I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 109 - Firebird Old Lady, The Sword Monarch’s Attitude

Chapter 109 - Firebird Old Lady, The Sword Monarch’s Attitude


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The female cultivator’s cry was followed by the cheering of the other cultivators. Under the sky, thousands of cultivators were cheering for Zhou Xuanji. Their voices shook the heavens.

”Sword God Zhou! I believe in you!”

”Sword God Zhou, don’t lose by too much. It’s okay to lose this time. Wait 100 years, and you will become the pinnacle of the Sword’s Way in Great Zhou!”

”Is he Sword God Zhou? Such a handsome young man. Who said he looked like a child?”

”Look! That’s Zhao Congjian!”

”Oh, my heavens! The first rank of Great Zhou’s Hero Ranking Board, Han Shenbo, is following Sword God Zhou also! Is he also Sword God Zhou’s disciple?”

Soon, some people took notice of Han Shenbo. This immediately stirred up a commotion.

As the top rank in the Hero Ranking Board, Han Shenbo’s fame was also at the first 50 on the Reputation Ranking. Almost everyone knew about him.

Even Zhao Congjian was not comparable to him.

Han Shenbo heard those cries of amazement and quickly lowered his head in embarrassment.

He felt his face was burning hot. He really wanted to dig the ground and hide in a hole.

He was definitely not Zhou Xuanji’s disciple.

He was not even considered a sword slave!

He was the lowest of the slaves. Even a black worm could bully him!

Jiang Xue looked around and found that the people gathered around them were increasing. She was surprised and said softly, “So many people…”

She underestimated Sword God Zhou and the Sword Monarch’s reputation.

Zhao Congjian said with a soft voice, “This has become something that Great Zhou and its surrounding kingdoms’ top concern. Even the war at the border custom was not more important than this. Xinhao Sect was paying close attention too.”

”Many sects and clans are here to spectate. There might be more people on the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle.”

He looked thrilled and passionate.

If only the highlight of this battle was him!

But it was a pity he was not powerful enough.

If he cultivated for another 500 years, Great Zhou would be his!

”Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch is really powerful,” Han Shenbo sighed, “If this battle is lost, you might be dragged into this also. After this battle, Sword God Zhou might become the Sword Monarch’s disciple.”

Beixiao Wangjian stared at him, and he hid away immediately.

He showed no demeanor of someone ranked first on the Hero Ranking Board.

The cultivators began to land. They watched over Zhou Xuanji and the rest and walked with them up the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle.

Looking at Zhou Xuanji close up, they only felt that he looked extraordinary. There were huge differences between people.

Of course, this could be a mere psychological effect.

At the same time.

The Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle had already exploded into a huge commotion. All the cultivators were looking down at the plain on the cliff. They, including the princes, wanted to see Zhou Xuanji.

With his Enlightening cultivation, Zhou Chengxin had extraordinary eyesight. He soon found Zhou Xuanji and the others.

”Han Shenbo!” He cried in surprise with wide-open eyes, “How come he’s following Sword God Zhou?”

The princes heard and were all stunned.

”That Han Shenbo was the top rank on Hero Ranking Board?”

One of the princesses opened her beautiful eyes wide in disbelief.

She had seen how glorious Han Shenbo was. He was really outstanding and was not willing to bow down to anyone. How could he be following Sword God Zhou?

Everyone knew that Zhou Xuanji only had sword slaves, disciples, and demon pets around him.

Zhou Tianyu gnashed his teeth. He prayed in his heart for Sword God Zhou to die on the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle.

Or else, he would become a laughing stock for all the world and lose his right to the throne.

Under everyone’s eyes, Zhou Xuanji and the others were drawing close to the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle.


A soaring streak of sword Qi burst from the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle and dispersed the sea of clouds above, forming a giant whirlpool of clouds that blocked the sun. It looked magnificent.

The entire Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle was shaken.

That seemingly limitlessly powerful sword Qi enveloped the heavens and the earth, striking fear into the hearts of people.

Zhou Xuanji looked up with squinted eyes.

That sword Qi with such incredible intensity that made him feel powerless must be from the Sword Monarch.

Was that intended to give him a scare?

Zhou Xuanji smiled and continued to walk.

