I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 103 - The Sword God Came Flying Over

Chapter 103 - The Sword God Came Flying Over


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After the group rested for two hours, they continued their journey towards the Southern Snow Kingdom.

Corpses, both humans and demons, laid all across the front of the Southern Snow Kingdom’s border custom. The entire ground was tainted by blood. They could hardly imagine how fierce the battle was.

Some demon corpses were as big as a small hill, which made those who saw it shudder.

The city wall of the border custom had dozens of openings.

Zhou Xuanji and the rest flew over the border without anyone stopping them.

The scene along the way made their hearts grave.

Only the little black snake was still joyous. It looked left and right on Small Er’s back greedily.

The ground was littered with food.

It could even occasionally see live demons looking for decaying flesh.

Such desolation.

Such bleakness.

The atmosphere was grim.

Zhou Xuanji held his Furious Ape Sword on his left, while the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword was on his right. With two swords in his hands, he looked straight away and was prepared for battle.

Beixiao Wangjian smiled and said, “This might be what Master spoke of previously. Going up the mountain, knowing that it’s where the tiger resides.”

”That’s true. If we can fight together and die together, it will not be a life that you will regret living!”

Zhao Congjian laughed proudly and forthrightly.

Huang Lianxin stared at him. “Don’t curse us. With our master around, we can all come out of this alive!”

”You are right! We will not die!”

Jiang Xue said excitedly, waving her fists around.

The group looked at each other and smiled. Their anxiousness dissipated in an instant.

In the Southern Snow King’s City.

Ta Qixue sat on a tiger-skin chair at the front of the palace gate, enjoying the massage of two alluring ladies.

With the wine cup in his hand, he looked into the public square down the stone staircase.

Two Inner Pellet prisoners were fighting each other to death. One of them gritted his teeth and continued to battle despite breaking his harm.

Only one of the two could survive.

At this moment, an evil cultivator of the Xinhao Sect came to Ta Qixue’s back. He bent down and said softly, “Young Master, Sword God Zhou has entered the Southern Snow Kingdom.”

When he heard this, Ta Qixue immediately sat up straight.

”Very good!” He said with a smile, “I really want to see how powerful this guy is who ranked top on Great Zhou’s Reputation Ranking!”

”Tell everyone. Do not stop Sword God Zhou!”

After the evil cultivator received the instruction, he turned into mist and disappeared.

Ta Qixue was delighted. He channeled a full measure of spirit energy and shouted, “Sword God Zhou has entered the Southern Snow Kingdom. When the time comes, all of you come and spectate the battle! And see how I defeat your Sword God Zhou!”

His voice traveled throughout the city and moved the heart of all the prisoners.

In one of the streets, under a tree.

Zhang Tianjian and Zhang Ruyu were both anticipating excitedly.

They were both in a pitiful state and was severely injured. They looked like beggars.

”Sir Zhou is here! We are saved!”

Zhang Ruyu spoke thoughtlessly. His body was trembling, along with the metal chain, which made some ringing sounds.

Zhang Tianjian covered his mouth and said softly, “Quiet!”

The two of them turned around and saw how excited the faces of the other prisoners were.

Although Meng Tianlang was defeated, ever since Sword God Zhou came to power extraordinarily, he was yet to be defeated.

”Sword God Zhou is finally here!”

”Sword God Zhou is righteous and benevolent indeed. But Xinhao Sect sent so many evil cultivators here. Even if he wins, will he be able to make it out?”

”True. Sword God Zhou shouldn’t have come.”

”Even if he was defeated, I will have nothing to blame or regret. There are so many heroes in Great Zhou, how many dared to come and save us?”

”May Heaven protect him. Sword God Zhou must win!”

The sound of discussion among the prisoners resounded across each and every street of the king’s city.

In an underground prison, Meng Tianlang also heard Ta Qixu’s voice.

He raised his head and looked complicated.

