I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 105 - Defeat Without A Doubt

Chapter 105 - Defeat Without A Doubt


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Ta Qixue gave his all to deflect Zhou Xuanji’s swords, but there were just too many. Each had its own special effects. His spirit energy was depleting quickly and he was in deep trouble.

He glanced over all the legendary swords and saw that Zhou Xuanji was looking up at him.

This made him furious.

He was the grandson of the Sect Lord of Xinhao Sect!

How could he look so pathetic!

He bit his lips until blood flowed out, and blood-colored scale patterns crept up his face. The demonic aura that enveloped him built up rapidly.


He deflected all the legendary swords and charged down towards Zhou Xuanji after a momentary pause.

He looked like a blood-colored arrow that came from the heavens!

Targeted straight at Zhou Xuanji!

Zhou Xuanji lifted the corner of his lip and laughed, “I was anticipating how powerful you are! Not so powerful, after all! Want to defeat me like this?”

”A swallow dreaming of prying about the heights that a swan can fly?”

His voice resounded the entire Southern Snow King’s City. Everyone was surprised!

Did Sword God Zhou have the advantage?

After he spoke, he slashed with the Soul-eater Slash again.

How horrifying the power of tremendously heavy Amethyst Legendary Sword!

The surface of the ground cracked. Three stretches of black sword Qi charged towards Ta Qixue like a claw.

Ta Qixue hacked with his twin curved-blades. As the blades crisscrossed, the blood bat on his body became a crescent blade Qi sweeping towards Zhou Xuanji.

The two powerful forces clashed together, sweeping up countless rock fragments and shook the public square along with its walls.

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh…

The legendary swords traveled in a perfectly curved trajectory and shot toward Ta Qixue again.

Ta Qixue’s expression changed. “Shameless!” He cursed in his heart.

”How to fight like this?

At this moment, his feeling was like that of Han Shenbo’s back then.

He felt like he was fighting a group of Sword God Zhou!

He immediately dodged, and legendary swords barely missed him.

Zhou Xuanji released the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword and held onto the Hell King Sword, before activating Hell King Possession straightaway.

His left shoulder trembled slightly.

It was a little challenging to charge up as he activates Hell King Possession.

Of course, it was only a little difficult!

He leaped up and turned into the Hell King, before charging towards Ta Qixue.

All the legendary swords followed behind in a formidable array. Their lights converged together, forming a colorful radiance that lit up the sky.

Zhou Xuanji entered into Soul-eater Slash’s sword will mode, and his imposing aura burst out!

Ta Qixue opened his eye wide. To him, Zhou Xuanji was like a sheep that turned into a ferocious tiger. The ruthless aura that was coming from Zhou Xuanji made him shudder.

Zhou Xuanji leaped up even higher than him and charged down toward him.

”You, brat from the evil sect! This slash! Will make you admit defeat without a doubt!”

Zhou Xuanji cried. He stepped forcefully on the Thunderclap Sword and streaks of lightning surrounded his body. He turned step toward with the Eight-step Sword Lunge!

Lightning could stimulate the muscle cells in his body, which enhanced his movement speed.

Ta Qixue could not react in time, and Zhou Xuanji penetrated his chest with the Hell King Sword.

Blood spurt out!

Ta Qixue’s hideous expression froze.

His pupils were trembling violently, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

How could it be so quick…

”How dare you!”

Xiahou Gongji shouted furiously. His body moved like the wind and charged toward Zhou Xuanji.

The legendary swords shot towards him.

The Crimson Dragon Soul, Frost Wave, Thunderclap, and the rest seemed to drown him with their forceful impetus.

He was extremely agile and dodged the swords easily, but the Living Snake Sword wrapped itself around his ankle. The sword turned into a snake and slithered upward.

The Sky-sundering Emperor Sword followed. The tremendous weight seemed unstoppable.

Xiahou Gongji used a palm-strike and deflected the Amethyst legendary sword, but at the same time, his right palm felt numb.

While that was happening, the Living Snake Sword was about to bite his neck. He caught it with his left hand and threw it away.


