God-Like Extraction

Chapter 265 - The Bloodseeker Beast That Escaped (1)

Chapter 265 The Bloodseeker Beast That Escaped (1)

So patriotic?

After more than 400 years, they were still so loyal to their nation.

It had to be known that when the Flying Lion army went into hibernation, the Yu Nation had just begun its nation-building

Wan Sansi and the others did not enjoy the treatment of being loyal subjects. Of course, it wasn’t that they weren’t qualified to enjoy it, but that they had rejected it and chose to sleep.

Now that they’ve recovered, they’re continuing to pursue the goal from hundreds of years ago?

Su Jingxing pondered.

The Sishui Horned Dragon was merely a bridge.

Perhaps Wan Sansi and the others were not pursuing Su Jingxing, but the Sishui Horned Dragon.

At this thought, Su Jingxing said calmly, “No need.”

“The deal I made with the Rising Dragon Saber King is between me and him. It has nothing to do with you all. If you want to protect the Yu Nation, you don’t have to follow me. It’s better to work directly for the cabinet. Otherwise, joining the Changyang Prefecture Army wouldn’t be a bad idea either.”

“We’ve all considered your suggestions.” Xiao Yuanfang sighed. “The problem is that we don’t trust the interest group in the imperial court. Working for them is said to be for the common people, but we don’t even know when we become tools for them.

“It’s the same for joining the Changyang Prefecture Army. The Changyang Prefecture Army is not an independent army. It still belongs to the military and is under the command of the Supreme Marshal, impeded by the cabinet. Once the order is given, we have to obey it even if we don’t want to.

“Back then, we chose to go into a deep sleep because we didn’t want to get involved in too many other matters. All we wanted was to live our best life.”

To put it bluntly, they didn’t want to be restrained!

Even if they followed Su Jingxing, they would still have to follow his orders.

But what was Su Jingxing’s strength?

And what were the capabilities of the Changyang Prefecture Army and the cabinet? Su Jingxing, a third-grade martial artist, could not completely control them. When that time came, if they really wanted to find something to do, it would most likely be a discussion between them.

Following Su Jingxing was more to get close to the Sishui Horned Dragon.

They were extraordinarily loyal to Liu Chenglong.

It was unknown what Liu Chenglong had done back then that made Wan Sansi and the others willing to remain loyal even after so many years.

Saved their lives?

Nurtured them?

No matter what kind of favor it was, Wan Sansi and the others wanted to become Su Jingxing’s followers mainly to get in touch with the Sishui Horned Dragon.

Previously, he couldn’t confirm it, but now, Su Jingxing was certain.

With this in mind, all the more Su Jingxing would not agree.

“I understand what you mean.”

Su Jingxing said coolly, “According to what you seek, the best way is to make your own decisions and not follow others. Of course, we can cooperate. If there’s a need, we can make a deal.”


Wan Sansi, Xiao Yuanfang, and the others looked at one another.

They were stunned and taken aback by Su Jingxing’s proposal.

Wouldn’t he be tempted to take in the Flying Lion army?

Where were they not welcomed?

But Su Jingxing actually rejected them.

He didn’t want these benefits that came knocking on his door.

Were they too impatient?


“Yes, that’s for the best.” In the silence, Su Jingxing continued, emphasizing his words. “You guys are a team to begin with. The Flying Lion army in the past, now, it’s best to change your name. For example, Flying Fish? How does the Flying Fish organization sound?”

Su Jingxing was “interested” and suggested, “Flying Fish, implying your hopes for the Yu Nation to take off and prosper. As for the division of positions in the organization, you can decide for yourselves.


“In the future, if I have any needs, I can make deals with Flying Fish. For example, in terms of money, Internet technology support, and so on.

“Well…” Xiao Yuanfang opened his mouth, but closed it in the end.

“Um, let’s not talk about anything else for now,” said Kang Shaoyu. “I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Kang Shaoyu, and this is Kang Shaoting and Kang Shaoxiang. They’re both my elder brothers. This beauty is Duan Siyi, Big Sister Duan. Lastly, this is Ma Feng, Old Ma.”

“Your… your surname is Li, right?”

“Yes,” said Su Jingxing coolly. “I’m Li Jing.”

“Brother Li then!”

Kang Shaoyu gave him a thumbs up. “We will seriously consider Brother Li’s suggestion. If possible, we can change our name to Flying Fish. But can you give us your contact details? You already said that even though we can’t be companions, we can still be cooperating partners.”

“Of course.” Su Jingxing nodded and gave his anonymous number.

Then, he bade farewell and said, “That’s all for now. If you need anything, you can contact


“Hold on.” Wan Sansi stopped him. “There’s something I would like to ask. Did the General say anything during your transaction with him?”

“…Other than the contents of the deal, nothing else,” replied Su Jingxing.

“Is that so?” murmured Wan Sansi.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll get going.” Su Jingxing had no intention of stopping. He turned around and prepared to leave.

Just then, Xiao Yuanfang received a call. He picked up. After listening for a while, he exclaimed, “Impossible! How is it possible that there are still living Bloodseeker Beasts around?”


Su Jingxing stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Xiao Yuanfang.

Wan Sansi, Kang Shaoyu, Zhou Leng, and the others also looked at him.

Xiao Yuanfang’s expression kept changing, and his eyes flickered. “Alright, I understand. We’ll set off immediately.”

With that, he hung up the call and quickly said to everyone, “It’s a call from the Changyang Prefecture Army. They got a photo of a Bloodseeker Beast when doing aerial photography over the Green Cloud Mountain. That Bloodseeker Beast was killing a ferocious tiger and drinking its blood!” “T-this can’t be a mistake, can it?” Kang Shaoyu waved his hand and said in surprise, “The Bloodseeker Beasts are clearly dead. During the encirclement, although some managed to escape, they were eventually caught and killed. The Bloodseeker Essence Energy that leaked out was stored in special containers and sealed. Were the seals or the containers broken? Did someone deliberately do this?”