I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 115 - My Sword’s Way Is Unrivaled

Chapter 115 - My Sword’s Way Is Unrivaled



The entire world seemed to become silent. One could only hear the wind blowing!

Everyone was stunned. They could only sense blood boiling in their bodies and gushing into their head.

Sword God Zhou really injured the Sword Monarch!

That was absolutely dominating!


After a short silence, the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle exploded into a huge commotion.

“Sword God Zhou!! A new legend! You are the pinnacle of the Sword’s Way!”

“God-Emperor? Such an imposing sword!”

“The god who controls the Yin and Yang, as well as reincarnation! The Emperor controls the human realm and fortunes! Well said! ”

“This sword is definitely the best sword in the world!”

“Who said Sword God Zhou was weaker than the Sword Monarch?”

“The winner is determined. The Sword Monarch must keep his promise!”

The hundred thousand spectators cried out at the top of their voice. One name resounded across the sky.

Sword God Zhou!

“Ahhhhhhh! I’m going crazy!”

Princess Xuanya covered her face and screamed excitedly. She was blushing a little.

The other princes and princesses were also as excited.

Zhou Chengxin and Zhou Tianyu stood at the same spot and did not speak for a long while.

On the mountain top.

Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin hugged each other and jumped in joy.

While Zhao Congjian and Beixiao Wangjian were waving their fists and roaring.

Han Shenbo was stupefied, as though he had seen a ghost.

The little black snake opened its mouth so wide that its forked tongue dangled out.

Xiao Jinghong clenched his fist. He had a ferocious look on his face, but not one of anger. Instead, it was a look of extreme excitement.

Zhou Xuanji’s prowess made him feel like he had broken free from all restraints. It felt so good.

Such a revered teacher deserved his following.

The Sword Monarch’s disciples and grand-disciples broke down. They could not accept what had happened.

Those guests who came to lick the Sword Monarc’s boots were all silent as their jaws dropped. No words were coming from their mouths.

Zhou Xuanji raised the God-Emperor and pointed it at the Sword Monarch. “From today onwards, there is one more sword monarch. That person is me!”


Everyone was shocked by his bold words.

This was Sword God Zhou!

No matter who he faced, he always managed to win battles that looked impossible.

He did not attain victory barely. He did it with an overwhelming advantage!

The Sword Monarch looked up slowly without any expression. A great ferocity could be seen in his eyes, which made him looked like a fearsome wolf at the brink of death.

“Where did you get this sword?”

He said with a deep voice without the pretense he had earlier.

“Glorious Gold. Have you heard of it before?” Zou Xuanji laughed proudly.

Glorious Gold?

What is that?

The Sword Monarch frowned. His heart was filled with confusion.

“Now, you understand. You are the real caveman who does not know how terrifying power is.”

Zhou Xuanji said as he continued to add salt to injury by tearing down the Sword Monarch’s pride.

The Sword Monarch was full of pretense. He looked as though he was trying to make it easy for Zhou Xuanji, but he was scheming Zhou Xuanji in every way.

Not only did he not let Zhou Xuanji’s disciple go, but he also wanted to shame Zhou Xuanji in front of everyone!

Such a bully!

Today, Zhou Xuanji was going to pull him down from his divine pedestal!

Zhou Xuanji raised his right-hand sword above his head.

The God-Emperor also raised its giant sword, which gathered the thunder clouds, from which the sound of thunder was deafening. An earthshaking aura radiated from Zhou Xuanji.

“I’m my sword. My sword is me. The sword in my hand is what is in my heart. My sword slays all my enemies!”

“My Sword’s Way is unrivaled!”

Zhou Xuanji shouted in pretense, but in the eyes of the 100,000 spectators, he was so awesome.

He was like an immortal who had descended to earth!

Looking down on all earthly beings!

After he spoke, Zhou Xuanji slashed.

The Sword Monarch did not do anything. He channeled a full measure of the spirit energy into his twin swords and pierced back.

