I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 116 - Who Dares To Object?

Chapter 116 - Who Dares To Object?



Jiang Xue was furious, and at the same time, she was worried about Zhou Xuanji.

She knew pretty well what kind of cultivation Zhou Xuanji was at. With such an intense battle, there would be severe feedback to his body.

“What a shame! He shouldn’t be called Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch. He should be called the Despicable Monarch!

TL: In Chinese, “sword” and “despicable” have the same pronunciation, “Jian.”

The little black snake scolded furiously. It was so angry that its entire body was trembling.

Han Shenbo could not hold it but ask, “Is there a difference?”

“He is despicable, just like you!” The little black snake said with an unpleasant tone.

Han Shenbo was stunned. I’m not a sword cultivator?

Xiao Jinghong walked forward. The lady in the white dress wanted to pull him back, but she was a little late.

She did not pursue him. Her feet felt like they were rooted to the ground and were not able to be lifted up.

She felt ashamed!

She often praised how good and upright the Sword Monarch was before Xiao Jinghong.

But the current situation filled her with shame and even despair.

If this continued, she would have no hope of getting together with Xiao Jinghong.

They might even become enemies!

Xiao Jinghong walked to the cliff, he sat down, and closed his eyes.

The sound of swords clashing entered his ears and the memories of the words that Zhou Xuanji taught him welled up in his mind.

“The sword is like your heart. It is hard to understand, but it will never betray you. You must trust your sword at all times.”

Zhou Xuanji’s tender voice resounded in his mind.

That was the principle that Zhou Xuanji taught him at 14.

“I’m the Sword Noble, but I could not escape from the Sword Monarch. Each time I attempted, I was captured by the Sword Monarch.”

“The root of the problem is that I’m still too weak.”

“If my sword is powerful enough if it is as powerful as my Revered Teacher’s.”

Xiao Jinghong mumbled to himself in such a way, and he looked a little fanatical.

At this moment, he heard footsteps coming behind him.

“Humph. Our master is fighting to his death for you, and you are still here wavering about.”

Zhao Congjian snorted coldly, and Xiao Jinghong turned back in astonishment.

He saw Zhao Congjian standing behind him with folded arms and a face full of disdain.

Beixiao Wangjian’s face was also full of despising and said, “I think you should just be a sword slave, and let us be his disciples.”

Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin popped out their heads from the back. “If you continue to be like this, Xuanji will be disappointed. Stand up quickly, we can go home after Xuanji wins,” they said, smiling.

The little black snake laid on Small Er’s head and laughed, “Tsk tsk, you almost conjured a devil in your mind? Don’t tell others you are the one who destroyed my body!”

Huang Lianxin smiled. There wasn’t a need for her to speak further.

Xiao Jinghong was stunned. A warm current flowed in his heart.

He immediately got up and nodded heavily, before saying with a smile, “You are right. I should wait for my Revered Teacher’s victory.”

His revered master was always able to escape dangers. There was no need to worry about him.

Far away, on the stone staircase in front of the palace.

The lady in white dress saw Xiao Jinghong’s smile and fell into a daze.

He suddenly felt so strange and unfamiliar to her.


On the borderless plain, Zhou Xuanji and the Sword Monarch’s battle entered into the climax.

The two were on par with one another. If not for the fact that Zhou Xuanji mastered numerous sword techniques and their sword wills, he would not be able to stand up to the Sword Monarch’s full power, even with the God-Emperor.

Within a radius of 15 miles, craters could be seen all over the ground. Their sword Qi left cracks all over the land.

Zhou Xuanji felt that things were not going well for him.

If this continues, his physical body will not be able to endure it.

He needed to finish the battle as quickly as possible!

After he thought about it, the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword appeared in his left hand.

The Power of the Ancient Sword Emperor!

In an instant, his impetus was enhanced tremendously.

The Amethyst legendary sword was not as powerful as the Glorious Gold one, but it is still powerful.

