, but in his heart, he was a little afraid.

Is this guy going to lose his mind?

If he were to fight to the death, I would not win for sure.

”Yeah! You don’t have the demeanor of a grandmaster!”

”The Sword Monarch is this kind of person?”

”You said it yourself. You must be true to your words!”

”Who else would dare to challenge the Sword Monarch in the future?”

”Enough. Sword Monarch of Great Zhou, stop messing around!”

”Such a bully! Is there still any law in Great Zhou?”

The voices of the 100,000 spectators denouncing the Sword Monarch in one accord was thunderous. Countless droplets of saliva flew down like rain.

The Sword Monarch trembled and suddenly came back to himself.

In his heart, he was frightened by what happened.

He almost destroyed his own image.

But now that he was in such a pathetic situation and also seeing that Zhou Xuanji left with Xiao Jinghong, he was not willing to let things go.

Zhou Xuanji did not care about his thoughts.

He immediately led Jiang Xue, Xiao Jinghong, and the rest towards the horizon.

With swords in both hands, he looked fearsome and imposing. He did not look like he feared another battle.

The Sword Monarch grasped the sword in his hand tightly but did not make a move.

His heart was filled with grievance and fury.

From today onwards, the name of the Sword Monarch was tainted.

Sword God Zhou was that taint!

When Zhou Xuanji and the others disappeared into the horizon, the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle exploded into a huge commotion again.

The 100,000 spectators showed no mercy to the Sword Monarch. Everyone was crying out the name of Sword God Zhou in one accord.

However angry the Sword Monarch was, he dared not kill every one of them.

If he did so, even someone as powerful as he would not be able to leave Great Zhou!

Speaking about power, someone with supreme authority in Great Zhou was more powerful than him!

”He really did it…”

Zhou Chengxin mumbled to himself. Ever since he guessed Zhou Xuanji’s identity correctly, his emotions became very complicated. He could no longer cheer for Zhou Xuanji.

He understood that, from that day onwards, Sword God Zhou would become a strong rival in the fight to become the successor. Zhou Xuanji was no weaker than Zhou Yalong. He was of even a more significant threat.

Zhou Tianyu sat on the ground blankly.

”Hehehe. That’s what I said. Sword God Zhou will win for sure!”

Princess Xuanya made a funny face at Zhou Tianyu and giggled.

But, Zhou Tianyu did not react as before. He was not angry but continued to sit unmovingly on the ground.

”Such a big game of chess…” He mumbled in his mouth, “So it was your plan all along…”

Princess Xuanya heard and shook her head.

This dumb older brother could not take the result. He might have been going crazy.

Looking in the direction of Zhou Xuanji’s departure, the Sword Monarch’s face became sinister.

”Sword God Zhou! I will tear you into pieces! Your legendary sword will be mine!”

He roared in his heart with bloodshot eyes.

At this moment, he did not look like a grandmaster in the Sword’s Way but an evil cultivator instead.

After flying swiftly for dozens of miles, Zhou Xuanji landed on Ah Big’s back and Jiang Xue caught him in her arms. He then stored up his God-Emperor and the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword.

As the great power disappeared, a wave of horrifying feedback exploded.


Zhou Xuanji could not hold it but vomited a massive gulp of blood onto Ah Big’s head.

Following this, his sight turned black and he fainted immediately.

”Revered Teacher…”

Xiao Jinghong cried out anxiously but softly. They understood why Zhou Xuanji became like this, so they did not dare to make too much noise.

”Full-speed ahead. Let’s leave this place first.”

Jiang Xue gritted her teeth and said. She was not anxious. It was at such moments that she needed to stay calm the most.

Zhou Xuanji had already helped them pass the most dangerous stage, and now, it was their turn to do the rest.

Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, and the rest nodded and flew ahead with full speed.

The little black snake sigh in amazement, “I have the same thing to say. I admire him. I admire him totally.”

Fortunately, the Sword Monarch did not pursue them.

At this moment, he still had a headache about how to settle the aftermath of their battle

In the next few days, news about Sword God Zhou severely injuring the Sword Monarch exploded on Great Zhou like an earth-shattering meteorite!

Because of the Sword Monarch’s unique identity and his reputation across surrounding empires and kingdoms, this battle spread Sword God Zhou’s name out of the Great Zhou for the first time.

Countless people were crying out in amazement that Sword God Zhou was about to rebel against Heaven!

All sorts of details of the battle were extracted. The words that Sword God Zhou spoke attracted countless cultivators to devote their lives to the Sword’s Way.

All kinds of news began to become exaggerated. Sword God Zhou was being deified!

And it was because of this, cultivation of the Sword’s Way has entered its prime age in Great Zhou. Of course, this was seen after looking back into history.

All in all.

Zhou Xuanji was deified after that battle!

From that day onward, no one dared to underestimate him!

It was worth mentioning was that Zhou Xuanji’s claim before the battle that he was 16 years old had led to much discussion.

If he was only 16, then he would shake the entire world for sure.

Zhou Xuanji had a dream.

He dreamt that he was fully accomplished in his cultivation and had entered the rank of the immortals. He traveled through time with Jiang Xue and returned to Earth and brought her to meet his parents. He told them that this was their daughter-in-law.

His family was full of joy and happiness.

This dream felt very real.

It was so real that Zhou Xuanji did not want to wake up from it.

Until one day.

He heard a voice.


”Why aren’t you waking up yet?”

Zhou Xuanji’s consciousness was gradually awakened. He tried his best to open his eyes.

What entered his eyes was the pillar of a house. Memories flooded his mind.

He remembered everything, but he felt an extreme headache, as though his brain was about to explode.

He looked around instinctively and saw Jiang Xue sleeping at the bedside. She continuously dream-talked, “Xuanji… Why aren’t you waking up…”

This scene looked really identical to when he first met Jiang Xue.

He smiled, though with much difficulty.

”Sword Spirit, how long has it been since I passed out?”

Zhou Xuanji asked in his mind, hoping that nothing terrible happened to the rest during this period.

”Two months.”

The Sword Spirit replied, and Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes wide in shock.

Two months!

Such a high cost?

”Because you have used the God-Emperor for too long, your body almost exploded. After you passed out for two months, you will still need some time to recuperate before you are fully recovered.”

The Sword Spirit’s reply made Zhou Xuanji smile bitterly.

This is too terrifying!

I almost killed myself!

At this moment, Jiang Xe felt his movement and opened her eyes.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji’s bitter smile, she sat up in an instant and burst into tears. “Xuanji, you are finally awake!” She cried in pleasant surprise.

Her voice penetrated the wooden hut and traveled outside.

Following this, Xiao Jinghong, Beixiao Wangjian, Zhao Congjian, Han Shenbo, and Han Shenbo came in one after another.

Seeing that Zhou Xuanji woke up, they were all joyous and asked about how Zhou Xuanji was feeling all at once.

Their questions gave Zhou Xuanji a headache. “Did anything happen to you guys while I passed out?” He asked, interrupting them.