God Rank Upgrade System

Chapter 715 - The Warrior King’s Legacy Land

Chapter 715 The Warrior King’s Legacy Land

“Damn it! It’s this old thing…” The old man known as Huang Ji, jumped out of the train as well and he frowned when he saw the beast.

The power of a king grade evolved beast was comparable to a warrior master.

Plus, the skin on their body was as tough as an armour and it was even sturdier than a warrior’s ‘Yuan’.

“We have already entered the Ice and Snow City but it’s still a distance away from the city centre.”

Jiang Yun looked at the road ahead before announcing it to the group.

The phone in his hand started ringing.

After answering the call, Jiang Yun’s expression became even worse compared to before.

“All of you come with me. We will have to walk to Ice and Snow City now.”

“The train has been completely wrecked and the snow lizard has killed the driver.”


The rest of them nodded their heads after getting the instructions.

“Does this happen very often?”

Lin Xiu walked down the train with the rest of the crowd and walked on the ground that was filled with snow.

“No. I have been on trains to Fengyun City on multiple occasions but there’s never been a time where we met with something like this.”

“Ever since the train started, we have never met with something like this?”

Qian Jing shook his head and he looked confused.

He couldn’t understand the accident that had just occurred.

Lin Xiu continued walking when he saw Huang Ji standing in front.

The old man was looking at his phone as if he was reading something.

Perhaps he knew what had happened?

“Mr Haung, should we go around it?”

Jiang Yun asked the old man before heading forward.

After hearing the question, the old man who was reading up something on his phone suddenly paused and laughed out loud.


The entire crowd was shocked by what was happening

They had no idea why Huang Ji was suddenly acting in this manner.

“Jiang Yun, do you know why this snow lizard appeared here all of a sudden?”.

Huang Ji continued staring at the huge lizard. It was swinging its jaw around and was destroying the train.

Due to its huge size, the lizard looked terrifying.

Comparatively, the speed of it was quite slow.


Jiang Yun was stunned as well. He couldn’t understand why this creature had suddenly appeared.

After taking the trains so many times, this was the first time that he has ever encountered such a thing.

“Someone found the legacy land of the warrior king.”

“This snow lizard came out from that land.”

Huang Ji gently stroked his beard as he explained.

He looked at the lizard in front and his eyes looked passionate.

“Is it true that there is a legacy land?”

The rest of them were excited as well when they heard what Huang Ji said.

Lin Xiu was surprised as well.

He had only heard of the word – ‘Legacy Land’ when he got to Marqi Planet.

Something that he had just read from the internet just now.

Warriors who are of king grade and above would be given a piece of cultivation land. Before they die, they would be able to keep all of their notes and warrior skills on that land.

It was a dream for warriors like Lin Xiu to find that piece of land and to inherit the warrior king’s skills and cultivation techniques.

Since the warrior king was someone powerful on this planet.

It is said that even the king of the Marqi planet was only a respected warrior.

At the same time, there were a lot of warriors who received news as well.

Lin Xiu and the rest of the warriors who were watching could see lots of warriors riding on machinery rushing towards the huge lizard.

“Laser cannon! Ready!”

Lin Xiu turned around and looked. As they got closer, there were a few muscular warriors who were carrying cannons.

As the cannons were fired, there was a large amount of energy that came out of it!

Koong Loong – –

Soon, with the loud explosion, there were terrifying laser beams that headed towards the lizard.

It immediately landed on the snow lizard.

ROAR – –

The lizard was hit by the huge laser beams and it instantly gave out a loud cry, causing it to take a few steps back.

However, the snow lizard didn’t seem to be injured.

Its skin was too thick for anything to go through.

There were also a large number of warriors with horrifying looking weapons who were rushing towards the snow lizard, attacking it continuously.

“Iron Legion, Hunter’s Legion, God’s Punishment Guild…”

Qian Jing looked at the warriors in uniform and read their logo. He was amazed to see them gathered together.

All of them were powerful warrior guilds and legions and it was a miracle that he could see them here.

Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes as he activated the Analytical Eyes. He could clearly feel that most of them were rank 9 warriors and there were even warrior masters amongst them.

How has it come to the point where a rank 9 warrior isn’t as special?

If they were back on earth, everyone would have been utterly shocked with this scene.

Rank 9 warriors who were also known as the strongest warrior back on earth were practically useless.

“Hmph….there’re so many of them here.”

When Huang Ji saw the number of warriors, the look on his face turned ugly.

There was only a limited amount of things in the Legacy land. With so many of them here, it would be impossible for him to get his hands on anything.

“We should leave as well.”

Huang Ji finally said. “Hurry up. This is a rare opportunity.”

Jiang Yun turned towards the crowd and said before following Huang Ji.

In times like these, everyone was selfish.

This was a warrior king’s legacy land. It would be possible that they could find some over-powering warrior skills.

“Should we kill the snow lizard?”

Lin Xiu was still looking at the lizard when he asked.

This was a king grade evolved beast. If he managed to kill it, he would be able to gain a huge amount of EXP.

With the system, it was unnecessary for Lin Xiu to continuously cultivate like the rest of the high rank warriors. He only had to gain enough EXP from these evolved beasts.

However, the EXP that he needed now was much more than before. It wasn’t enough for him to just kill normal beasts and warriors.

Seeing how there was such a huge king grade evolved beast, Lin Xiu was interested as well.

“You better not think of killing the snow lizard on your own. This thing is nothing that we can deal with even if it is a warrior master. You wouldn’t be able to do it alone.”