The others became anxious. Even before they were up the mountain, the Sword Monarch had already shown his sword Qi.

It seemed like a battle was unavoidable.


A screeching sound could be heard coming from the horizon, which caught the attention of many.

A firebird with a wingspan of thirty meters was flying over swiftly. It looked like both an eagle and a sparrow. An old woman was standing on the top of its head. She wore a red robe, and her hairs were like flames, which gave her a dominating look.

”Firebird Old Lady from Hundred Birds Sect!”

Someone cried out in surprise, which was like a stone that generated 1,000 waves.

The Hundred Birds Sect was one of the top sects near the Great Zhou. It was multiple times stronger than the Demonic Inferno Sect.

The Firebird Old Lady had a rash temperament. She always did things that others found hard to accept. Her appearance in the top thirty on the Reputation Ranking was regular.

”Sword Monarch, I’m here to spectate the battle. I want to see if there’s someone who could take away a prodigy that you favored.”

The Firebird Old Lady said with a cold smile, which was in drastic difference from her appearance. Her voice sent shivers down people’s spines.

She glanced at Zhou Xuanji, before quickly entering the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle on her firebird.

”Was she a helper?”

The little black snake opened its eyes wide and curse, “This old guy! Interesting! I despise him!”

No one responded to its words.

No matter what, there was no turning back.

They had to go up the mountain, no matter what!

The thousands of cultivators were discussing this as well. They were all speculating why the Firebird Old Lady would come.

On the top of the Sword Qi, after the sword Qi dispersed, a palace was revealed.

The Firebird Old Lady walked briskly into the palace. The palace was spacious and brightly lit. There were hundreds of chairs neatly arranged into two rows by the sides.

A raised platform that looked gloriously golden was at the end of the palace, where a muscular and mighty silhouette was sitting.

The Sword Monarch of Great Zhou!

He wore a black robe embroidered with fire Qilin and a yellow tiger. He sat imposingly with a stern face. His fearsome eyes were like those of a tiger, and he had a long beard. He let down his fringe freely at the front, while the rest of his hair was coiled into a crown that was embedded with jewels and gold.

Beside his leg stood a black sword that was one and a half meter long, which seemed to be as tall as him when he was sitting down.

Great Zhou’s Monarch of the Sword’s Way had an unparalleled aura!

He stared at the Firebird Old Lady and asked, “Why are you here, my younger sister?”

His voice was a little hoarse, which sounded greatly imposing.

”I heard that someone in Great Zhou dared to undermine your majestic dignity. Of course, I must be here to take a look.” The Firebird Old Lady snorted.

The Sword Monarch waved his hand, and a disciple immediately walked to his right. Putting down a chair, the disciple signaled the Firebird Old Lady to sit.

Everyone who sat on the left of the palace was the Sword Monarch’s disciples and grand-disciples, while those who sat on the right were his guests.

Xiao Jinghong and Xie Wuyou sat at the front row.

Seeing that the Firebird Old Lady came, Xiao Jinghong frowned.

From what she said, her intention was not good.

After she sat down, the Firebird Old Lady continued to ask, “I’ve seen Sword God Zhou just now. He doesn’t look as impressive as your immediate disciples. Such an arrogant person doesn’t need you to deal with him personally?”

With this, the Sword Monarch’s disciples nodded together and spoke.

”There’s no need for the Revered Teacher to do it personally. It will be enough!”

”Yeah. The news about him defeating Xinhao Sect’s elder is mostly like just a rumor.”

”Back then, our Oldest Senior, Xie Wuyou, should have killed him. To kill him now would stain our Revered Teacher’s robe.”

”Let us go together. If the Revered Master goes, it will bring shame to him.”

”Hahaha. Even Madam Firebird said so too. It must be right.”

Hearing all these sword cultivators brag, Xiao Jinghong snorted coldly, displeased.

The lady in white skirt glanced at him worryingly but did not speak a word.

The Sword Monarch was expressionless. He raised his hand, and the hall was quiet immediately.

”He has Dual Sword Will and can control nine swords simultaneously. We must not underestimate him,” the Sword Monarch said slowly, “He acts justly and righteously. It is respectful if I treat him seriously.”