I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 113 - The Submission Of 100,000 People

Chapter 113 - The Submission Of 100,000 People


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As the Sword Monarch’s speed increased tremendously all of a sudden, Zhou Xuanji was shocked but did not lose his composure.

He continued to maintain his Dual Sword Will and the Ten Swords Mode, connecting his attacks smoothly.

His mastery over the Ten Swords Mode was improving steadily.

He felt really good to unleash his power freely in such a battle.

On the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle, the 100,000 spectators were also greatly enjoying the show.

Even without mentioning the identities of the two persons, just spectating this battle was enough to die without regret!

Whether it was the Sword Monarch’s steadiness and imposing power.

Or the elegance of Sword God Zhou’s seventeen legendary swords.

It was pleasing to the eyes and awesome to the hearts!

”Too powerful! How does he control so many swords?”

”Just through his sword techniques, it was enough to make him a sword god!”

”What about the Sword Monarch? Why doesn’t he take out the other five swords?”

”Seven swords versus 17 swords? Hahaha. The Sword Monarch might feel ashamed doing that. It’s better to fight like this!”

”How old is Sword God Zhou? He looks even younger than my imbecile son.”

”Don’t be fooled by his appearance. He’s actually an old devil!”

The 100,000 spectators discussed with thrill. Most of them were cheering for the Sword God Zhou.

This was a powerful representative of the younger generation challenging the legend!

After this battle, even if Sword God Zhou were to be defeated, his reputation would still shake the entire Great Zhou and rank up to become Great Zhou’s top cultivators!

He was the top rank of the Reputation Ranking!

”Too…. powerful…”

Han Shenbo’s jaw dropped. He suddenly felt fortunate.

Back then, Zhou Xuanji did not fight him with full power.

Or else, he would not be able to take even one blow!

”Xuanji! Fight on!”

Jiang Xue swung her fists and shouted. No one cared about him, because the rest were all watching the battle anxiously.

”I’m in submission again… This brat is too powerful! I’m going to tag along with him for the rest of my life!”

The little black snake was so excited that its body was shivering. Admiration filled its serpentine eyes.

Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, Huang Lianxin were all exhilarated. Even the dragon eagles were flapping their wings.

Before the gate of the palace.

Xiao Jinghong clasped his fists tightly, and a tinge of redness could be seen in his eyes. Countless emotions were billowing in his heart.

Memories washed over him.

”Hey, small kid, what sword technique are you practicing?”

Nine years ago, he looked at the young Zhou Xuanji with mockery.

At that time, Zhou Xuanji was extremely weak in his eyes.

Even after he took Zhou Xuanji as his master, he had to protect Zhou Xuanji secretively.

Nine years later, Zhou Xuanji challenged the Sword Monarch for his sake!

Although it was not the first time that he felt such awe and emotions, he was still so excited that he felt his blood vessels expand.

”Jinghong, are you okay?”

The lady in the white skirt asked caringly. Xiao Jinghong’s attitude gave her a complicated feeling.

Facing her love and care, he had never had such a reaction before.

Xiao Jinghong did not reply to her but fixed his eyes on Zhou Xuanji.

As though the only thing in his world was his revered teacher.

Zhou Xuanji leaped backward and pierced with his two swords. The other 15 legendary swords, each with their dragon-shaped sword Qi, formed into a dragon with rainbow colors, which roared and charged ahead.

The sound of a dragon’s roar exploded!

And shook the heavens and the earth!

The Sword Monarch looked so tiny before the rainbow-colored dragon.

The Sword Monarch looked up, and an arrogant aura that seemed to be able to destroy everything in the world was emanating from his eyes

He raised his two swords and blocked the rainbow-colored dragon with ease.

He jerked his arms, and the dragon dissipated immediately, turning back into streams of sword Qi like smoke and mist.

”Small tricks! Let me show you the reason why I can become the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou!”

The Sword Monarch laughed loftily. His powerful aura soared toward the sky.


The resonance of swords could be heard. As they resonated in one accord, everyone was awed.

