I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 101 - Xinhao Sect, Great Zhou’s Crisis

Chapter 101 - Xinhao Sect, Great Zhou’s Crisis


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Zhao Congjian returned on his sword and landed before Zhou Xuanji. He knelt down with one knee and cupped his fist, saying, “Master, the news has been sent out.”

Zhou Xuanji, who was internalizing Qi, nodded slightly.

”Why must we send this out ahead of time?” Zhao Congjian asked curiously.

If his master were to lose to the Sword Monarch, wouldn’t that become a joke for the world?

But he did not dare to point this out.

Zhou Xuanji understood what he meant. “What is my identity? Have you forgotten?” He opened his eyes and replied.

”Great Zhou’s Empress will surely continue to find trouble for me. The bigger I make this, the more people will be attracted.”

”Great Zhou’s Empress is not on the moral high ground. If she dared to deal with me before the eyes of the world, she would lose her position. At the same time, it could also attract the attention of Emperor Yan of Zhou.”

Zhao Congjian listened as he frowned. He understood a little but felt somewhat uneasy.

Zhou Xuanji took a long breath and said, “To put it simply, I want to rely on the world.”

The sects and clans played a great part in Great Zhou’s success.

If the Empress dared to attack him, how would the cultivators’ think about her?

Doing such a thing will disappoint countless people.

Of course, the Empress could first reveal Zhou Xuanji’s identity, but it would make it even more difficult for her.

As the Empress, if she dared to assassinate the Prince, she would become a laughing stock for all the Northern Wilderness Region.

Zhao Congjian understood it entirely. “Good strategy. If things go on like this, you, my Master, may have the hope to become the inheritor to the empire after your identity is revealed.” He said with admiration.

Reputation Ranking’s top rank was of great value.

It proved that within Great Zhou’s territory, Sword God Zhou’s name has become known by everyone.

”I’m not interested in becoming the Emperor.” Zhou Xuanji said as he shook his head.

Although becoming the Emperor would make him look good, it was actually greatly troublesome.

It’s incomparable to how carefree he was now right now.

About power, Zhou Xuanji had a plan all along.

These sword slaves were the authority he wanted to have.

If he were to nurture them into powerful cultivators that could shake the world, such that one of them could defeat an entire army, wouldn’t that be an authority in itself?

To have control over others’ wealth was a small authority.

To have control over others’ lives was a big authority.

To have control over the lives of the entire world was the great authority over the whole world!

Zhao Congjian admired him. Zhou Xuanji, as a Prince with such great talents, the royal seat was not far from him, but he could still reject it.

This should be the mindset of a true grandmaster in the Sword’s Way.

Three months later.

Zhou Xuanji broke through to Inner Pellet Level Four. He had to admit the power of the Spirit Replenishing Bangle. It helped him in his cultivation as well.

Thi day, Zhao Congjian came back with a report again.

”Master, Great Zhou might be having a crisis recently.”

Zhao Congjian said solemnly, and the rest gathered around.

”Speak,” Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and said.

Zhao Congjian immediately told him everything he knew.

Recently, a great evil sect in Northern Wilderness Region, Xinhao Sect, began targetting Great Zhou.

Xinhao Sect ganged up with Demonic Inferno Sect within Great Zhou’s territory and began attacking the kingdoms around Great Zhou.

Not only so, but Gulan Demon Monarch was also on the move as well and broke through the border custom’s gate of the Southern Snow Kingdom ten days ago. There were countless casualties and the place could be described as hell.

Great Zhou had already sent its army to support.

Only within a season of time, Great Zhou had already entered into the crisis of war.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and mumbled, “If this was a crisis and that Great Zhou’s was in chaos, this is not good news for us. The Empress will surely take the opportunity to make a move.”

The eyes of the empire were always on the entire Great Zhou.

”Xinhao Sect?” Han Shenbo asked in astonishment, “That’s the top 10 big sects in the Northern Wilderness Region. They’re capable of overturning the empire. With the help of Gulan Demon Monarch, Great Zhou will be in deep trouble.”

Since he was taught in the Sacred Ground outside of Great Zhou, naturally, he knew much more about the Northern Wilderness Region.