”Sword God… Zhou…”

He sighed. Although he was terribly defeated by Zhou Xuanji previously, he could see how powerful Zhou Xuanji was.

Ta Qixue was at the cultivation of Astral Infant.

Sword God Zhou would most likely end up like him.

Now, he could only pray that Great Zhou would send a first-rank general for the rescue.

On the way toward the Southern Snow King’s City, there were countless mountains and forests. Numerous people hide within them. They were refugees.

When they saw Zhou Xuanji and the rest flew past them without a care, they were all appalled.

Who were these people?

”Across the vast sky, the Dragon Eagles’ roar resounds, the Sword God destroys brigands and the Sword Valiant follows!”

”It’s Sword God Zhou! And Beixiao Wangjian!”

Cries of surprise came from the forest. Not only him, but the rest had also recognized Zhou Xuanji and the others.

Beixiao Wangjian spent a dozen years in the Southern Snow Kingdom. Many had seen him before.

Moreover, the two Dragon Eagles looked so high and mighty, they easily reminded people of the famous Sword God Zhou.

With Sword God Zhou’s arrival, the people who hid in the forest were all excited.

Now, in all the kingdoms under Great Zhou’s rules, Sword God Zhou was like a legend, whose glory was comparable to the Sword Monarch.

He might have really rescued the Southern Snow Kingdom from its crisis.

”Master, the Southern Snow Kingdom is right ahead!”

Zhao Congjian stood on his sword and said with a deep voice.

His eyes were burning with passion.

Even before the battle began, he already felt his blood boiling.

Zhou Xuanji nodded slightly. The others were preparing themselves for battle as well.

Only Han Shenbo was shivering. He wailed in his heart, “If my spirit energy is not sealed, why would I need to be afraid?”

He was the unparalleled elite that ranked first on the Hero Ranking Board!

After a short while.

Zhou Xuanji could see the city wall of the Southern Snow King’s City.

He immediately stood onto Ah Big’s head. With swords in both hands, he channeled a full measure of spirit energy and let out a furious cry, “Ta Qixue! I, Sword God Zhou, am here!”

The sound saves billowed in all directions and traveled across the entire king’s city. The city immediately exploded into a huge commotion.

Sword God Zhou is really here!

Qiu Baili could not help but fell into a daze when he heard his voice.

Although Zhou Xuanji already broke his voice through puberty, he could still sense the familiarity.


A horrifying demonic Qi exploded from the center of the king’s city like a black pillar. It gathered thunder clouds around it and stood in between the heavens and the earth, mighty and lofty.

”Hahaha! Sword God Zou! Since you dare to come for this battle, if you can win against me, I will release everyone in the city!”

Ta Qixue’s arrogant voice came from within the city. Exhilaration filled his voice.

As a grandson of Xinhao Sect’s Sect Lord, his talent was equally powerful. In single combat, even Meng Tianlang lost to him.

”All of you wait here. I will enter the city alone!” Zhou Xuanji lept up and left them with these words.

The Windcutter Sword appeared underneath his feet and flew him quickly towards the King’s City.

Jiang Xue was very anxious. Her right hand grasped the Flaming Fan tightly.

The others were very anxious too.

Zhou Xuanji tried to convince them for a very long time. Eventually, he had to threaten them before he agreed to his plan.

If everyone were to enter the city, everyone would become helplessly trapped.

Soon, Zhou Xuanji flew over the city wall. All the evil cultivators looked up at him.

”Why does he look so weak?”

”The rumors are real. The swords in his hands are not ordinary weapons.”

”That sword looked so awesome. Could it be a Rank Six enchanted artifact?”

”Tsk tsk. He’s committing suicide!”

”Make a guess. How long can he last?”

The evil cultivators discussed amongst themselves and were indifferent towards Zhou Xuanji.

To them, Zhou Xuanji was a fool to come on his own. If such a fool won’t die, then who will?