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Chapter 641 - 641 Who Dares to Mess With Lin Yi?

641 Who Dares to Mess With Lin Yi?

“Now you won’t suspect him of dating a rich woman, will you?”

“No, it won’t happen again,” Zhou Ze said while wiping his cold sweat.

“It’s too scary. Fortunately, he’s not angry. Otherwise, with just one sentence, our lousy company would be gone.”

“In the future, I won’t buy anything from the canteen anymore. I’ll go to his house every day to eat,” Han Fei said.

Xu Wan thought to herself as she watched Lin Yi leave.

Mr. Lin was so powerful that he and Mayor Liang were on equal footing, right?

Moreover, he was so outstanding. Could it be that Mayor Liang was chasing after him?

This was a possibility.

Accompanied by Tian Yan and Wang Ran, Lin Yi walked out of the building.

“Although Longxin isn’t on the market yet, we can start working.” Lin Yi said.

“The development of mobile phone ecosystem is the top priority now. Don’t screw up.”

“Got it, President Lin.”

After giving a few simple instructions, Lin Yi drove away.

He was prepared to deal with Brandon.

At the same time, Brandon, Zach, and Lewis arrived at the entrance of the Meiguon Embassy in Huaxia.

The person in charge of receiving Brandon was a dark-skinned woman.

Her name was Roland, and she politely welcomed them to the side hall.

“Are you college students studying in Huaxia?” Roland asked.

“Yes, we were beaten up by Huaxia students. They even threatened our personal safety and forced us to dissolve the International Student Association in Zhonghai. We hope that you can help us deal with this matter.”

“My God, did such a thing really happen?” Roland said dramatically. “It’s really too much!”

“It’s indeed very excessive,” Brandon said.

“We’ve already reported this matter to the school, but the school didn’t listen. Their attitude was very negative. After that, we looked for the people from the Education Bureau. They didn’t deal with this matter and just watched us be bullied. We live and study here, yet we don’t have any human rights at all!”

“Don’t worry,” Roland comforted him. “Tell me the details first, and then I’ll report the relevant information. I’ll definitely help you solve the problem.”


In the next half an hour, Brandon and the other two recounted what had happened, adding fuel to the fire.

They were so angry that they remembered everything that had happened.

“Not only did they cheat you of your money, but they also asked so many people to beat you up. These Huaxians are too much.”

“Most importantly, the teachers and the principal don’t care about this matter. We don’t have any hope for Huaxia anymore.”

“Don’t worry, you three,” Roland said. “I’ve made a note of this. I’ll report it to Mr. Brown now.”

“He’s a tough guy. And he has a sense of justice. He’ll definitely help you guys.”

“Thank you, lady.”

Roland carried her notes and took the elevator up to the fourth floor.

She was going to look for the head of the embassy, Brown, to report this matter.

In the office sat a blond, blue-eyed foreigner.

Brown was in his fifties. Although he was a public official, he had the hairstyle of an IT programmer. There was not much hair left on his head.

Brown was holding his phone and happily making a call.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Roy. I’ll cooperate.”

“Apart from my current position, I’m also Pfizer’s nominal consultant. I’ll naturally actively promote this matter, so don’t worry. I’ll take care of things here.”

After a few more words, Brown hung up.

Then, he placed his hands behind his head and leaned back leisurely.

Pfizer and the six major pharmaceutical companies had jointly established a pharmaceutical research laboratory in Zhonghai. This could be considered a political achievement during his tenure.

Before long, there would be a lot of money filling his pocket.

Meiguo and Huaxia were different. The way the latter gave gifts would be more indirect and formal.

They would hire officials of the corresponding level to be consultants for their companies.

The so-called bribery would be transferred in the form of a fixed salary. This made the bribe more reasonable, and no one could find out about it even if they wanted to.

It seemed like he should find some time to meet that Huaxian guy called Lin Yi.

This connection be of great use to him in the future.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

“Come in.”

Roland pushed the door open and walked in.

“Mr. Brown, I have something to report to you.”

Brown straightened his expression. “What is it? I have other things to handle. You only have five minutes.”

“Here’s the thing, Mr. Brown,” Roland said.

“At Fudan University in Zhonghai, a vicious incident happened. Our international students were threatened and blackmailed by a group of Huaxian people. They even asked them to dissolve the International Student Association. I think we should deal with this matter seriously.”

Hearing Roland’s report, Brown put down the pen in his hand.

“Did such a thing really happen?”

“It’s true, and it really happened,” Roland said with a shrug.

“And those foreign students are waiting downstairs.”

With that, Roland handed the record in his hand to Brown.

As he flipped through the information in his hand, Brown’s serious expression instantly became solemn.

The suspect’s name was Lin Yi!

“There’s no way this is a coincidence, right?”

Brown muttered something and his expression became conflicted.

Now, Pfizer and several other pharmaceutical companies were preparing to establish a pharmaceutical research and development center in Zhonghai.

Their business partner was called Lin Yi!

Could it be the same Lin Yi?”

Could this be a coincidence?

Brown frowned. He couldn’t act rashly.

If it was a coincidence, then it was not a big problem.

However, if it was really the same person, there was no way to deal with this matter.

Otherwise, his source of income would be cut off.

“You’re talking about the students who were beaten up, right?”

“They’re downstairs, waiting to hear from us,” Roland said.

“Don’t let them go yet. I’ll make a phone call and deal with this later.”

“Okay, Mr. Brown,” Roland said. “I’ll wait for you outside.”

After Roland left, Brown took out his phone and called Liang Ruoxu. He got Lin Yi’s phone number and intended to confirm it first.

If it was a different person, then this matter, then this matter would have to be settled properly.

However, if it was really the same man, he had to deal with it carefully.

If he made the latter unhappy, it would be very difficult to carry out the project in the future.

Thinking of this, Brown didn’t hesitate anymore and called Lin Yi.

“Hello, Mr. Lin. Let me introduce myself first. I’m Brown, the ambassador to the Meiguon embassy in Huaxia.”

“I’d like to ask you a question.

“A few days ago, a few Meiguon students were beaten up. May I ask about this…

“I’m really sorry. Can you come to the embassy now? I’ll help you resolve this matter properly.”