I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 107 - The Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle. Famous Across the World

Chapter 107 - The Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle. Famous Across the World


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The Dragon Eagles were swift.

Even before Zhou Xuanji landed on the ground, Ah Big quickly flew over, and Jiang Xue caught him in her arms.

”Let’s go!”

Zhou Xuanji gritted his teeth and shouted. They did not need his instruction. Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, Ah Big, and Small Er were all flying towards the horizon.

On the ground, the prisoners, who were aghast, finally came to and continued to run.

”This sword again! The last time at Guxia City, it was this sword too, along with a roar of a furious ape.”

”Too powerful. Sword God Zhou is invincible!”

”Don’t just stand there, even Sword God Zhou ran!”

”Yes! If we continue, we are going to get caught again.”

”Wait for me!”

The prisoners cried in amazement as they tried their best to escape.

After passing a mountain, Zhou Xuanji suddenly looked back.

Following the direction he was looking at, Qiu Baili and a group of Hidden Sword Sect cultivators were climbing over a mountain.

Qiu Baili was looking at him too.

Their eyes met.

Qiu Baili opened his mouth slightly but did not speak. He smiled.

There was no need for words.

The grace that was shown back then was reciprocated today.

Looking back, everything in the past came to an end.

Both of them understood that they are no longer related.

Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue quickly disappeared into the horizon on Ah Big’s back.

Qiu Baili smiled and said, “Terrific… Terrific…”

A Hidden Sword Sect disciple asked him, “Master, what’s so terrific? Sword God Zhou?”

Qiu Baili shook his head and looked toward the horizon.

”Back then, my amazement might become true. You will be comparable to the Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way.”

”No, maybe, you will surpass them.”

The streets bordering the Southern Snow King’s City were turned into a ruin. The walls collapsed, and the dust billowed.

Numerous cultivators crawled out from the ruin with ashes covering their faces. Almost everyone was injured. Most evil cultivators were already crushed to pieces and died.


A giant boulder was flipped away. Xiahou Gongji, who was covered in blood, carried Ta Qixue and stood up slowly.

His face was grave, and he could not hold it but vomited some black blood.

Ta Qixue, who was in his arms, was already dead.

How terrifying it was to receive the Furious Ape Sword’s blow at close distance.

Zhou Xuanji was far more powerful than before. Charging up for one day was equivalent to what used to be three days.

Even someone as powerful as Xiahou Gongji was also severely injured. He sensed burning aches in his internal organs.

”Sword God Zhou…”

He gnashed his teeth and said. These three words contained his endless fury.

Ta Qixue died a horrifying death, which made him a little lost on how to account for himself before Ta Tianchen.

But he knew one thing. He had to cut down Sword God Zhou’s head, or else Ta Tianchen will kill him!

Not only Ta Qixue, but the tens of thousands of evil cultivators were also too close. Not even a tenth of them survived.

Sword God Zhou almost destroyed an entire army by himself.

The more Xiahou Gongji thought about it, the more furious he got. His eyes were filled with blood.

He put down Ta Qixue and began to heal his wounds.

Sword God Zhou was peculiarly sly. He did not dare to charge at him recklessly.

”Too sly! He lied to me on purpose to make me think that he only had the cultivation of Inner Pellet Level Five…”

Xiahou Gongji took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down.

On the other side.

Zhou Xuanji flew across thousands of miles and did not dare to slow down.

They were afraid that Xinhao Sect might catch up.

Jiang Xue helped Zhou Xuanji to recover his injuries. “Xuanji, are you feeling better?” She asked.

”Still okay,” Zhou Xuanji could barely smile.

Beixiao Wangjian held his sword and said excitedly, “That slash was much more powerful than what you did two years ago in the Great Zhou!”

He destroyed a city with one slash!

He was like a god!

Zhao Congjian was thrilled also. He looked at Zhou Xuanji full of admiration.

”Train your sword techniques well. One day, you can do it too.”

Zhou Xuanji said with a smile. Although it was a tiring smile, to Zhao Congjian and Beixiao Wangjian, it looked as though Zhou Xuanji was smiling with radiance.

The little black snake coiled around Small Er’s neck and said with amazement, “I really admire the way he speaks.”

The group continued ahead.

They did not stop even when the night came.

All the way until the morning of the second day.

