I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 108 - My Revered Master Was Never Defeated Before

Chapter 108 - My Revered Master Was Never Defeated Before


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“He killed Ta Qixue? Along with 10,000 evil cultivators?”

”How can that be! Isn’t Ta Qixue protected by a Xinhao Sect’s elder? How can he let Zhou Xuanji kill him?”

Zhou Tianyu grasped the royal soldier agitatedly and asked. His face was covered in a cold sweat as his body trembled.

The royal soldier was frightened by his expression and answered carefully, “It’s real. That Xinhao Sect’s elder was severely injured by Zhou Xuanji’s one slash. He almost died. General Meng wrote a letter personally to inform.”

He could see Zhou Tianyu’s anger, so he did not dare to appear excited anymore.

He despised in his heart.

How could he become the Emperor with such a mindset?

Sword God Zhou has never offended you before. You are the one who spoke arrogantly against him. And now you are angry at him for saving so many lives?

No wonder you are always suppressed by Zhou Yalong!

Princess Xuanya giggled, “See! Sword God Zhou will not be afraid of the Sword Monarch!”

Zhou Chengxin nodded and said, “Sword God Zhou is really our model to follow. Amidst Great Zhou’s crisis, he did not dare to offend Xinhao Sect. The benevolent, righteous, and unparalleled Sword God Zhou really lives up to his name.”

The two of them echoed each other, Zhou Tianyu’s face looked even more bitter.

The other princes rode on with the momentum and continued to add oil to the fire.

”With such a result, even if Sword God Zhou was not as powerful as the Sword Monarch, he is surely qualified to challenge the Sword Monarch.”

”It would be so good if I can loop in Sword God Zhou. He is definitely a fearsome person who can deal with an army of a million soldiers!”

”Yeah, such a person who dares to offend?”

”I really want to see Sword God Zhou’s performance quickly.”

”Soon. The battle between two of the most powerful persons. It would surely become a legend that will last.”

Emperor Yan of Zhou lived for thousands of years and had countless descendants. He had over 100 princes.

Most of the princes who came to Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle had the intention to fight to become the successor. Once there’s an opportunity, they will take advantage of the prince together.

Zhou Tianyu was furious, but he did not throw a tantrum, in case he becomes a laughing stock.

Within half a day.

News about Sword God Zhou’s battle in the Southern Snow King’s City spread across the entire Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle.

The cultivators were crying out in amazement when they heard the news. At the same time, they waited with more anticipation for the duel between Sword God Zhou and the Sword Monarch.

At the top of the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle, a great number of buildings and palaces stood tall and mighty. Looking from above, there were close to 1,000 of them. They were all residences for the Sword Monarch’s disciples and grand-disciples.

In one of the courtyards.

Xiao Jinghong was training his sword technique. He wore a black robe and moved elegantly. Gusts of wind blew as he swung his sword, sweeping up the fallen leaves in the courtyard.

At this moment, a beautiful lady, who wore a white skirt, walked into the courtyard.

”Jinghong, you are so hardworking. You don’t stop for even a day.”

The lady in the white skirt smiled. She looked at Xiao Jinghong with sparkling eyes.

Xiao Jinghong ignored her. He did not stop but continued his training.

”I received news about Sword God Zhou. Do you want to hear?”

The lady in the white skirt asked. Having heard that, Xiao Jinghong stopped immediately. He put back his sword in a reverse grip and turned towards her, “Speak.”

”Sword God Zhou killed Ta Qixue and severely injured Xinhao Sect’s elder, Xiahou Gongji. He rescued tens of thousands of prisoners and is on his way to the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle.”

The lady in the white skirt said slowly. As she mentioned this, a sense of amazement flashed in her eyes.

In her heart, she did not think Sword God Zhou was very powerful.

But this made her change her view.

In the current Great Zhou Empire, who has the heroism of Sword God Zhou?

No wonder Xiao Jinghong was loyal to death toward him.

Xiao Jinghong smiled and shook his head before he continued to train his sword technique.

