I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 111 - God-Power, The Imposing Aura Of A Monarch

Chapter 111 - God-Power, The Imposing Aura Of A Monarch


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16 years old?

Everyone in the palace was stunned.

In their hearts, Zhou Xuanji was a monster who returned to his youth. No one expected him to be only 16.

”So what if you are 16?”

”Quickly, go back to your home and drink your mother’s milk!”

The Firebird Old Lady snorted coldly. She disliked how Zhou Xuanji paraded his ability.

The Sword Monarch laughed loudly. His voice penetrated the walls of the palace and resounded across the sky.

”Today, if you can injure me, I will let you bring Xiao Jinghong away!”

With this, countless cultivators were convinced.

This was the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou!

He did not bully those who were much weaker than him.

Even so, how difficult was it to injure the Sword Monarch?

Zhou Xuanji was looking at the few lines of words that only he could see.

Sword Name: God-Emperor

Grade: Glorious Gold

Description: Created by nurturing with an emperor’s Qi. It contains within itself the power of gods and the imposing aura of the emperor. One could not use this sword unless he or she was born to be an emperor!

Sword Name: Crazy Paralysis Sword

Grade: Silver

Description: Forged with the poisonous sap of the… Once the skin is penetrated by the blade, the person will be poisoned. He will be out of his mind, and his body will be paralyzed.

The ability of the God-Emperor Sword attracted his attention.

The power of the gods!

The imposing aura of the emperor!

No one could it unless he was born to become an emperor.

Since he had the Monarchial Violet Qi, wouldn’t that make him suitable to use the sword?

The Amethyst Grade Sky-sundering Emperor Sword was already of that power, how overpowered would the Glorious Gold Grade legendary sword be?

He could barely hold his excitement and sighed in exclamation, “Sword Spirit, you are timely indeed!”

”According to the time of the Northern Wilderness Region, the Sword Owner becomes an adult today. Your luck is at the prime, which is why you can obtain a Glorious Gold legendary sword. But the Sword Owner is reminded that with your current power, using the Glorious Gold legendary sword is too risky.”

The Sword Spirit answered, which made Zhou Xuanji squint his eyes.

”If I use the God-Emperor Sword’s special power and the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword’s Power of the Ancient Sword Emperor, how long can I last?”

At most 15 minutes. Once you exceed the timing, your body will explode. Even if you keep within the time limit, you will be severely injured after using them!”

15 minutes!

An abundant amount of time!

It seemed like his body was in good shape!

”Why? Are you afraid? If you don’t dare, you can leave now. Of course, if you want to ask to become my disciple, you still have the chance.”

The Sword Monarch’s voice came again and interrupted Zhou Xuanji’s train of thoughts.

He looked up and said, “Let’s stop talking rubbish and begin!”

He raised his right hand and grasped the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword.

”The few of you, back off.”

Zhou Xuanji said with a deep voice. Jiang Xue and the rest quickly left the palace after they heard Zhou Xuanji.

With Zhou Xuanji and the Sword Monarch’s power, they would surely not compete within the palace.

At the same time, many cultivators had gathered outside at the public square outside the palace. Some cultivators were even flying and levitating at the borders of the mountain top of the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle. Every one of them was anticipating.

When the Sword Monarch saw the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword, his eyes were brightened. “An awesome sword indeed!”

After he spoke, the Sword Monarch suddenly drew out the two black swords in front of him. His right hand held on to the sword and pierced at Zhou Xuanji from a distance away.

A horrifying sword Qi came sweeping towards him. Zhou Xuanji’s expression changed slightly and instinctively blocked the attack with the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword.


He immediately flew out of the palace along with his fifteen Silver and Gold Grade legendary swords.

Everyone in the palace was shocked.

So imposing!

The Sky-sundering Emperor Sword deflected most of the sword Qi. Zhou Xuanji somersaulted and landed firmly on the ground. He glid backward a few dozen meters, almost falling off the cliff.

Everyone was appalled by the scene.

Zhou Xuanji was disadvantaged at the moment they began?

They were not surprised but only felt that it was a pity.

It seemed like Sword God Zhou still could not yet threaten the Sword Monarch’s position.

Zhou Xuanji stood up slowly. He lifted his left hand, and a giant sword appeared.

The sword was almost two meters long. The blade was one and a half feet wide. At the center of the blade on both sides was a black dragon that looked lively and dominating!

The quillon was like two dragon claws pointing towards the blade. Its handle was covered in black scale with a metallic feel, with a crown-like crystal fixed at the hilt, which emanated a crimson radiance.

Glorious Gold legendary sword!


Holding this sword, a visible violet Qi could be seen rising from Zhou Xuanji’s feet. The Qi enveloped his entire body and made him looked entirely different.

At this moment, he was like the emperor!

High and Lofty, no one could defeat him!

Zhou Xuanji felt like he could defeat everyone in this world. Such a feeling made him smile subconsciously.

”Such a powerful feeling… This is the Glorious Gold legendary sword?”

Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself as though he was mesmerized and addicted to it.

Jiang Xue, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, and the others also took notice of the God-Emperor in his hand.

”Such a dominating sword!” Zhao Congjian mumbled with his eyes wide open.

Looking at the God-Emperor, he felt that his own sword was just ordinary.

Not only them, but the spectating cultivators also noticed.

”What is that sword? Looks so imposingly powerful!”

”Let’s count. How many swords does Sword God Zhou have?”

”17! He has more than nine swords! No wonder he’s killing more powerful enemies!”

”All these swords look powerful.”

”Sword God Zhou is getting serious now!”

Looking at Zhou Xuanji in his current state, the cultivators were thrilled.

It seemed like Sword God Zhou could really put up a good fight with the Sword Monarch!

At this moment, the Sword Monarch walked out of the palace with swords in both hands.

The two of them were 300 meters apart and looked at each other.

”What is that sword?”

The Sword Monarch frowned slightly. He felt a tinge of danger when he saw the God-Emperor.

It’s definitely not an ordinary sword!

He fancied the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword, but he could barely hold back his desire to take the God-Emperor for himself.

Only he, the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou, was fit to have such a sword!

But under the eyes of so many people, he could not snatch away the sword.

He flew up slowly towards Zhou Xuanji. His robe danced in the wind, and his sword Qi appeared like a flame.

He looked down at Zhou Xuanji from high above. “Sword God Zhou, I will give you another chance. If you admit defeat, nothing will happen to you. If you stubbornly want to continue, be careful that you might lose your life because the swords are blind.” He said.

The demeanor of a grandmaster was shown for sure.

He gave Sword God Zhou numerous chances, and so he put up an act that was impenetrable and without a flaw.

Zhou Xuanji immediately activated the Power of the Ancient Sword Emperor and his power grew tremendously.

He could use the Power of the Ancient Sword Emperor once a year without side effects!

He endured for a year and did not even use it when he faced off with the Xinhao Sect, because he was saving this for the Sword Monarch.

If that did not give him enough power to stand against the Sword Monarch, then he would rely on the power of the Glorious Gold legendary sword!

The Power of the Ancient Sword Emperor surged in his body, enhancing the violet Qi that surrounded his body. He moved his leg.

The hard ground immediately cracked under his foot. He soared into the sky like a sharp arrow.

The 15 legendary swords followed behind. The image was so magnificent that many cultivators’ jaws dropped.