I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 114 - The God-Emperor, Unparalleled Domination.

Chapter 114 - The God-Emperor, Unparalleled Domination.


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Zhou Tianyu was so angry that he kept stomping his feet because he could not win the argument with his royal siblings.

Zhou Chengxin shook his head. When he was young, he still thought that his older brother was bold and courageous. It was only after he grew up that he understood that Zhou Tianyu was not brave and courageous, but something was apparently wrong with his brain. He did everything that he pleased without care at all.

He really thought that he was Great Zhou’s Crown Prince.

It was a pity. What was done could not be undone.

They were waiting for a new successor to the throne to appear and to see how pathetic Zhou Tianyu end up to be.

On the plain.

Zhou Xuanji ignored the loud commotion of the 100,000 spectators. His eyes were fixated on the Sword Monarch as he gasped for air.

Even with the Power of the Ancient Sword Emperor, it was still too much for him to stand against the extreme power of the Sword Monarch. His stamina was depleting quickly.

He looked down slowly at the God-Emperor on his left hand.

His hands swung inward, swapping his grip on the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword and the God-Emperor.

He was the best with his right hand!

It had to match with the most powerful sword!

”God-Emperor… From today onward, I will become famous throughout the world with you.”

Zhou Xuanji mumbled as he began to channel his spirit energy into the sword. In an instant, strands of black Qi was flowing out from the blade.

Ghost Qi!

It was also the Monarchial Qi!


His manner became much more imposing. The Emperor Ghost Qi surrounded his body, causing the ground to tremble.

The scene caught the attention of the 100,000 spectators.

Even the Sword Monarch was a little shaken.

He frowned and mumbled, “This is…”

He quickly locked his gaze on the God-Emperor on Zhou Xuanji’s right hand.

”Sword Monarch of Great Zhou, you have always been high and lofty indeed. Everyone is like ants to you.”

Zhou Xuanji said as he flew up

His voice was calm and soft but was laudable by everyone.

At this moment, he looked like a different person to the 100,000 spectators.

Under the envelopment of the Emperor Ghost Qi, Zhou Xuanji emanated the aura of an emperor, as though he was the Emperor who decided on the life or death of every person in the world!

Ghost Emperor!

Sword Emperor!

His speed increased tremendously, but it was not fast compared to the height of the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle.

”But you have to understand, no one can stand at the pinnacle forever. Even if there is someone, it will be me. I will defeat you and replace you and then make you understand the feeling of looking up at another person.”

”If you are the Monarch of the Sword’s Way, then I am the Emperor of the Sword’s Way, the God of the Sword’s Way.”

Zhou Xuanji’s voice shook the hearts of many. He sounded conceited but also determined.

The hundred thousand spectators’ jaws dropped with eyes wide open.

”That is…”

Zhou Tianyu was stunned. Even though he was brainless, he understood that Zhou Xuanji became a different person.

Such an aura…

He had only seen it from one person before.

Emperor Yan of Zhou!

Hold on!


Zhou Tianyu gulped. Zhou Xuanji’s body and face coincided with his memory of Emperor Yan of Zhou.

When he remembered how the Emperor Yan of Zhou was not furious at how Zhou Xuanji spoke foul at the Empress, a horrifying thought came to his mind.

”Impossible… Definitely impossible…”

He shook his head and tried his best to deny his own speculation.

Zhou Chengxin was appalled too.

The same speculation appeared in his mind.

His body trembled as though he was struck by lightning.

The other princes and princesses did not overthink but were all watched Zhou Xuanji in admiration.

On the mountain top.

Jiang Xue looked at Zhou Xuanji expectantly. She crossed her fingers and put her hand before her chest.

This scene was somewhat familiar to her.

She had seen it countless times in her dreams.

She heard too many stories from Zhou Xuanji, so she had also fantasized about how it would be like if Zhou Xuanji were to become a supreme ruler.

Unknowingly, she was moved in her heart, and tears began to well up in her eyes.