The two swords combined into one and their sword Qi was like a rainbow!

The two sword Qi clashed together like the tidal waves!


The violent gale blew. Their sword Qi were hundreds of meters wide, which looked like the ceaseless rivers and ocean waves, overshadowing the thunder clouds and the heavens!

The Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle shook violently. Countless rocks came loose and rolled down

Everyone began to back off so that they would not be blown away by the mighty gale.

The plain began to collapse. Numerous cracks could be seen, turning it into a valley with complex terrain.

The sea of clouds billowed, and thunder roared.

At this moment, it was like the armageddon made its landfall. All living things wailed and all principles were eliminated.

Facing such a powerful pressurizing aura, everyone could only feel how insignificant they were.

“I’m my sword. My sword is me…”

“My Sword’s Way is unrivaled…”

Xiao Jinghong and Zhao Congjian stood blankly and said to themselves. Subconsciously, they seemed to understand something.

Zhou Xuanji slowly levitated higher and imposingly pushed his right arm. His sword Qi was suppressing that of the Sword Monarch’s.

The Sword Monarch’s expression changed.

“How can it be…”

He cried in amazement in his heart. He was at the pinnacle of Spirit Refine, which was equivalent to a land god that should dominate all his opponents.

Seeing his expression, Zhou Xuanji felt extremely pleased.

This Glorious Gold legendary sword is so damn powerful!

*  I feel good!*

*  I feel so good!*

*  With this sword in my hand, the world is mine!*

Soon, Zhou Xuanji’s sword Qi was already imminent on the Sword Monarch.

The Sword Monarch could no longer keep his composure. He leaped, dodging the sword Qi before turning into a stream of cold light and charging straight toward Zhou Xuanji.

“What an old guy who doesn’t keep his words!”

Zhou Xuanji cursed furiously before charging towards him with swords in his hands.

What happened to winning if I managed to injure him?

*  Clang! Clang! Clang…*

The two of them quickly swirled into close combat. Their swords were like the wind, clanging ferociously against each other, creating such loud noises that seemed to cover everything else.

Their attacks were blunt and direct. No one tried any fancy sword techniques, but instead, activated their most powerful sword wills.

*  Boooom!*

The two of them fell from 10,000 meters and smashed the ground into pieces. Rock fragments were blasted up hundreds of meters high, along with grass shreds and a dust storm.

Zhou Xuanji grit his teeth slightly. Even with the power of the God-Emperor, his legs felt some pain.

If he did not have the God-Emperor, to jump down from that kind would mean certain death to him!

The Sword Monarch swung his swords faster with greater force.

Zhou Xuanji was not willing to admit defeat, so he fought with all he had.

He consecutively switched his sword wills. His moves were direct sometimes, while at other times, his moves were sly. This made the Sword Monarch very uncomfortable.

The two of them battled furiously on the plain.

The whole area within the radius of a few miles became their battleground. They moved swiftly, and from the vantage point of those above the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle, they looked like lightning flashes.

Although the thunder clouds billowed and the sky grew dark, the battle between the two intensified. Everyone was holding their breath as they watched.

“Didn’t the Sword Monarch say that he loses if he’s injured?”

A cultivator could no longer hold it but roared furiously. Since he was at the Inner Pellet stage, his loud cry was heard by many.

With this, the others were infuriated as well.

They took the Sword Monarch as a deity, but the great Sword Monarch could not even keep his words.

“What a joke! So the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou is such a petty person!”

“From today onwards, I only recognize Sword God Zhou as Great Zhou’s most powerful person!”

“No choice. Sword God Zhou was too powerful that the Sword Monarch was left without a way to back off pleasantly!”

“It seemed like, Sword God Zhou could stand toe-to-toe with the Sword Monarch!”

“That’s obvious. You see, the Sword Monarch is anxious.”

The 100,000 began to denounce the Sword Monarch. Some even threw vulgarities at him.

The supporters of the Sword Monarch, which included his disciples and grand-disciples, fell into silence.