Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 456 - I Did Not Ask Him To Do That For Me

When Papa Lu was buried, Mu Qiqi and Sheng Xiao were present to mourn in black attire.

Lu Qianqian and her mother had cried their eyes red, but even so, they had to accept the reality that their father and husband was no longer with them.

Mama Lu was breaking into tears while holding on to the tombstone, just as Lu Qianqian was kneeling and crying before it.

Their dearest had left, just like that.

“Get up, Qianqian.” Lin Mu’an went to her and tried to help her up, but Lu Qianqian was clutching at the tombstone and not letting go whatever happens.


“Thank you, everyone for coming to see off my husband. I and my daughter would keep this at heart.” Mama Lu, meanwhile had regained her sanity, turned around and bowed to their relatives.

Meanwhile, the youngest Lu uncle came to Mama Lu and told her, “Eldest Sister, if you really have the best interest for Eldest Brother, you have to make your decision soon.”

“You’re still not holding back, even in front of my father’s grave?” Lu Qianqian turned around to glare at him furiously through her tears.

The youngest uncle simply smiled and told his other brothers, “We should go, and leave mother and daughter to have a good cry.”

The good part is coming in two days anyway. Why the rush?

Nearby, standing against the wind with Mu Qiqi in his arms, Sheng Xiao swept a glance through the other members of the Lu family but said nothing.

Noticing his unusual gaze, Mu Qiqi tugged at his sleeve. “Why are you staring at that bunch?”

“I’ll tell you later.”

Confusion showed on Mu Qiqi’s face but she asked nothing, and walked up to Lu Qianqian instead to help her up alongside Lin Mu’an.

“Your father would be sad if he sees you hurting yourself.”

“Qiqi…” Lu Qianqian quickly turned around, holding her tightly. “My father is gone now…”

“You still have your mother and us. You have to hold yourself together now that your uncles have their eyes on you…”

“The lawyer would come to our house in two days to address the issue of your father’s inheritance, and there would be a good show then. There’s no need to rush for now.” Mama Lu said, and took Lu Qianqian’s hand after turning for one last look at her husband. “Pull yourself together. We’re going home.

“Let’s go. We’ll take you home.”

Mu Qiqi walked away with Lu Qianqian and Mama Lu, while Lin Mu’an and Sheng Xiao walked behind all three women.

Still, Lin Mu’an tried and failed to understand Sheng Xiao’s look, and only felt that after some time apart, the man had become even more unfathomable.

“Crown Prince…”

“You can call me something else—I’m no longer with Huang Yao.” Sheng Xiao’s gaze was sharper, and the side profile of his face was edgy.

“Chief Sheng, Qianqian and her mother need protecting, but I know that only you are capable of that in all of Jianchuan right now. I can’t do anything and I can’t protect them, and would instead bring trouble for them… that is why I’m asking you to act, and as long as you do, I would do anything in return for your grace.”

“Does that include death and destruction?”

“Sure.” Lin Mu’an did not hesitate to reply.

“But you’re still worthless to me right now. Work hard if you want to add value to yourself.”

Even so, to Lin Mu’an, being able to bow because of Lu Qianqian was actually the greatest value.

Nonetheless, Zhongteng had Lu Qianqian and her mother’s back even if Lin Mu’an had not spoken, because Lu Qianqian was Mu Qiqi’s only bestie.

Maintaining business connections notwithstanding, Zhongteng had more than enough power to protect Lu Qianqian’s place as CEO.

Following Papa Lu’s death, the most important person now was Papa Lu’s secretary who knew all his secrets.

That was why he sent people to keep an eye on Papa Lu’s lawyer, waiting to see who would go to the lawyer first.

He just had not expected that Papa Lu’s brothers were not to be underestimated.

Since all of them wanted profit for themselves, everyone would just have to wait to watch as the drama unfolded.


Mu Qiqi accompanied Qianqian at Lu Manor until nighttime.

She watched as Lin Mu’an went to the kitchen to help Mama Lu prepare dinner, before whispering to Qianqian, “I heard Xiaoxiao mentioned that Lin Mu’an asked him to help you in the afternoon, not barring death and destruction either. Xiao Xiao even said that he is willing to do anything as long as he helps you.”

“He might be poor now, but he is willing to do anything for you. Everything about him that had changed was because of you, can’t you see?”

At her words, Lu Qianqian turned to look at Lin Mu’an busying around at the kitchen, and could not help cursing him for being an idiot.

“I didn’t ask him to do that for me…”

“It’s only precious that he did all that willingly. Don’t you have to say something when he goes back to the academy tomorrow?”

“We’re precious family to each other.”

“Ask yourselves sincerely—do you two really think of each other as family?” Mu Qiqi grasped Lu Qianqian’s hand and pressed it over her heart. “Everyone sees it, and only you two are still acting like bros.”

Lu Qianqian said nothing, and turned to look seriously at Lin Mu’an, who was wearing an apron.

“Got it? I’m going home. Xiao Xiao told me in the afternoon that there’s a surprise for me, so I’m going to check it out now.”

Lu Qianqian nodded. She had intended to keep Mu Qiqi for dinner, but the latter insisted on going home because Xu Che had been waiting at the car beneath Lu Manor for some time.

Therefore, Lu Qianqian did not try to stop her, and silently ate dinner with Mama Lu and Lin Mu’an instead.

Although Papa Lu was gone, Mama Lu still arranged tableware for her husband.

“I’m going back to the academy tomorrow morning, and I won’t be able to keep tabs on you two all the time there. I don’t ask for much, just that you would tell me if there’s any trouble, and consider me family.”

Mama Lu held Lin Mu’an’s hand at those words. “You are like a son to me already. We’ll never leave you behind.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

“What did you say?” Lu Qianqian raised her fist.

“Why can’t I call her mom when she considers me her son? You’re so petty!”

“This is my mom. Go back to your own mom.” Lu Qianqian retorted indignantly.

“Stop fooling around, you two. Quick, eat, or the dishes would be bad if it gets cold.”

Nonetheless, the other two were glaring at and pinching each other’s cheeks. Mama Lu looked on cheerfully, thinking how lively it was with a boy there.

Later in the night, Lu Qianqian went to the guest room, wanting to thank Lin Mu’an when she found him stepping out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel, and quickly turned around.

So, the little pepper could feel embarrassed.

As such, Lin Mu’an deliberately said, “I’m dressed now.”

Lu Qianqian turned around, but Lin Mu’an himself stepped on his own towel, exposing his smooth buttocks to her.

“Put your clothes on before you come out, scumbag.”