They hid within a valley.

It was surrounded by forests. Even the top of the valley was covered by the canopy. It was an excellent place to hide.

After Zhou Xuanji landed, he began to channel his energy to heal himself.

This battle was a great harvest. That slash killed at least 10,000 or 20,0000 evil cultivators.

Moreover, he realized something because of the battle.

To charge up while using another sword technique was an extreme test on his control over his spirit energy.

His talent, Simultaneous Execution, became even more robust.

He took out a spiritual Qi pellet from his storage ring and ate it. The pellet melted in his mouth and turned into a warm current, healing his internal organs, bones, and ligaments.

”Master, do we rest here and hide for some time first before going to the Sword Monarch?”

Huang Lianxin asked softly. It was Xinhao Sect they dealt with after all.

According to what Zhou Xuanji said, Ta Qixue was most likely dead.

Killing the Sect Lord’s grandson would mean colossal trouble coming their way.

If it were the past, this would be a catastrophe for them.

But now that they followed Zhou Xuanji, they did not feel too pressurized.


Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and said, “Let me rest two days, then we will head straight to Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle!”

He already let the world know of this. A year was up soon, how could he not go?

That would make him into a laughing stock in the eyes of the world!

Zhao Congjian descended above the valley and walked to Zhou Xuanji and the rest. “I see no Xinhao Sect’s people. It seemed like they suffered greatly and could not chase after us.” He said.

After that, he looked at Zhou Xuanji with zealous eyes.

Yesterday, when Xiahou Gongji’s killer aura explode, he was terrified even though he stood far away.

Facing such a terrifying cultivator, Zhou Xuanji could still suppress him with one strike.

Too dominating!

Han Shenbo sat on a rock and said worriedly, “Killing Ta Qixue, you have deeply offended Xinhao Sect. Do you know how horrifying Xinhao Sect is?”

”Unless you have the protection from the emperor or the Sacred Ground, no one can hold them back.”

The little black snake flew over and slapped his face with its tail. The impact sent him flying backward.

After he landed, the little black snake said, “Thanks for discouraging everyone!”

This feels so good!

Finally, there’s someone who it can bully!

”Let’s rest first. We will move out as quickly as we can.” Zhou Xuanji said.

The group had no objections and left.

Amidst the vast heavens and the earth, a pinnacle stood and penetrated the clouds.

Before it, was a river. To the left and right were undulating forests. To the back was a borderless, grass plain that looked.

Looking at it from afar, it looked like a giant sword stuck into the ground, magnificent and awesome.

Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle!

With the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle as the center, cultivators came from all directions.

Some traveled on foot, some flew on their enchanted artifacts, and others rode on their mount.

They were all here to look at the duel between Sword God Zhou and the Sword Monarch.

Sword God Zhou only said that he was here to take back his disciple, but how could things be settled so easily between the two powerful cultivators?

On the mountain shoulder of the Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle.

A group of princes and princesses were enjoying their tea time in a courtyard.

The crown prince, Zhou Tianyu, and Zhou Chengxin, as well as Princess Xuanya were among them.

”One year is almost up. How come Sword God Zhou is still not here? Could he be afraid?”

A prince asked with a smile as he drank his wine. They intended to take this duel as an opportunity to loop in powerful cultivators.

Princess Xuanya, who was born as the Embodiment of the Way, threw him a stare. “Cannot be!” She said, “Sword God Zhou fears nothing!”

That prince did not dare to refute but smiled awkwardly.

Zhou Tianyu put down his wine cup and said, smiling, “His opponent is the Sword Monarch after all. He might have already regretted it.”

Princess Xuanya stared at him, but she did not retort against him because he was the crown prince.

At this moment, a group of royal soldiers came on the clouds and landed before the princes and the princesses.

”Report: Seven days ago, Sword God Zhou headed towards the Southern Snow King’s City and killed Ta Qixue, along with ten thousand disciples of the evil sect. He rescued all the surviving civilians, and even General Meng. Because of this, his travel plan was delayed. He will arrive at the Sword God Zhou in approximately half a month more.”

The soldier said. His face was full of excitement.

Sword God Zhou’s actions were definitely worth admiring for the soldiers.

”What? How can that be!”

Zhou Tianyu slammed the table as he stood up. Fear was written all across his face.