I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 100 - The Sword God Intended To Battle The Sword Monarch

Chapter 100 - The Sword God Intended To Battle The Sword Monarch


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“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached 15 years old. Gacha started! ”

”Ding! Congratulations! The Sword Owner obtained [Gold] Storm Calmer, [Silver] Living Snake Sword, three Age-halting Pill, Spirit Replenishing Bangle! ”

Zhou Xuanji was pleasantly surprised. Two more legendary swords.

And one of them was a Gold Grade!

He immediately took out his Storm Calmer and Living Snake Sword for a try.

Lines of words that only he could see appeared before his yees.

Sword Name: Hurricane Wave

Grade: Gold

Description: A legendary sword of wind attribute. It could be used to suppress storms and calm raging waves.

Sword Name: Living Snake Sword

Grade: Silver

Description: Forged with a spirit snake that lived for 10,000 years The sword’s blade retains the agility of the spirit snake. It will actively coil the enemy up with great tenacity.

Each had their own uses. Looks good.

Zhou Xuanji smiled satisfactorily, looking at the two swords in hand.

The Storm Calmer had a wide blade carved with countless small patterns, which looked like the scars left behind by the scraping of the wind against it. Its handle covered with scale-like carvings. The entire sword was no weighty.

On the other hand, the Living Snake Sword was a white-colored sword. Its blade was like the belly of a snake. The sword was close to two meters and shone radiantly under the bright sunlight.

Han Shenbo, who was squatting beside, opened his eyes wide.

He asked gingerly, “Master, you have two other swords? ”

Back then, when he battled Zhou Xuanji, these two swords were not in Zhou Xuanji’s arsenal.

He instinctively stretched out his hand to touch the Living Snake Sword.

At this moment, the Living Snake Sword suddenly twirled and transformed into a white snake. It coiled up along Han Shenbo’s arms as the tip of the sword turned into a snake’s jaw and bit his abdomen.

Han Shenbo’s face turned pale in an instant. The sharp pain in his abdomen almost made him cry out loudly.

He instinctively held onto the black of the Living Snake Sword. Pain could be felt in his palm. Blood quickly flowed from his hand, and he immediately let go of his hand.

Zhou Xuanji’s right hand jerked slightly, and the Living Snake Sword returned to its original form.

Han Shenbo immediately backed off. Cold sweat covered his forehead.

Such an eccentric sword!

If the sword were to travel down a few inches more…

He shuddered and did not dare to continue imagining.

Now that he could not channel his spirit energy, he was like an ordinary person. He could not act recklessly.

Zhou Xuanji stared at him. “Who asked you to touch it. It almost killed you. Aren’t you afraid?”

The Living Snake Sword has its own consciousness. Not bad.

When facing my enemy, the Living Snake Sword might be able to deliver the fatal blow.

Han Shenbo immediately knelt down and nodded like a woodpecker. “I’m afraid… I’m will never do it again…” He said with genuine fear.

Zhou Xuanji ignored him. He stood up and stored the Living Snake Sword into his Supreme Storage.

With the Storm Calmer on his right hand, he walked to the hilltop and slashed towards the sun.

There was no fancy sword technique. It was just an ordinary slash.

Following the slash, a violent gale blew, forming into a tornado, engulfing everything ahead.


The entire hill was shaken violently. The trees nearby were also swaying.

Jiang Xue, Zhao Congjian, and the rest turned around and saw that a tornado that was about three hundred meters tall appeared at the back of the hill. It swept up a cloud of dust and leaves. It was very magnificent.

”Is that a sword technique?”

Zhao Congjian’s eyes sparkled.

Beixiao Wangjian patted his shoulder and said, “Brother Zhao, stop looking. You have to maintain your mindset.”

Zhao Congjian came to a sudden realization. With cold sweat covering his body, he turned around immediately.

Stop thinking of that!

I must master the current sword technique first!

Zhou Xuanji stored up his sword, and the giant tornado dissipated. The cloud of dust was still drifting in the air, looking like a sandstorm.

He turned around to descend the hill.

Han Shenbo returned from his shock. He got up immediately and walked to Zhou Xuanji’s side.

”Master, is there any other instructions?”

He asked carefully. Compared to his arrogant and conceited posture half a month ago, he looked like a totally different person.

Zhou Xuanji waved his hands. “Go get some worms for the Three-eyed Drought Rodent and help to bath the Hegemon-scaled Black Dragon.” He said.

Han Shenbo heard, and his face changed drastically.

