Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Chapter 2852 - Builder of the Black Screen

Chapter 2852 - Builder of the Black Screen Audiobook


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“Why are you being so mysterious?”

Lu Qingchen sneered, “I don’t believe that they could grit their teeth through a fierce battle where 90% of their soldiers were killed. What else could make the iron-blood warriors collapse instantly? What did they find exactly?”

“A hub.”

“Or rather, a switch,” Fuxi said.

“A… switch?”

Lu Qingchen was confused. “The control hub and the switch?”

“The hub that controls the black wall.

“The switch to turn on and off the black wall instantly,” Fuxi said. “If so, it should not be called ‘black wall’ but ‘black domain’ or ‘black curtain’. It is a dark barrier that can be turned on and off at will.

His words froze Lu Qingchen’s soul like a bucket of liquid nitrogen.

Li Yao’s soul was the same. His every thought was frozen.

‘They were all overwhelmed by confusion and shock. It took them a long time to digest the words of the Fuxi.

“What—what did you say?”

Lu Qingchen’s soul was in a mess, with tiny swirls appearing one after another. “Are you suggesting that the dark vacuum beyond our universe is not natural but man-made?

“Somebody—someone extinguished the brilliance of billions of stars on purpose and shattered all the planets and celestial bodies in the universe, turning the space across billions of lightyears into a dark mist.

“How is it possible? How is it possible? The scale of the ‘black wall’ is much larger than the diameter of the universe where the three thousand Sectors are located. Nobody can estimate how vast it is at all. For thousands of years, countless civilizations, forces, and super experts have tried to cross the black

wall and get out of the universe, only to come back empty-handed or even defeated!

“We used to think that the black wall was an impassable chasm. If it were an astronomical phenomenon generated by a certain universe, then—then it would be understandable. But you are saying that the black wall is man-made and a dark barrier controlled by a certain force? That’s—that’s impossible.

It’s absolutely impossible!

“Black wall, black screen, or black domain—you can call this damn thing whatever you want. If it was really man-made, how could its creator extinguish billions of stars, block countless celestial bodies, and crush billions of planets in order to create such an empty death zone?”

The more Lu Qingchen spoke, the more he read. In the end, he roared hysterically.

He was trying to hide his shock and panic by roaring crazily.

Li Yao felt the same. He wanted to roar at the sky and vent the feeling of insignificance in his heart that could not be described with words.

“The details are like flying sand in the wind. They’ve all faded away after hundreds of thousands of years. Maybe I can recover some of the files after I find more computational and storage units.

“Tonly know that the technology to build a dark barrier is not as complicated as you think,” Fuxi said calmly. “We don’t need to extinguish billions of stars and crush planets that are hundreds of times larger. We just need to block the light, heat, radiation, and high-energy particle streams that they send

out in a certain way and block all the information and data.

“Tt means that the star systems and other celestial bodies that should exist in certain coordinates are still in their original trajectories. Their information has been ‘blocked’ so that the observers at a lower level or at a long distance cannot find them.

“Of course, you were right. Even if the billions of stars did not need to be shattered, the ‘dark block’ on such a large scale still required unimaginably advanced technology. Not just the human beings today, even the Pangu civilization at that time could not have imagined it.

“At that time, the Pangu civilization had already grasped the technology to utilize the energy of the stars efficiently. They could build large-scale energy bases near the stars, even enclosing part of the star and forming the ‘Kuafu Sphere’. They also had the ability to detonate the star and destroy the entire

galaxy, which was known as the ‘Houyi Arrow’.

“However, such technology is even worse than ‘drilling wood for fire’ when compared to the technology of ‘black screen builders’. Both ‘Kuafu’s Ball’ and ‘Houyi’s Arrow are as childish as toys for three-year-olds.

“By the most optimistic estimation, the gap between the peak technology of the Pangu civilization and the technology of the schemer is at least five million years to infinity. In other words, with the best luck, the most abundant resources, and everyone working together, it will take at least another five

million years for the civilization to be as advanced as the schemer.

“But most of the time, the progress of a civilization is not something that can be achieved with the accumulation of time. In fact, the Pangu civilization is already established and mature. It has missed the best ‘growth and development period’. It is almost impossible for it to reach the level of the architect

of the black curtain.

“It’s like an expert reaching the Building Foundation Stage in their prime when they are 120 years old. It proves that their talent is second only to that of the Building Foundation Stage. No matter how many resources and adventures they are given, it will be difficult for them to reach the Divinity

Transformation Stage in their entire life… Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“L… understand. The sapling has been growing crooked since childhood. No matter how much fertilizer and watering is done, it is impossible for it to grow into a towering tree.”

