I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 106 - The Roar Of The Furious Ape! The Sword Shook The Heavens And The Earth!

Chapter 106 - The Roar Of The Furious Ape! The Sword Shook The Heavens And The Earth!


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Outside of the Southern Snow King’s City.

Huang Lianxin said excitedly, “Master won!”

Jiang Xue, Zhao Congjian, and Beixiao Wangjian were all thrilled.

Han Shenbo was in a little daze. Facing Xinhao Sect’s power cultivators, Zhou Xuanji could still hold Ta Qixue as a hostage?

Was there any sense of equality?

”The little black snake coiled itself on a huge rock and smiled proudly, “I said it before. This kid is like a fish in the pond, but a real dragon. He will not die here, but you guys don’t believe it!”

”And yet you were so frightened just now?” Jiang Xe said unpleasantly.

The little black snake became even more prideful and said, “That was to scare you. You guys are really weak your hearts.”

Beixiao Wangjian couldn’t take it any longer. He charged over to kick it, but it dodged.

”I’m no longer the worm back then. You still want to kick me?”

The little black snake raised its serpent head and said arrogantly with disdain.

”Let’s make him go hungry for 10 days.” Huang Lianxin said.

Jiang Xue said, “Not enough. 20 days.”

Zhao Congjian said, “A month. Let’s make it whole.”

The little black snake, “…”

Han Shenbo sighed and sat rooted to the ground.

It looked like he could not escape Zhou Xuanji’s grasp over him.

At this moment, prisoners were escaping from the king’s city in a flurry.

And Zhou Xuanji was still facing off with Xiahou Gongji.

He deactivated Hell King Possession, and his left shoulder was trembling non-stop. This caught Xiahou Gongji’s attention.

”Kind, looks like you used some secret technique and can no longer hold it?”

Xiahou Gongji laughed coldly, which looked extremely ruthless.

Meng Tianlang shuddered.

That’s the sword!

He remembered the horrific scene of when he battled Zhou Xuanji years ago.

Zhou Xuanji pointed at Meng Tianlang with the Furious Ape Sword and said, “Him. Let go of him as well.”

Xiahou Gongji immediately waved his hand. The two evil cultivators beside the prison wagon opened the door and took off the metal chains on Meng Tianlang.

In case Ta Qixue comes back up in a rage, he pierced the Bloodbath Sword into Ta Qixue’s palm and began absorbing his blood, which helped Zhou Xuanji to recover his spirit energy.

Throughout all this, Zhou Xuanji kept his eyes on Xiahou Gongji.

Because this person’s cultivation is beyond Astral Infant. If he were to be distracted even a little, he would surely be killed by Xiahou Gongji.

Although he looked calm, he was extremely anxious in his heart.

I cannot lose my composure!

This is a key moment. I must remain calm!

I must at least too confident!

Zhou Xuanji smiled. As though he was going to take down Xiahou Gongji for sure.

”Xiahou Gongji frowned and said to himself, “Could this kid have some hidden power?”

Meng Tianlang walked on with much difficulty. When he reached the city walls and gate, he looked back at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji, who stepped onto Ta Qixue, looked so awesome and mighty. He admired Zhou Xuanji.

”Thank you,” He mumbled.

If you can leave there alive, I will surely become your slave!

After this thought, he turned back to walk out from the gate and disappeared quickly.

”Release me. If you kill me, you won’t be able to leave!”

Ta Qixue gnashed his teeth as he spoke. He could feel that the Bloodbath Sword was absorbing his blood.

If this goes on, he would die from anemia.

Zhou Xuanji did not look at him but continued to stare at Xiahou Gongji. “If you stay put obediently, I will not kill you.” He said.

Ta Qixue was so furious that he could feel his heart imploding. This made him bleed even more because of his wound.

Numerous legendary swords levitated around the two of them. If Xiahou Gongji dared to come near, the legendary swords would hack Ta Qixue into strips.

Time passed.

Zhou Xuanji’s left arm trembled even more.

Because of the battle just now, he messed up his charge, which hindered his blood Qi flow, and he felt discomfort in his organs.

After half an hour.

Xiahou Gongji could not wait any longer and tried to convince Zhou Xuanji, “If you let go now, I can get you into our Xinhao Sect. With your talent, you will be treated well, no matter where you go!”

