I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 112 - The Sword God Battles The Sword Monarch  

Chapter 112 - The Sword God Battles The Sword Monarch  


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The two swords clashed. Zhou Xuanji and the Sword Monarch were at a stalemate in terms of mid-air strength.

”This young man is powerful. No, it must be the power of that sword.”

The Sword Monarch thought in his head while squinting his eyes.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji activated the Six-path Sword Shadow straightaway.

Together with Six-path Sword Shadow duplicates, Zhou Xuanji used the Soul-eater Slash. The ebony sword Qi inundated the Sword Monarch in an instant. It was like a volcanic eruption, shooting toward the sky.

The sword cultivators and guests who came running out of the palace were all aghast.

Such a powerful force…

Is he really Inner Pellet Level Five?

Xiao Jinghong clasped his fist excitedly. Zhou Xuanji did not disappoint him indeed!

The lady in white dress behind him opened her eyes wide. She was appalled, just like everybody else.

”How can it be…”

Xie Wuyou’s whole body was trembling. Sword God Zhou shamed his Xie Sect, so he did not want to see Sword God Zhou showing off his power.

At this moment, streaks of savage sword Qi appeared suddenly and dispersed the pillar of black sword Qi.

The Sword Monarch came to Zhou Xuanji’s face as though he teleported. He raised his black sword high and slashed at Zhou Xuanji.

His movement was extremely dominating, as though he was going to cut the mountains and rivers into half.

Zhou Xuanji raised up the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword and blocked.

Now that he had the Power of the Ancient Sword Emperor, he was not afraid of being defeated by the Sword Monarch in an instant.

When the two swords met, Zhou Xuanji could only sense an unstoppably pressurizing force coming toward him, followed by a sharp pain on his right shoulder, before falling straight down to the ground.

Just when he was about to hit the ground, the Furious Ape Sword and Water Driving Sword appeared under him and caught him on his back.

The two swords bounced and propelled him upward.

Everyone cried in amazement at the sight of this.

The swords had spirits of their own?

The pupils of the Sword Monarch dilated uncontrollably. This young man’s mastery over the Sword’s Way is higher than he imagined.

He could see at an instant that the Furious Ape Sword and the Water Driving Sword had no sword spirit within them.

This meant that it was Zhou Xuanji who controlled them!

Before he could think further, Zhou Xuanji has already charged in front of him.

Zhou Xuanji swung his sword swiftly and activated Dual Sword Will.

Vibrant Raindrops Sword!

Moonlit Wind Sword Dance!

The two Earth Grade sword techniques each had their own ingenuity.

The two swords jerked, and their sword Qi formed into the wind and the rain, sweeping toward the Sword Monarch.

Zhou Xuanji’s posture was elegant. Each of his movements were filled with profundity, which deeply caught everyone’s focused attention.

Yet these did not seem to work against the Sword Monarch’s absolute power. He had both swords in hands as well, but he seemed to have a more dominating impetus.

But still, seeing this scene, no one dared to underestimate Zhou Xuanji again.

”Such an elegant movement!”

”This is Dual Sword Will? Sss– Did I see it clearly?”

”Too powerful… In comparison, I feel like the Sword Monarch was merely stronger in his cultivation.”

”In terms of mastery over their sword techniques, Sword God Zhou has already surpassed the Sword Monarch. Anyone objects?”

”Bullshit. The Sword Monarch is fighting with such ease. Are you blind?”

”If they were at the same cultivation stage, the Sword Monarch would have already lost.”

The spectators discussed passionately and formed themselves into two camps that talked against each other quickly.

The Firebird Old Lady’s face was grim. She did not expect Zhou Xuanji to be this powerful.

Although Zhou Xuanji was relying on the power of his legendary swords indeed, the moment the Dual Sword Will was activated, even she, a non-sword cultivator, could not see any problem.

Numerous Silver Grade legendary swords appeared under Zhou Xuanji’s feet consecutively as he shifted swiftly around the Sword Monarch with the Eight-step Sword Lunge.

On top of that, the Bloodbath Sword, Furious Ape Sword, Thunderclap Sword, Water Driving Sword, Ghost Curse Sword, Storm Calmer, and the other Gold Grade legendary swords continuously attacked from different angles.

If it was someone ordinary, he would have been full of holes.

