God Emperor

Chapter 2221 - Zhang Ruochen’s Blood Wings

Xue Chen had a thought and he picked up the wine jar on the table. As he poured the wine, he said, “When you come to the Voidsky Lounge, you must try the Bloody Wine. This wine is limited in supply, but most people don’t have the chance to taste it. Would you like a drink?”

Xue Chen poured the Bloody Wine into the cup. It was bright red, like blood. It emitted a strong wine fragrance, which is refreshing.

Just smelling it made one feel intoxicated.

Zhang Ruochen looked into the cup. A strange light flashed in his eyes.

He noticed there’s the blood of a lifeform added into the Bloody Wine.

Zhang Ruochen shook his head involuntarily.

Xue Ningxiao laughed. “The wine is indeed brewed with blood, but it’s not human blood. My father was born to my grandfather and a human woman. My brother and I also have part of the human bloodline flow in our bodies. That’s why we never drink human blood, nor are we addicted to any human blood products.”

Zhang Ruochen could not help but feel surprised. He did not expect that there were humans among the wives of the Wargod Bloodximius who had married.

Perhaps it was because Xue Ningxiao and Xue Chen had lived in the Infernal Court since they were young and had been assimilated by the great power of the Macroworld. If one didn’t look carefully, one could hardly sense the human aura in them.

“There’s no need to be surprised. Our family is very ancient. It’s one of the oldest families in the Bloodsky Clan and even the entire Immortal Vampire clan. There was a precedent of combining with humans a long time ago. The Xue Jue Family is far more inclusive than the other clans.”

“Even the Blood God of Kunlun has a special relationship with our family.” Xue Ningxiao raised her head, intoxicated by the Bloody Wine. She took a sip as if her mouth was filled with amber.

Zhang Ruochen was surprised after hearing that.

He was the Sect of the Blood God’s leader, but he had never known that the Grandmaster Blood God had a relationship with the Xue Jue Family.

“What’s the matter with the Blood God?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Xue Chen drank a cup of wine and said, “There are too many things involved. If you want to know, you can ask Aunt Fourteen. She should know the most about Blood God.”

Zhang Ruochen thought of many things and fell into deep thought.

Since Xue Chen mentioned Blood Empress, perhaps it had something to do with the 800 years that Blood Empress had stayed in the Endless Abyss. It might even include the secret of the Bloodbeast. Also, the secret of Qiu Yichi, Chi Linyuan, and the others turning from humans into Immortal Vampires.

‘Could there be a causal connection?’ Zhang Ruochen thought.

“Let’s not talk about this. You should try it first. This wine is brewed with Phoenix blood and it tastes very good.” Xue Ningxiao licked her lips lightly. Her eyes sparkled as she encouraged Zhang Ruochen.

“Phoenix?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Mu Lingxi’s figure appeared in Zhang Ruochen’s mind. He couldn’t help shaking his head again.

Xue Chen and Xue Ningxiao didn’t say anything after that. They just felt that Zhang Ruochen was strange. He had the Immortal Vampire bloodline in his vein, yet he did not seem to have any desire for blood.

They would become very excited when they saw blood and they couldn’t control themselves.

This was the nature of the race, and it is almost impossible to change.

Zhang Ruochen couldn’t help but ask, “Please tell me about the situation of the Battlefield of Merits in Kunlun, especially the battle in the Central Imperial City. How did it become and are there any results?”

Xue Chen Thought for a moment, then he said, “When you came out of Rainbow Pavilion, the Heavenly Realm seized the opportunity and attacked. The army of the Infernal Court suffered a great loss. After that, it was probably because Aunt Fourteen summoned your soul that the Dimensional Rift collapsed. It had a great impact on the Infernal Court and it was unable to send more Saint cultivators to Kunlun.

“Because of the outbreak of the divine war, the Heavenly Realm strengthened its inspection of Kunlun. It was difficult for them to reopen the Dimensional Rift. On the contrary, Pangu Realm, Demon God Realm, and Wanxu Realm joined the war, which led Heavenly Realm to gain more power.

“The plan to besiege the imperial court can not continue for the time being. After that, Kunlun’s Battlefield of Merits will probably be a long battle that will not end in a hundred years. That is why Xiaoxiao and I have returned to the Infernal Court at this time.”