He wanted to say something but did not. Zhou Xuanji ignored him and walked towards Jiang Xue straightaway.

As he walked, he took out the Spirit Replenishing Bangle.

The bangle was like a metal ring. It could absorb spiritual Qi in the environment automatically and fill itself up. Once entered into the battle, it will help Zhou Xuanji to restore his spirit energy. It was not a bad enchanted artifact for support.

He put on the bangle and took out the Age-halting Pill.

As its name suggests, the pill could help to maintain youthfulness and prevent one’s appearance from aging.

It was a brilliant birthday gift for Jiang Xue.

After receiving the Age-halting Pill, Jiang Xue was delighted indeed. She even kissed Zhou Xuanji in front of everyone.

Huang Lianxin looked with envy.

Which lady does not want to maintain their youthfulness?

Zhou Xuanji noticed the expression in her eyes but did not give her one immediately. Instead, he promised he will provide her with it in the future.

His intention was to get Huang Lianxin to focus on her training so that she could help him more.

After that, he came to Zhao Congjian and said, “Do you know where the Sword Monarch is?”

”Master,” Zhao Congjian immediately sheathed his sword when he heard him, and asked, “You are going to…”

Challenge Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch and get the Sword Noble back!

He was stirred up immediately. This was the Zhou Xuanji he knew!

Regardless of who it was, he dared to battle!

Zhou Xuanji nodded, “Within at most a year, we will go to the Sword Monarch to get back our man. ”

Zhao Congjian asked curiously, “Why must it be a year? Why not now?”

To him, little improvement could be made within one year.

At least it was not enough to make up to the massive gap between Zhou Xuanji and the Sword Monarch.

Zhou Xuanji smiled mysteriously, “Since the Sword Monarch wants Jinghong, let Jinghong learn from him for a year. Then he can teach us what he learned.”

When Zhao Congjian heard him, his eyes were sparkling.

What a good idea!

He did not know where the Sword Monarch was located, so he promised that he would ask around during the year and find out for sure the route to the Sword Monarch.

At the same time.

News about Sword God Zhou slaying Zangniu Dark Emperor exploded.

Within half a month, the people who were rescued were all spreading the news after they returned. Only a few believed in the beginning, but as more and more people began to talk about it, the news started to spread widely across the entire Great Zhou.

Zangniu Dark Emperor had such a high level of cultivation!

The great demon king was at the pinnacle of the Sixth Rank.

It was comparable to the pinnacle of Astral Infant and half a step into Astral Projection!

How could such a demon be killed so easily by Sword God Zhou?

Zhou Yalong’s son, Zhou Zhongdao, spoke about it personally after he returned to the royal city of Great Zhou, which added oil to the already wide-spread fire.

The world knew about it!

Great Zhou Royal City, Crown Prince’s Residence.

Thump! Crash!

The Crown Prince, Zhou Tianyu, flipped his table forcefully. “Is this real?” He gnashed his teeth and asked furiously.

The soldiers who knelt outside the door replied, “It should be real. Even Zhou Zhongdao testified to it in the city many times, claiming that Sword God Zhou was really a grandmaster with an extraordinary mindset and that he would become his goal to work towards.”

Zhou Tianyu heard and became even angrier.

”This brat!” He scolded loudly, “What a shame to Great Zhou’s royal family!”

He hated the second prince, Zhou Yalong, the most. So, he naturally had no good feelings towards the second prince’s son.

”My prince, there was news outside claiming that Sword God Zhou will head over to Sword Monarch’s Pinnacle to in a year to ask for the Sword Noble, Xiao Jinghong, personally.”

The soldier continued to speak, but his expression turned peculiar at this point in time.

Sword God Zhou and Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch were definitely the two pinnacles of the Sword’s Way in Great Zhou.

One of them appeared out of nowhere and became the top of Great Zhou’s Reputation Ranking.

The other was already famous for a long time for protecting Great Zhou. He was publicly known as the Monarch o the Sword’s Way.

Since Sword God Zhou topped the Reputation Ranking, countless people were anticipating a battle between the two of them.

And today, it was really going to happen.

Zhou Tianyu’s expression changed slightly and asked, “He’s really going to challenge the Sword Monarch?”

If this were to be true, he would need to become Sword God Zhou’s disciple. At that time, how would Great Zhou’s emperor look at him?

But he thought about it, if Sword God Zhou really dared to challenge the Sword Monarch, he will surely be dead.

Why would he need to take a dead Sword God Zhou as his master?