The emotion of Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, and the rest were not as complicated as hers. They were all so excited that their blood vessels were dilating!

Xiao Jinghong was even more excited. He did not think about the possibility of Zhou Xuanji defeating the Sword Monarch, but at this moment…

There was hope!

The lady in white dress beside him looked with her beautiful eyes opened wide. Disbelief was written all across her face.

”What is that evil sword in your hand?” The Sword Monarch frowned and asked.

Evil Sword!

If he admits that it’s an evil sword, his reputation would be destroyed.

After all, evil never overcame the righteous since ancient times. The way of evil was always inferior!

Zhou Xuanji did not fall for his trap.

”You are the Sword Monarch and you don’t know? This is God-Emperor!”

”The god that controls the Yin and Yang, as well as reincarnation!”

”Emperor controls the human realm and fortunes!”

”This sword is authentically an upright sword, specialized in slaying insidious and devious evils and demons!”

Zhou Xuanji’s voice resounded across the sky like the Emperor proclaiming the will of Heaven.

Not only did these words rebut the Sword Monarch, but they were also meant to mock him for his ignorance.

Soon, he flew up into the air and stood at the same height as the Sword Monarch.

The Emperor Ghost Qi conjured into a black shadow that was hundreds of meters tall behind Zhou Xuanaji. Its silhouette was similar to that of Zhou Xuanji’s, but it was incredibly imposing like a supreme emperor.

Not only so, but the shadow had also conjured a black sword that was like the God-Emperor.

Zhou Xuanji had already let go of the SKy-sundering Emperor Sword and stored it into the Supreme Storage along with the other fifteen legendary swords.

He only held onto the God-Emperor!

He intended to defeat the Sword Monarch with one sword!

”As the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou, let’s see if you can maintain your glory before my God-Emperor!”

Zhou Xuanji laughed wildly as the god-strength and the emperor’s Qi infused into his body. At this moment, he felt that the Sword Monarch was no longer that powerful.

The Sword Monarch was speechless at his insults.

This brat really knows how to talk!

”Humph! Then, let me see how powerful your God-Emperor really is!”

The Sword Monarch snorted coldly, but in his heart, he felt a little envy.

If only such a legendary sword was his.

After that, he swung his right hand. The five black swords shot out sword Qi simultaneously, and the sword Qi converged together to form a giant sword.


The giant sword Qi blasted out. It immediately extended to hundreds of meters long and was large enough to cut all the hills and mountains into pieces.

Facing this attack, Zhou Xuanji smiled and slashed back.

Before the giant sword, Qi could even touch him, it was dissipated by the impact.

Following that, Zhou Xuanji slashed toward the Sword Monarch!

This slash!

Shook the heavens and the earth, and moved the ghosts and gods!

The light from the sword flashed, and the sun and moon paled in their brightness.

On the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle, the 100,000 spectators instinctively shut their eyes, but quickly reopened their eyes because they did not want to miss the climactic moment.

A black sword Qi wreaked havoc. It cut the sea of clouds into half and was blasting toward the Sword Monarch with extreme speed.

The Sword Monarch’s black hair danced in the gale.

The entire Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle was shaken violently.

Just when the black sword Qi was about the collide into the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle, it disappeared suddenly.

The 100,000 cultivators were struck with horror.


Blood spurted from the Sword Monarch’s right shoulder, splashing across the sky.

The spectators were all in aghast!

He injured the Sword Monarch with just one slash?

That’s the real power of Sword God Zhou?

”How can that be!”

Xie Wuyou cried in shock. His legs gave way, and he knelt on down on the ground, unable to accept what happened.

The Sword Monarch lower his head so that no one can see his expression clearly.

He maintained his posture and held onto his sword.

”Who is this brat, really?”

The Firebird Old Lady was trembling all over her body as she mumbled to herself.

To her, the Sword Monarch had the highest potential in all the world, but now, he was injured by someone much younger and with stages of cultivation lower than him?