”If Sword God Zhou comes to ask for you, my grand-teacher will surely have a duel with him. Aren’t you afraid that something bad might happen to him? Swords are blind after all.”

Sword God Zhou’s true power was always a mystery. Previously when he fought Inner Pellet stage cultivators, he was injured. But he could even kill Astral Infant cultivators now. It was bizarre.

However, the Sword Monarch was different. He was at the pinnacle of Great Zhou’s cultivators.

No matter how powerful Sword God Zhou was, he would surely not be able to stand up to the Sword Monarch.

”My Revered Teacher has never been defeated before.” Xiao Jinghong replied as he danced with his sword.”

Not defeated?

Had the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou never been defeated before?

Although Xiao Jinghong understood Zhou Xuanji’s power roughly, he was still willing to trust in Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji was young, but he had a mature mind. He will not do something that he was not confident to do.

If Zhou Xuanji said he will take him, he would surely be able to take him!

The lady in white skirt opened her mouth but did not speak a word. Countless words were stopped from exiting her mouth.

The beauty loved the gentleman, but the gentleman was not interested


The two Dragon Eagles landed, followed by Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue.

Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, Huang Lianxin, the little black snake, and Han Shenbo landed as well. They stood on top of the mountain and looked ahead. The Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle was already within their sight.

His white clothes danced in the wind, and so was the long hair by the side of Zhou Xuanji’s ears. The handsome and calm face always appeared to be very determined.

”Are you ready?”

Zhou Xuanji asked. His voice was soft, but the wind could not obscure it.

Zhao Congjian said with pride, “I’m ready, waiting for my Master’s order!”

Beixiao Wangjian laughed and said, “Whether we win or lose, there’s no regret!”

”I will follow my master forever.” Huang Lianxin smiled beautifully

Jiang Xue took out her flaming fan and giggled, “You lead the way!”

They accompanied Zhou Xuanji through crisis after crisis. Their hearts were united and unshakable.

The little black snake looked at the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle and gulped. “Should we think…”


Zhao Congjian kicked it down the cliff.

Han Shengbo, who was just about to persuade them, shuddered. He immediately covered with his mouth.


Zhou Xuanji lept down the cliff. The rest followed.

Beixiao Wangjian kicked Han Shenbo’s butt and jumped down.

”**** you…”

Before Han Shenbo could finish cursing, Beixiao Wangjian took hold of him. He almost fainted.

After landing, the group lined up and walked toward the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle.

Zhou Xuanji walked at the center while the two dragons eagles were at their sides.

An undulating mountainous ground was before them. They would reach the foot of the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle after ten miles.

”After this battle is over… I will not forgive you…”

Concussed by the fall, the little black snake struggled to get up. He cursed as he chased after them.

The high and lofty Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle stood like a pillar between the ground and the sky. It was just like the Sword Monarch’s position in Great Zhou, lofty and cannot be superseded.

Zhou Xuanji walked slowly ahead.

Honestly, he did not have much confidence.

However, he must rescue Xiao Jinghong. Moreover, he just saved so many prisoners, he was sure that Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch will not take his life, at least not at the risk of damaging his own reputation.

The image of the Sword Monarch was such a powerful and righteous model of a grandmaster. He had almost no blemish in his life.

”Sky-piercing Sword Emperor, don’t disappoint me.”

Zhou Xuanji said in his heart as his confidence returned.

Soon, cultivators who were passersby noticed Zhou Xuanji and the rest.

Two dragon eagles! That was Sword God Zhou’s mark.

”Sword God ZHou is here!”

That cultivator stretched his vocal cords and shouted in excitement.

The voice traveled across miles and was heard by other cultivators, who then spread the news. Soon, the entire Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle was stirred up.

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh…

Numerous cultivators rushed over on their sword, clouds, and other enchanted artifacts. They were all stirred up in excitement as they looked at Zhou Xuanji and the rest walked over with such determination.

”Sword God Zhou! Please rescue the Sword Noble!”

A female cultivator screamed. In recent years, the Sword Monarch did nothing, while Sword God Zhou deeds were widespread. So naturally, many supported Sword God Zhou.