But the Sword Monarch’s speed was extreme. He was able to block every attack.

The two of them fought ferociously in mid-air. Their sword Qi swept across the sky, generating gusts and slicing the clouds. Even the cultivators at the foot and the shoulder of the mountain could see.

Zhou Chengxin was thrilled. He clasped his fists and said with a trembling voice, “I didn’t expect Sword God Zhou to have the power to stand up to the Sword Monarch!”

That person was the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou!

The pinnacle of cultivators in Great Zhou.

”Humph… A joke. The Sword Monarch is not getting serious yet? Do you really think that was the true power of the Sword Monarch?”

Zhou Tianyu said with disdain. Although the battle between Zhou Xuanji and the Sword Monarch was spectacular and dazzling, it still felt like a playfight that did not match their reputation.

Princess Xuanya could not hold it and asked, “Brother, are you prepared to ask Sword God Zhou to become your master? Do you think he will agree?”

With this, Zhou Tianyu’s face turned black instantly.

Flames were shooting out from his eyes. He really wanted to capture Princess Xuanya and beat her up.

With Sword God Zhou’s temperament, it was considered good if the Sword God did not draw his sword at him.


At this moment, a deafening explosion came from the top of the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle.

They could only see a wave of sword Qi, which was hundreds of meters long, blast Zhou Xuanji away.

Facing this horrifying sword Qi, Zhou Xuanji tried to block with the Sword Qi and the God-Emperor, but it was still not enough. The impact blew him 1,000 meters away.

After he stabilized his body, he whipped his swords outwards and dispersed the sword Qi.

Zhou Xuanji was shocked in his heart, and both of his arms were numb.

Even with the support of the Power of the Ancient Sword Emperor, he was still not able to block that attack.

On the other hand, the Sword Monarch seemed to be at such ease. It was apparent that he had yet to use his full power.

”Could this guy have really reached the pinnacle of the Spirit Refinement stage?”

Zhou Xuanji speculated in his heart.

Qi Nurturing, Foundation Building, Enlightening, Inner Pellet, Soul Fountain, Astral Infant, Astral Projection, Spirit Refinement, Great Realization!

Within Great Zhou, there was only one person who reached the Great Realization or at least looked at it on the surface.

It was Emperor Yan of Zhou!

Other than him, Zhou Yalong has also reached the Spirit Refinement stage.

If not for his legendary swords, Zhou Xuanji would have been defeated by one of their fingers.

The Sword Monarch smirked, as though he was standing above all the world.

He shot another two waves of sword Qi at Zhou Xuanji again.

They were both hundreds of meters long.

So imposing and powerful that they could tear the skies asunder.

Zhou Xuanji held onto his Sky-sundering Emperor Sword and used the Tempest Slash!

The Power of the Ancient Sword Emperor blasted out in a roar!

A wave of sword Qi, which was equal in size, clashed with the Sword Monarch’s first wave of Sword Qi. The impact generated a tremendous gale that shook the entire Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle.

However, the Sword Monarch’s second wave of Sword Qi penetrated the intense gale and continued toward Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji leaped and barely dodged the sword Qi.

That sword Qi traveled across 10,000 meters!

It turned a mountain in the distance into flat ground. It swept up a storm of dust and rock fragments, which frightened many cultivators into hiding desperately.

Zhou Xuanji somersaulted and swung his swords with his head facing the ground. The other swords around him followed as well.

Ten-thousand Sword Dragon Incantation!

Ten Swords Mode!

The dragon-shaped sword Qi enveloped each of his legendary swords. Looking from afar, Zhou Xuanji looked as though he was leading a team of 17 dragons charging towards the Sword Monarch.

His speed increased drastically and he came to the Sword Monarch in an instant.

Clang! Clang! Clang…

The Sword Monarch’s expression remained unchanged and deflected all the attacks of the legendary swords with ease.

A tinge of astonishment flashed intensely in his eyes.

What is that talent?

17 swords, each with a different move. It felt like he was being attacked by 17 Sword God Zhous simultaneously.

This young man was more talented than him!

At this moment, a killer’s intent welled up in the Sword Monarch’s heart.

If he did not kill Zhou Xuanji, Zhou Xuanji would one day surpass him!

Following this thought, the speed of his swords increased tremendously.