Lu Qingchen struggled to say, “Faced with such a terrifying gap between civilizations, it’s no wonder that the top experts of the Pangu civilization were all scared out of their wits. But who was the ‘constructioner of the black curtain’ exactly? Why did they block the starlight and the radiation and create

such a vast black barrier?

“A certain prehistoric civilization.”

“The Pangu civilization was not the first batch of intelligent creatures in our universe,” Fuxi sai

that wreathed our universe. It is the information recorded on the ‘core’ and the ‘switch’.’

“In the billions of years before the primeval era, there were still endless intelligent creatures and powerful civilizations that rose and fell. One of the most powerful prehistoric civilizations built a dark barrier


Lu Qingchen asked, “Does the Pangu civilization have such a clear understanding about the prehistoric civilization?”

“Of course.”

“If we compress the history of our universe into one short year, the Pangu civilization will only show up at dawn on the last day of the 365 days, and the civilization of mankind will only show up at noon or dusk on this day. However, in the past 364 days, how many lives have emerged and how many

brilliant civilizations have been created? Who knows?

“The civilization of mankind absorbed nutrients from the relics of the Pangu civilization, and the Pangu civilization received enlightenment from the relics of the prehistoric civilization. That is the true meaning of the legacy of civilization.

“Does that mean that the Pangu Civilization has excavated the relics of some prehistoric civilizations?”

Lu Qingchen replied quickly, “Then you should’ve known the existence and formidability of the prehistoric civilization long ago. It is indeed shocking that they were so strong, but it is not enough to make them collapse, is it?”

“Yes. The existence of the dark barrier alone is not enough to collapse all the experts of the Pangu Civilization.

“But why don’t you think about it carefully? Why did the prehistoric civilization build the dark barrier?”

Lu Qingchen pondered for a moment. The shivering of his soul was becoming more and more obvious. “Hide. They are trying to hide themselves. They are hiding from something or an enemy that is too dangerous to resist. Therefore, they are trying to hide themselves!

“That’s right.”

“Then why don’t you guess what they are scared of and what they are hiding from?”

“The Flood Tide.”

Lu Qingchen’s soul was even colder than liquid nitrogen. “The prehistoric civilizations were so scared of the tide that they would rather spend endless resources to erase the radiation and information of all the stars around them and seal themselves and their children and grandchildren billions of years

later in the dark barrier. They did not dare to go out and fight the tide because they knew that they had no chance of winning at all!

“Wait. There’s a problem here. In a place where a lot of stars and celestial bodies are supposed to exist, if a black mist is created to cover everything, won’t a… weird black spot appear? Will the observers outside not notice it?”

“Think of the dark barrier as a thick eggshell. The patterns inside and outside of the eggshell are completely different.

“If you look from the inside, you will find that the dark barrier is a space zone with few resources. But if you look from the outside, you will naturally see something else. Maybe you will be able to fake a world that is barren, boring, and has no value for exploration or hunting, and the hunters will stop

thinking about coming here.

“Allin all, the dark barrier is not a simple black spot. Other than concealing itself, it can also block and filter. On one hand, it can block the newborn civilizations who don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth in our universe from rushing out and committing suicide. On the other hand, it can block

and filter the harmful information transmitted from the outside world, just like the atmosphere can block the ultraviolet rays.

“From this, it can be seen how much thought was put into the construction of the black curtain for the newborn civilization billions of years later.

“However, that was not the reason for desperation.

“The reason for the desperation is that even such a strong prehistoric civilization could not resist the flood at all and could only bury their head in the sand. Then, how strong must the real flood be?

“Now, do you understand?

“Only when the gap between the strength of the two parties is reduced to a certain extent will there be desperation and fear. Ants will never be desperate and fearful of dinosaurs because the two parties are not on the same level at all. Ants cannot understand the strength of dinosaurs at all. Even if they are

stomped to death by dinosaurs, they will die in confusion and fearlessness.

“Only when some sort of reference object appears, some sort of reference object that the ant can understand, will it be able to understand a tiny bit of the strength and tyranny of dinosaurs—only then will it know how vast, how dangerous, and how callous this world is. Only then will it know that it will

never be able to become the master of this world.. Its destiny is to be trampled under the feet of all kinds of powerful existences time and time again!”