Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 585 - 585 The Battle With the Fierce Beasts, Full of Head-On Clashes

585 The Battle With the Fierce Beasts, Full of Head-On Clashes

“Impossible! My flames can burn all living things! No matter how strong your body is, it will still be burned to ashes!”

“Hahaha… Ye Feng, you have no way out now! You must die here!”


Ye Feng’s eyes narrowed. His pupils turned pitch black like two stars, shining with an extremely cold light. “Is that so? Since you all insist on forcing me to use my divine flames, then don’t blame me for ruthlessly destroying a flower!”

“You think this is a game?”

Ye Feng snorted coldly, “Since you want to die, I will fulfill your wish!”


Ye Feng’s eyes focused, and he suddenly punched out with his right fist!


Ye Feng’s ultimate strength exploded in an instant, turning into a sky full of sparks!

At the same second, Ye Feng’s right arm was like a cannonball, bringing with it an endless amount of lightning power. It struck the fierce beast’s body!


The fierce beast let out a miserable howl!

The fur on its body was almost burned out in an instant!

Then, its body also became shriveled, as if it had suddenly aged several years!

“My divine body!”

“D*mn ant, you dare to blaspheme the divine fire!”

“Ah ah ah ah!!!”

“Ah ah ah ah!!!!”

A series of shrill screams came from the four fierce beasts.

This was a very wondrous feeling. It was the pain of divine fire burning!

That kind of pain was a hundred times more painful than death!

“It’s not bad. It’s my first time trying it!” Ye Feng licked his lips and smiled.

“You’re a demon!!!”

“I’m not willing to accept this!!!”

The four fierce beasts roared madly.

Their bodies trembled continuously, clearly extremely tormented by the pain!

“You dare to invade the divine realm?” Ye Feng said indifferently. “Since you dare to invade the divine realm, you must be prepared to suffer!”



The four fierce beasts roared madly and unwillingly!

Their bodies were constantly emitting white smoke!

They were burning their own divine flames!

This was a self-destruction method!

Their lifespans were about to be exhausted!

If they could not absorb the divinity in the divine fire in time, they would die!

However, they didn’t know that this didn’t mean death. On the contrary, it was a kind of sublimation!

The divine fire was the only thing in the world that was not afraid of lightning!


Ye Feng’s right hand raised up again. He threw a punch and slammed it on the head of that fierce beast.


The fierce beast’s skull instantly cracked open, revealing a golden bead inside!

“Divine Pearl!”

“The Divine Pearl was actually obtained by Ye Feng!” the fierce beast exclaimed!

The value of this pearl was too precious. It was the essence of a fierce beast and contained a strong divinity.

If they could absorb and refine it, their strength would definitely increase greatly, and it was even possible for them to break through to the Transcendent realm!

But they were burned to ashes by the divine fire!

“Ye Feng, you deserve to die! I’ll definitely tear you into pieces and make you die without a burial place!”

This fierce beast was completely enraged. A powerful aura emerged from its body, causing the surrounding space to distort!

“Hmph, you’re not qualified to make me die without a burial ground. You should worry about yourself!”

Ye Feng’s right foot stomped down fiercely. The ground immediately crumbled and a loud sound was heard!

After that, a huge lightning pillar suddenly shot up into the sky!


The power of lightning swept across the entire area, tearing a deep crack in the sky!


At this moment, the fierce beasts were completely flustered.

The Divine Pearl was taken away by Ye Feng!

Right now, Ye Feng’s attacks had already locked onto them!

Boom! Boom! Boom!!!

The lightning pillar struck the four fierce beasts from above!

Boom! Boom! Boom!!!

“Ah ah ah ah!!!”

Four deafening rumbles resounded through the sky.

The four fierce beasts were bombarded by the lightning pillars!

Not only did the lightning pillar have a terrifying destructive power, but it also had a strong electric current and corrosive effect!

Under Ye Feng’s control, the lightning pillar continued to spin, releasing terrifying lightning bolts one after another!

The four fierce beasts were immediately charred black by the lightning!

Boom! Boom! Boom!!!

The lightning pillars were getting more and more concentrated, and every time they burst out, they would blast the four fierce beasts away!

The screams of the four fierce beasts were getting weaker and weaker.

In the end, there was no movement at all, and they had completely fallen.

In Ye Feng’s hand, there was a golden pearl.

These were the purest divine flames contained within the four beads. They were a treasure!

Ye Feng took a step forward and directly swallowed the four Divine Pearls into his stomach!

After the divine fire entered his throat, a surge of divine power immediately filled his body!

His cultivation level also soared!

“Is this the divine flame? It’s indeed powerful!”

Ye Feng felt the abundant divine power in his body and a huge smile appeared on his face!

Several powerful halos of energy appeared on his body, emitting terrifying fluctuations!


The huge amount of energy in his body was growing continuously!

His cultivation level was also increasing at an astonishing speed!

All of this was like riding a rocket!

Ye Feng could even clearly sense that his cultivation had already reached the middle stage of Beyond A grade!

Moreover, his body was even stronger than before!


Suddenly, there was a loud explosion.

Ye Feng raised his head and looked over, only to see a black dot descending from the sky.

This black dot became bigger and bigger, and it soon covered the entire sky. It was about to drown Ye Feng!

“What is this?”

Ye Feng furrowed his brows!

A figure could be vaguely seen in this black dot.

“It’s a human!”

Ye Feng’s eyes narrowed, and a sharp light flashed in his eyes!

“Who is it? Get out here!” Ye Feng shouted coldly!

The spiritual energy of heaven and earth around him was also mobilized at this moment.

His entire body was pitch-black, and he emitted a cold aura of death!

He clenched his fists and punched the sky!


A huge fist force blasted out and instantly hit the black spot!

A crack had actually appeared on the black dot under this punch!

The cracks spread!

Finally, it exploded!


Ye Feng’s pupils shrunk.