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Chapter 640 - 640 Lingyun Group Is Also Mine

640 Lingyun Group Is Also Mine

“Not bad, Zhou Ze. You actually thought of this in advance. Not bad at all,” Han Fei said.

Zhou Ze took out his car keys and opened the trunk.

There was a large Maneki-Neko and two bouquets of flowers inside. They looked very classy.

“This Maneki-Neko is quite cute. They won’t mind, right?” Han Fei said.

“I don’t think so,” Xu Wan said.

“Compared to traditional industries, the Internet industry is still very lax. There’s no need to gift such old-fashioned things. It’s fine as long as there’s good meaning behind it.”

“What’s going on? Why is that chef here?”

Just as they were about to enter, they saw Lin Yi walking over.

“Why did he come by himself? He actually didn’t bring that woman,” Han Fei complained.

“The rich lady doesn’t have time to talk to him every day,” Zhou Ze said calmly.

“Stop talking,” Xu Wan said and walked towards Lin Yi. She combed her hair and said politely.

“Hello, Mr. Lin.”

Lin Yi’s shop was very famous on Zhengyang Street.

Some of the basic information on him could be easily obtained.

Therefore, Xu Wan already knew his name.

“You’re here too?”

“Our office equipment has been moved in. We’ll be working here from now on.”

“That’s good,” Lin Yi said faintly.

“Don’t you want to rent the writing room here too? How are the procedures going?” Xu Wan asked.

“It’s all settled. I came over today to take a look around.”

“Alright, I won’t disturb your husband anymore.”

Lin Yi nodded and didn’t say anything else. He stuffed his hands into his pockets and walked straight into the building.

“What’s wrong with this person? Lil’ Wan took the initiative to talk to him and even ignored him. Why is he so arrogant?” Han Fei said.

“He’s with a rich woman. Although Lil’ Wan is pretty, she’s not as rich as her. Naturally, he wouldn’t bother with her.”

“Alright, alright, stop talking.” Xu Wan glanced at the building and said.

“Let’s go up and take a look first. We’ll send the things over and then return to the company.”

“Alright.” After a few simple words, the four of them entered the building and went to the top floor.

As soon as they stepped out of the elevator, the four of them happened to see Tian Yan pass by.

They were instantly shocked by that cold and powerful aura.

“I can tell at a glance that this sister is not a simple person,” Han Fei said enviously.

“I heard that this woman is not simple. She seems to be the vice president of Didi Chuxing. She is in charge of Longxin’s business during this period.”

“Oh my god, that woman is actually the vice president of Didi?”

The four of them were shocked and surprised by Tian Yan’s identity.

She had just stepped out of the elevator when she met such a big shot. Longxin was really amazing.

The four of them carried their things and walked towards Longxin nervously. Coincidentally, they met Tian Yan standing at the door.

Tian Yan was stunned when she saw the four of them coming over.

“And you are?”

“Hi, hello. We’re from Springfield Technology downstairs. I heard that you guys were about to open for business, so we’re here to give you a small gift.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Tian Yan had a good impression of these young entrepreneurs.

This was because Didi had also done such a thing when it was first established.

Tian Yan took the flowers and Maneki-Neko from Xu Wan and expressed her gratitude.

“I have something else to do, so I won’t entertain you. Wait here for a while. I’ll call the other colleagues over and show you around.”

The reason why Tian Yan could get to where she was today was because of her high EQ.

With her status, she didn’t need to care about these people at all because they were not on the same level.

However, she was still very polite and showed the standard and respect that a superior should have.

This was because Tian Yan deeply understood a principle.

The high-tech industry was different from other traditional industries.

The person you look down on today might just become the new darling of the investment circle the next day.

Just like Boss Ma back then. Those who had heard him brag back then would not have thought that he would have his current achievements.

The four of them looked at each other with surprise in their eyes.

No one expected this high and mighty woman to be so easy to talk to.

“Thank you,” Xu Wan bowed and said.

“Work hard. Perhaps we can work together in the future.” After saying that with a smile, Tian Yan pulled a colleague over and gave him a few simple instructions before going to the general manager’s office.

However, at this moment, the door to the general manager’s office was pushed open and Lin Yi walked out.

Wang Ran stood beside him and listened attentively to his instructions.

At this moment, Xu Wan and the others saw Lin Yi and were shocked.

“W-why are you here?” Zhou Ze asked in surprise.

“I’m the owner of this company. If I’m not here, who should be?”

Knowing Lin Yi’s identity, Xu Wan and the others’ jaws almost dropped.

“You’re Longxin’s boss? Aren’t you a chef?”

“Being a chef is a side job. This is my main job.”

“But I heard that Longxin is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lingyun Group. How can you be the boss of this place?”

Zhou Ze’s question was also what was on the other’s minds.

Lin Yi’s identity had undergone a 180-degree change. They couldn’t accept it for a moment.

“Because Lingyun Group is also mine. Do you have any other questions now?”

Hearing this, everyone was stunned.

The chef they had always looked down on was actually the famous chairman of Lingyun Group? This news was too unreal.

“Then who was the woman who followed you the other day?”

“You still want to know her identity?”

Lin Yi smiled. “I guess you don’t usually watch the news.”

“Does this have anything to do with the news?” Xu Wan probed.

“That woman is the deputy mayor of Zhonghai. Are you surprised by this?”

“She’s… she’s the deputy mayor?” Xu Wan and the other three gasped.

He actually had such an intimate relationship with the deputy mayor. He was too amazing.

“President Lin, do you know each other?” Tian Yan asked in surprise.

Lin Yi pointed at Xu Wan. “She often comes to my shop for meals. We got to know each other after a while.”

Xu Wan hurriedly bowed. “Hello, President Lin. I’m the manager of Springfield Technology downstairs, Xu Wan.”

Lin Yi nodded. “What does your company do?”

“We’re developing an online education app. It’ll be released in the IOS and Android markets soon.”

“Alright, do your best.”

Lin Yi gave a casual reminder and left under the gazes of the four people.

However, this time, their eyes were filled with shock.

To be able to become the boss of Lingyun Group at such a young age, this man was a little too amazing.

However, why did he open a restaurant? This was too unbelievable.