Xue Chen could not help but sigh. He had wanted to go to Kunlun to make a contribution and seek opportunities, but unexpectedly, everything was far from what he had expected.

The key to the great change in Kunlun’s Battlefield of Merits was Zhang Ruochen.

If Zhang Ruochen had not turned the tide in Rainbow Pavilion, most of the Saturn Peach Trees would have been cut off. Kunlun would not be able to struggle anymore. It would probably only take ten years for the Battle of Merits in the Infernal Court to end.

Zhang Ruochen felt a lot more relaxed after hearing that. His efforts had not been in vain. The longer this war dragged on, the more advantageous it would be for Kunlun.

Perhaps, at some point, there would be a huge turn of events.

However, at this stage, he could not get involved in the matter of Kunlun’s Battlefield of Merits.

The most important thing now was for Zhang Ruochen to control the power of his body and improve his cultivation. He needed to attend the Celestial-Hunting Festival and save Chi Kunlun from Yan Wushen.

Besides, he wanted to see what kind of place the Fane of Destiny was and could it decide the fate of everyone.

Zhang Ruochen did not believe it.

Both Xue Chen and Xue Ningxiao had human blood in their bodies, and they didn’t dislike him as an outsider. Zhang Ruochen was less resistant to them.

The three of them continued chatting about the Battlefield of Merits of Kunlun and the Infernal Court.

Not only was Xue Chen talented, but he was also calm. He had his unique views on everything. In terms of talent, ability, and knowledge, he could stand out in the Heavenly Realm if he was placed there.

Xue Ningxiao still had some fear of Zhang Ruochen in the beginning. Her understanding of him remained in Kunlun when he had killed everyone. At that time, Zhang Ruochen was like a god of death. Countless famous powerhouses in the Infernal Court became souls under his sword.

However, it didn’t take long for her to reveal her true nature. She was no longer reserved.

Xue Ningxiao had a lively personality. She looked like she was 16 or 17 years old and her maiden-like appearance was particularly seductive. She often smiled like a little witch.

After asking what he wanted to know, Zhang Ruochen asked another question, “Is there a place in the Ancient City Skylin that sells Godstones?”

“Of course. After all, the Ancient City Skylin is one of the oldest and largest cities in the world of the Bloodsky Clan. It’s not an ordinary small city. Cousin Ruochen, do you need Godstones?” Xue Ningxiao blinked her beautiful eyes, she was full of curiosity.

Zhang Ruochen said, “I do need some.”

“If you need Godstones, you can exchange them directly with the family. It’s also much cheaper than outside. Also, with your status, as long as you ask for it, you can get it easily.” Xue Ningxiao looked confused.

With the Xue Jue Family’s heritage, they naturally had a lot of Godstones.

As if seeing through Zhang Ruochen’s thoughts, Xue Chen stopped Xue Ningxiao from continuing. “If you want to buy Godstones, you can go to the Ancient Saint Pavilion. It’s the biggest Saint shop in the world of the ten Immortal Vampire clans, which is all over the world.”

“There are gods behind the Ancient Saint Pavilion. There’s even the shadow of the Fane of Immortality. As long as you have enough Godstones, you can buy anything.”

Without much delay, Zhang Ruochen, Xue Chen, and Xue Ningxiao left the Voidsky Lounge and headed straight for the Ancient Saint Pavilion.

The Ancient Saint Pavilion occupied a large area in the most prosperous area of the Ancient City Skylin. There were many pavilions and pavilions, and it was extremely luxurious.

When they entered the Ancient Saint Pavilion, they caused quite a commotion. A maid immediately entered the back hall to pass on the message.

A moment later, a clone of a Neverwilt Realm Supreme Saint came up to welcome them. He was full of smiles and was extremely enthusiastic. “Your Highness has graced the Ancient Saint Pavilion with your presence.”

Then, he led Zhang Ruochen and the other two into a private room. He asked someone to bring him saint fruits, heavenly spring, and blood wine. They were treated to the highest standard.

Blood Empress and Lord Ming had made a commotion in the Sea of Time after becoming gods. It had long been spread throughout the Infernal Court. Zhang Ruochen’s identity as the Scion was also known to everyone.

His mother was a god and so was his uncle. His grandfather was the world-famous Wargod Bloodximius.

Besides, Zhang Ruochen was also a Supreme Saint.

With such a background and cultivation, no one dared to neglect him.