Zhou Xuanji replied without any expression, “The only thing I will follow is my sword.”

”Join Xinhao Sect, and you will rule over 100,000 disciples!”

”I only want to rule over my sword.”

”Join Xinhao Sect, you can learn the most advanced energy technologies.”

”I only want to learn sword techniques that suit me.”

”Other than the sword, what else do you know?”

Xiahou Gongji almost burst out into anger. How come this kid wants nothing that I offer?

Must he conflict with Xinhao Sect till the end?

Zhou Xuanji calculated the time in his heart. The king’s city was huge, and it took time for the prisoners to escape from the city.

He knew that it would be almost impossible to save everyone, but he would save as many as he could.

Another hour passed.

Zhou Xuanji’s left shoulder was trembling violently.

He knew that he could not wait any longer.

He immediately picked up Ta Qixue with his sword. The pain made Ta Qixue shriek.

”What are you doing!”

Xiahou Gongji shouted in a deep voice. The tens of thousands of evil cultivators were prepared to jump on him at any time.

”Wait until I leave the city, and I will release him.”

Zhou Xuanji said calmly. After that, he leaped onto the Windcutter Sword and flew toward the outside of the king’s city.

Xiahou Gongji and the other evil cultivators chased after him.

Zhou Xuanji did not fly too quickly. He watched out for Xiahou Gongji, who was behind him, while he sweeping look at the streets.

He could only corpses laid on the street. All the prisoners had already escaped.

Maybe some were still hiding in hidden places, but Zhou Xuanji could no longer care that much.

After five minutes.

Zhou Xuanji came to the city wall with Ta Qixue.

”Enough! If you take another step, I will kill you immediately.”

Xiahou Gongji shouted. They were the Xinhao Sect, after all. Would they become a laughing stock if news of them being threatened were to spread out?

Far away.

Jiang Xue, Zhao Congjian, and the rest also noticed Zhou Xuanji.

”Let’s not go near, so that we don’t become a burden to him.”

Zhao Congjian reminded. It would be no use for them to charge in.

The group nodded.

The little black snake looked at Zhou Xuanji anxiously. At this time, it did not hope for Zhou Xuanji to die here.

Only by following Zhou Xuanji could it eat all the things that he wanted. It might even be able to break through to the sixth rank.

At this moment.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly tossed Ta Qixue towards Xiahou Gongji and leaped up.

Seeing this, Xiahou Gongji immediately emanated a horrifying killer’s intent.

He wanted Zhou Xuanji dead!

”You dared to trick me. I’m going to burn you into ashes!”

Xiahou Gongji yelled furiously and leaped up to catch Ta Qixue, who was severely injured.

Zhou Xuanji raised the Furious Ape Sword in mid-air and slashed.

”Underlings! Die!”

The charged-up Furious Ape Sword roared. Its roar shook the heavens and the earth!

All prisoners who were running away looked back.

They could only see an ancient ape that was formed by the wind that appeared above Zhou Xuanji. It raised its head and roared towards the sky!



Everyone was shocked, and their jaws dropped.

A wave of sword Qi that was hundreds of meters tall swept down. It quickly grew broader and crushed the city wall in an instant.

The entire city was shaken violently.

The sword Qi destroyed countless buildings. Everything looked like paper before this horrifying destructive power.

”Oh no!”

Just when Xiahou Gongji caught Ta Qixue, the sword Qi came. He had no time to move away.


The city walls exploded. A dust storm was swept up while wooden pillars and rock fragments were shot out in all directions, as though they were to pierce the sky.

The entire plain trembled, as though there was an earthquake.

Even Zhou Xuanji vomited blood from the explosiveness of this power. His body flew outwards because of the impact.

He was like a kite that snapped and flew towards the horizon.

All the legendary swords follow after him before disappearing into the Supreme Storage automatically.

”Save master!”

Zhao Congjian cried and flew out first.

Beixiao Wangjian carried Han Shenbo and followed behind.

Jiang Xue rode Ah Big, while Huang Lianxin and the little black snake rode on Small Er. The group moved quickly without hesitation.

At the same time, the Southern Snow King’s City was swept over by the Furious Ape Sword’s sword Qi. A quarter of the city has turned into a ruin.