Five black swords appeared behind the Sword Monarch, which looked exactly the same as the two in his hand!

Seven swords!

The sight of this thrilled everyone.

Within the Great Zhou, everyone knew that when the Sword Monarch took out his seven swords, he meant business.

The climax was only beginning.

Zhou Xuanji sensed that the Sword Monarch’s impetus changed.

But he was not fearful, he actually became even more excited.

He pierced ahead with his left hand, and the fifteen legendary swords followed and charged towards the Sword Monarch.

At the same time, he leaped up and stepped onto the Thunderclap Sword. Streaks of lightning enveloped his body, firming up his muscles and drastically enhancing his speed.

He charged toward the Sword Monarch with one step.

Ranged Sword Propelling!

Taking someone’s life in an instant!

The Sword Monarch swung his sword, and the five black swords behind him charged at Zhou Xuanji in a line.

The speed of the five swords did not lose to that of Zhou Xuanji’s.


Zhou Xuanji was blown backward straightaway by the five swords. He felt like a giant hill collided with him. The Sky-sundering Emperor Sword was vibrating ceaselessly while blood spurt from his thenar webbing.

Looking at him flying toward the grass plain far away, the Sword Monarch frowned slightly.

It was because cracks appeared on one of his swords.

What sword is that?

Zhou Xuanji twirled his body as he landed on the grass plain after flying backward 10,000 meters. His feet rubbed against the ground, leaving two trails of grass shreds.

His face was pale white, and a tinge of sweetness was in his throat.

He endured the discomfort and gulped down the blood that was coming out from his mouth.

I cannot vomit blood at such a critical time!

The Sword Monarch stood loftily under the clouds and looked down at Zhou Xuanji from on high.

”Looking at you from this height, you are no different from the ants on the ground. Extremely tiny.”

The Sword Monarch said slowly. His voice reverberated throughout the heavens and the earth.

”Sword God Zhou, you are talented, indeed, but you need to let nature take its course. Currently, you are too weak for me. Go back and cultivate for 1,000 years and the world will eventually be yours!”

Having heard this, most people were convinced.

Although they were anticipating Sword God Zhou to challenge the legend as an underdog, they had to admit that the Sword Monarch’s mindset and attitude are really admirable.

”Humph! That old guy’s words are really high-sounding, but he’s trying to belittle Zhou Xuanji in every of his word.”

The little black snake snorted coldly. It has been quarreling for 1,000 years. Of course, it knew what the Sword Monarch was doing.

Jiang Xue, Zhao Congjian, and the others were furious. They were really displeased with the Sword Monarch.

If the Sword Monarc was really that generous and forgiving, why did he let Xiao Jinghong go straightaway?

He beat around the bush, but in fact, he was not willing to let Xiao Jinghong go to keep his own honor!

At the mountain shoulder.

Zhou Tiany pointed downwards and laughed disdainfully, “Do you see that? That’s the consequence of being overconfident!”

But, he did not receive any position response but a wave of despise.

”Crown prince, Sword God Zhou dared to challenge an extremely powerful enemy for his disciple. What about you?”

”Yeah! Brother, did Sword God Zhou find you any trouble?”

”Yeah. You disliked the Empress the most, but did you dare to talk bad about her? But now you dare to talk bad about Sword God Zhou!”

”You just envy him!”

”Hahaha. Don’t worry about him. He can’t even keep his position as the Crown Prince. Of course, he will begin to bite!”

Sword God Zhou’s performance has convinced everyone. Only Zhou Tianyu still looked at him with displeasure.

Having heard the mockery of his brothers and sisters, Zhou Tianyu was exasperated. “Wait until I become the Emperor. I will get back at all of you!” He roared furiously.

The royal soldiers of Great Zhou, to the side, shook their heads. No wonder he was not favored.

With such a brain, it was fortunate for him to be born early. If he were born a few years later, he would have already died.

Regardless of which empire, eliminating the elders to establish the youth was taboo!

But now, Zhou Tianyu would be removed from his position as the Crown Prince for sure. It was only a question of who would replace him.