No matter who it was, they had to be careful and respectful when they came into contact with Zhang Ruochen.

It couldn’t be helped. His current status was much more honorable than when he was Moon Goddess’s Divine Envoy.

No one had expected that he, who had fought to the death with the Infernal Court, would suddenly become the Infernal Court’s Scion.

Even if many people hated Zhang Ruochen to the bone, they couldn’t do anything now.

If they wanted to touch him, they had to think about whether they could withstand the wrath of the three gods. Asurendra Samay was a good example.

How many people in the Infernal Court were more powerful than Asurendra Samay?

The Neverwilt Realm Supreme Saint who welcomed Zhang Ruochen was a middle-aged man in his early 40s. His cultivation was very high, and his blood qi was vigorous. He was in his prime.

“I am Qi Yong, the master of the Ancient Saint Pavilion in the Ancient City Skylin. What do you need, Your Highness?” The middle-aged man smiled politely.

Zhang Ruochen did not beat around the bush. He went straight to the point and said, “Godstones.”

“How many do you need, Your Highness?”Qi Yong asked.

Qi Yong was very confused. The Xue Jue Family should have Godstones. Why did Zhang Ruochen come to the Ancient Saint Pavilion to buy them?

Of course, he could not ask this question at a time like this.

Zhang Ruochen thought for a moment and said, “A hundred.”

It would take a long time for him to fully control the Demigod-level physique. In addition, he had to improve his cultivation and strength. Naturally, he had to prepare more Godstones.

The more Godstones, the better.

Qi Yong’s eyes flashed with surprise. The number Zhang Ruochen had given was beyond his expectations.

Godstones weren’t ordinary. They were extremely expensive. A Saint King cultivator might not even be able to exchange one for all his wealth.

Xue Chen and Xue Ningxiao were also surprised. They hadn’t expected Zhang Ruochen to buy so many Godstones either. Even a Thousand-Koan Realm Supreme Saint might not be able to do this.

“Your Highness should know the price of Godstones. One Godstone is worth a billion saint stones. If you need a hundred Godstones, which is 100 billion saint stones,” Qi Yong said.

The value of Godstones was the same in Infernal Court and Heavenly Realm. The price was constant.

It was Fairy of a Hundred Flowers who made the decision, the last time Zhang Ruochen bought Godstones from the Qianrui Realm. Because of their relationship, she had discounted 100 million saint stones.

The Immortal Vampires did not need saint stones to cultivate. They mainly relied on blood to improve their strength.

However, the blood that they took from killing was only a small part.

Most of the blood of the Immortal Vampires came from the Immortal Blood Spring and the Blood Tree of Longevity. Both could provide a large amount of blood.

However, the blood produced by the Immortal Blood Spring and the Blood Tree of Longevity was only pure. It contained very little energy and could not meet the needs of cultivation.

Hence, the Immortal Blood Spring needed to be added with saint stones to nurture the Blood Tree of Longevity. Only in this way could the blood produced by the Immortal Blood Spring and the Blood Tree of Longevity have the same effect as the blood in a cultivator’s body.

Because of this, the saint stones could also be circulated in the world of the Immortal Vampires.

Zhang Ruochen flipped his hand and took out a storage ring. He handed it to Qi Yong and said, “Calculate how many saint stones the treasures inside are worth.”

Qi Yong quickly took it and checked it with his spiritual power.

When he checked it, his eyes suddenly changed.

There were a lot of treasures in the storage ring. Saint weapons, talismans, pills, and so on. There was no lack of treasures.

Zhang Ruochen had obtained these treasures from the Battlefield of Merits in Kunlun. They were huge amount and complicated. He had everything. It was useless for him to keep them.

Zhang Ruochen had gained a lot from each battle. The Battle of Sword Vault, the Battle of Xianji Mountain, the Battle of True Dragon Island, the Battle of the Blood God sect, the Battle of Ziwei Palace, and so on.

Especially at the Battle of Ziwei Palace, he had killed nearly a thousand top-notch powerhouses of the sects of Heavenly Realm, including many leaders. The gains were even more shocking.

What he had taken out now was only a part of it. Most of it was ordinary. The truly good things wouldn’t be sold casually.

Saint weapons, for example, had been kept by Zhang Ruochen for the Ancient Abyssal Blade to refine.