Jiang Xue asked curiously, “If Xinhao Sect is that powerful, why do they want to attack Great Zhou. Aren’t they worried that both sides will suffer great loss?”

Zhao Congjian replied, “I heard that while Xinhao Sect’s top prodigy, Huang Ming, was in reclusive cultivation, Zhou Yalong sneaked up and attacked him. Both were badly injured before Zhou Yalong left. Huang Ming held the grudge in his heart and spoke out it to the Sect Lord, Ta Tianchen. Ta Tianchen was greatly infuriated and declared war on Great Zhou immediately.”

”So reckless?”

Zhou Xuanji asked with a weird expression. He’s like a child!

However, it also showed how vital Huang Ming was to Xinhao Sect.

It also revealed Ta Tianchen’s character. He will surely revenge for even a small grudge.

”Ta Tianchen is not necessarily weaker than Emperor Yan of Zhou,” Zhao Congjian nodded and said gravely.

Han Shenbo gulped and said, “We should leave Great Zhou.”

”I agree.” The little black snake nodded.

Zhou Xuanji entered into deep thought and did not reply.

Half a year later.

Zhou Xuanji reached the fifth level of Inner Pellet. At this rate, he was hoping to break through to Soul Fountain at 18 years old!

At the age of 18, Zhao Congjian merely reached Inner Pellet, and his talent was already comparable to Zhou Yalong.

Three days later.

Zhao Congjian came back. His expression looked more solemn than half a year earlier.

The group gathered around to listen to his report.

”Bad news!” Zhao Congjian came to Zhou Xuanji and said, gritting his teeth.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and asked, “What happened?”

”Ta Tianchen’s grandson, Ta Qixue, heard of you and declared to challenge you. If you don’t go to him within three months, he will slaughter the entire Southern Snow Kingdom. Xinhao Sect had already captured the Southern Snow Kingdom, and the remaining population was less than a tenth.”

”Master, if you were to go, you will mostly die.”

”If you don’t go, the reputation that you have been building up will collapse to nothing.”

At this point, Zhao Conjian clasped his hands into fists, and hatred filled his face.

”The guy, Ta Qixue, must be crazy,” Jiang Xue opened her beautiful eyes wide and said, “Did our Xuanji find him trouble?”

Zhou Xuanji was speechless as well.

He did nothing, and yet trouble came looking for him.

Han Shenbo reminded them, “Ta Qixue was extremely talented. He killed a Soul Fountain cultivator when he was merely at Inner Pellet. Now, he should be at Soul Fountain. It’s better that you don’t go.”

Of course, he did not care about Zhou Xuanji, but because of the blood contract, he had to bow down to him.

”Have you heard of the Hidden Sword Sect?” Zhou Xuanji looked at Zhao Congjian and asked.

Jiang Xue heard him, and a shiver went through her whole body. She covered her chest with her hand. She understood Zhou Xuanji’s intention immediately.

”Isn’t hat a small sect in the Southern Snow Kingdom?” Zhao Congjian replied in a frown, ” It should either be destroyed or imprisoned within the Southern Snow Kingdom.”

Zhou Xuanji did speak and entered into contemplation.

”Master, think about it. Xinhao Sect is an evil sect. Even if you were to defeat Ta Qixue, will you be able to make it out alive?”

Huang Lianxin reminded him, “Even if you don’t go, at most the world will talk about it for some time. They will not blame you for real. Even the Great Zhou did nothing, why would it be your responsibility?”

Beixiao Wangjian looked at Zhao Congjian and asked, “Oh yeah. What about Great ZHou? They are not going to do anything?”

Zhao Congjian sighed, “Great Zhou is already in chaos. Not long ago, Meng Tianlang led an army to the Southern Snow Kingdom and was terribly defeated. Even Meng Tianlang was imprisoned in the Southern Snow Kingdom.”

”If we persevere and hide, Great Zhou should be able to resolve this crisis in at most a few years. The other empires will not turn a blind eye also. If Great Zhou were to fall, the other empires would follow suit.”

Meng Tianlang was also defeated!

Everyone fell into silence.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji suddenly opened his eyes and said, “Two months later, we will go to the Southern Snow Kingdom!”

With this, everyone was aghast.