Zhou Xuanji let out a furious cry, which made Xiahou Gongji stop immediately.

Thousands of evil cultivators surrounding them took out their weapons and were prepared to fight.

They saw Zhou Xuanji standing in the ruins and stepped onto Ta Qixue’s chest. The Hell King Sword was still in Ta Qixue’s chest. Blood was welling up along the blade.

He pressed down on the hilt of the Hell King Sword. If Xiahou Gongji dared to move closer, he would surely kill Ta Qixue in an instant.


The entire place was silent!

All the evil cultivators were in disbelief.

”Kid, do you know what will happen to you if you kill him? Even Great Zhou cannot protect you!”

Xiahou Gongji squinted his eyes and threatened coldly.

Zhou Xuanji looked slanted at him. “He’s defeated. Let all the prisoners in the city go. If one of them is left behind, I will amputate one of his limbs!”

Xiahou Gongji heard him, and his face turned grave instantly.

Even Meng Tianlang, who was in the prison wagon, was stupefied.

Zhou Xuanji really won!

He won with such an advantage!

Under Zhou Xuanji’s foot, Ta Qixue looked up the sky blankly with eyes wide open, and his face was ashen white.

He could not believe that he was defeated.

And so terribly defeated…

How could it be…

His cultivation was looked like he was only at the Inner Pellet stage.

That slash just now…

At this moment, Ta Qixue’s pride and self-esteem totally collapsed.

Zhou Xuanji shouted immediately, “Ta Qixue is already defeated. Release the captives, or else I will cut down his head!”

He channeled a full measure of spirit energy, and his voice traveled across the entire city.


The entire city burst into commotion.

”Sword God Zhou won? So quickly?”

”So mighty! The Unparalleled Sword God Zhou indeed! Undefeatable!”

”Too powerful. It took such a short time!”

”I’ve already said. Ta Qixue is only a joker. He could not stand up to those who truly have power.”

Looking at this, Meng Tianlang was not only weaker than Sword God Zhou, he did not keep his promise!”

”From today onwards, Sword God Zhou is the object of my faith!”

All the prisoners were excited. The sound of metal chains resounded across every street.

The evil cultivators that were watching over the prisoners were appalled too.

They knew how powerful Ta Qixue was.

Astral Infant!

So quickly defeated?

Under elder Xiahou’s watch, he was even held as hostage by Sword God Zhou?

At this moment, Sword God Zhou’s image grew drastically in their hearts.

Zhang Tianjian and Zhang Ruyu’s faces were covered with tears of joy.

”Father! Sir Sword God Zhou is unstoppable! He’s invincible!”

Zhang Ruyu hugged Zhang Tianjian and jumped excitedly without stop, looking like a child.

Zhang Tianjian was very excited also, though he regretted even more.

If he had become Sword God Zhou’s sword slave, what kind of opportunities would there be?

On the other side.

Qiu Baili was stunned. He was in a different world from those excited prisoners who made a lot of noise.

”He really won…”

Qiu Baili mumbled to himself. An unrealistic thought came into his mind.

Did Zhou Xuanji come for him?

It shouldn’t have been.

Maybe he has already forgotten about an old man like m.

Qiu Baili began to feel anxious.

The evil cultivators around them were hesitating whether or not to release the prisoners.

On the ruins of the public square.

Zhou Xuanji pressed down with his right hand. “Ahhhhh—” Ta Qixue shrieked in pain.

The Hell King Sword was a Gold Grade legendary sword. It was so sharp that it could sever his bones easily.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Xiahou Gongji and said coldly, “If you don’t give the command, your young master will suffer so much that he would rather die!”

Zhou Xuanji did not believe in the words of evil cultivators.

Ta Qixue had reservations in his words.

Release all the prisoners in the city if he wins. Even if this were to be true, he did not promise to let Zhou Xuanji go.

”Release the prisoners!” Xiahou Gongji roared furiously with a deep voice and a pair of bloodshot eyes. His killing aura filled the sky.

His voice traveled across the entire city. Every Xinhao Sect’s evil cultivators cut off the metal chains and released the captives.