Qi Yong used his powerful spiritual power to calculate the value of all the treasures in a short time.

“These treasures are worth 134 billion saint stones in total,” Qi Yong said.

Zhang Ruochen took out another Ring of Dimensions and said, “The treasures in here should be worth 6 billion saint stones. Exchange them all for Godstones.”

“Please wait for a moment, your highness. I’ll go get Godstones now,” Qi Yong said.

Although he was the master of this Ancient Saint Pavilion, he couldn’t carry a large number of Godstones with him. He needed to go to the treasury to get them.

Not long after, Qi Yong returned and handed a Ring of Dimensions to Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen scanned it with his spiritual power and confirmed that there were 140 Godstones inside. He immediately put them away. After getting what he wanted, he left straight away and returned to the Xue Jue Family.

In the following period, he had to put all his energy into cultivating. He wanted to control the Demigod-level physique as soon as possible so that he could reach his pinnacle state.

Whether it was Yan Wushen’s invitation or the divine will be given by Wargod Bloodximius, Zhang Ruochen felt that the Celestial-Hunting Festival was not simple.

He had to be powerful enough to deal with it calmly.

Xue Ningxiao was still very curious. She asked, “Why is he doing this?”

Xue Chen knew what she was talking about. He smiled, “How can Zhang Ruochen be an ordinary person?” he said, “He has his way of thinking. With his status in the Xue Jue Family, he can easily get the Godstone. But the prerequisite is that he is willing to.”

“Why isn’t he willing?” Xue Ningxiao asked.

Xue Chen stared in the direction Zhang Ruochen had left and said, “He doesn’t have a sense of belonging to the Xue Jue Family. I think that’s why Wargod Bloodximius asked him to lead the team to attend the Celestial-Hunting Festival.”

After returning to the Xue Jue Family and making the appropriate arrangements, Zhang Ruochen immediately began to seclude himself for cultivation.

With the Godstone inlaid, the Sundial began to operate. It released the power of time, covering a radius of 1200 meters.

Zhang Ruochen sat cross-legged under the Sundial. He took out a small amount of The Sun-Moon Dragon Spring from the Mercury Gourd and swallowed it directly.

The Sun-Moon Dragon Spring was obtained from True Dragon Island. It had all kinds of incredible uses, especially to nourish the body and Saint Soul. It could allow him to control his power faster.

The Re-Awakeners in the Ying Yang Sea used The Sun-Moon Dragon Spring to recover their strength to the peak in a short time.

What they used was only the most ordinary holy spring. What Zhang Ruochen swallowed now was the essence of the holy spring.

Zhang Ruochen had collected more than 2,000 drops of the holy spring’s essence when he was on the True Dragon Island, but he hadn’t used them yet. Now, they could be put to good use.


The majestic blood qi surged in Zhang Ruochen and it’s making a loud sound like a rushing river.

At a certain moment, a powerful blood qi rushed out of Zhang Ruochen’s back.

“It hurts… What’s going on? This power… This…”

Zhang Ruochen’s back seemed to be burning. The pain was so great that his body seemed to be melting.

Even with his cultivation and willpower, he couldn’t bear the pain.

Gradually, golden light appeared on Zhang Ruochen’s back. It was as if something was about to break out of his body.


The pain lasted for about two days. Eight Golden Wings grew out of Zhang Ruochen’s back and they were covered in mysterious patterns.

Zhang Ruochen supported himself on the ground with both hands. He panted heavily and his forehead was covered in sweat.

Wings of flesh were an important symbol of the Immortal Vampires. They were almost all born with it.

Logically speaking, Zhang Ruochen should have grown wings of flesh long ago. However, after he was born, Emperor Ming had sealed the Immortal Vampire bloodline in him, making him no different from an ordinary person.

After that, even though Blood Empress had nurtured this body to be extremely powerful, it had never grown wings of flesh because there was no Saint Soul in it.

Now, Zhang Ruochen had started to control the power of the Demigod-level physique and fully activated the Immortal Vampires’ bloodline. Finally, the wings grew out.

‘Golden Wings?’ he thought.

He took out an ancient bronze mirror and looked at the wings on his back. Zhang Ruochen was stunned. He couldn’t accept it for a long time. He felt as if the world had collapsed.

What was supposed to come had finally come!

“Am I a human or an Immortal Vampire?”