Zhou Xuanji could sense a limitless power flowing within his body. He immediately activated the Dual Sword Will, and two dragon-shaped sword Qi enveloped his body.

A golden dragon and a black dragon!

The two dragons were so fearsome that the Sword Monarch was caught off guard.

The Sword Monarch dared not to take out his other swords because he was worried that those swords would be destroyed in an instant.

Zhou Xuanji kicked and pushed the Sword Monarch back thousands of meters, sweeping up waves of grass shreds.

He stopped abruptly and activated the Six-path Sword Shadow. His duplicates surrounded his opponent.

“This move again!”

The Sword Monarch was shocked in his heart and wanted to dodge instinctively.

But it was too late!

Soul-eater Slash!

The black sword Qi inundated the Sword Monarch like a tornado.

The duplicates disappeared.


The ground shook violently again. Countless dirt, rocks, and grass shreds were swept up.

Zhou Xuanji bent his left leg in a half-kneel position, but his knees did not touch the ground. He slashed again with the God-Emperor on his right hand.

Tempest Slash!

The sword Qi immediately cut the tornado into half. A violent blast of wind reverberated through the air.

That streak of sword Qi was more than 1,000 meters high. It looked hugely exaggerating!

The ground ahead of him was split open straightaway. The crack extended for miles, forming an abyss with unknowable depth.

The power of God could change the terrain!

After the dust settled and the sword Qi dispersed.

The Sword Monarch’s silhouette appeared. He was levitating above the valley with hands dangling from his shoulders. He drooped his head and his shoulders were rising and dropping in the tempo of his breathes.

A long gash could be seen on his chest, and blood was gushing out. His bones were faintly visible.

Severe injury!

Zhou Xuanji leaped up straightaway to the top of the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle expressionlessly and came to Jiang Xue and the rest.

“Now, I’m going to take Xiao Jinghong away. Who dares to have any objections?”

Zhou Xuanji pointed to those who mocked him earlier in the palace and asked coldly.

The Sword Monarch still had the power to fight, but he was shocked by his attack and was still stupefied.

He took the chance to flew up and block up the Sword Monarch’s path.

Facing Zhou Xuanji’s sharp eyes, no one dared to look at him.

Even the Firebird Old Lady was embarrassed and nodded.

Jiang Xue and the rest looked at Zhou Xuanji admirably.

Their leader stopped before them two meters above, but in their eyes, he was so mighty and lofty.

“Old woman! Aren’t you mocking very happily just now?”

Zhou Xuanji stared at the Firebird Old Lady and said coldly. This old woman was laughing even more happily than the Sword Monarch’s disciples.

Those who knew nothing would have thought that he killed someone dear to the Firebird Old Lady!

The Firebird Old Lady heard this and was infuriated.

“Brat, if not for that sword, do you think you would be able to hurt the Sword Monarch?”

With this, everyone threw her despicable stares.

Which cultivator did not rely on their enchanted artifacts?

Moreover, if sword cultivators don’t fight with swords, could they still be considered sword cultivators?

Did someone have to fight with bare fists before he could be acknowledged as truly powerful?

Zhou Xuanji suddenly appeared before the Firebird Old Lady and slashed. Blood gushed as he severed the Firebird Old Lady’s right arm. It spun as it dropped to the ground.

The Firebird Old Lady’s expression changed drastically. Sweat covered her head, and fear filled her eyes.

She did not shriek. For her cultivation, this pain was insignificant.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji was like a devil god in her eyes. He seemed so powerful that she was filled with despair.

She did not see clearly how Zhou Xuanji came to her front.

“If you dare to bark again, I will cut off your head.”

Zhou Xuanji looked down at her and said coldly. He was full of the killer’s intent, which sent shivers down everyone’s spine.

After that, he threw Xie Wuyou a glance, and the latter shuddered and quickly climbed backward.