Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 455 - Not Leaving For The Rest Of My Life

News of the arranged marriage between the Hu family and the Sheng family spread, and naturally reached Sheng Xiao’s ears. He sneered at the rumor that the Third Young Master of the Sheng family would marry the Hu family’s halfwit daughter, and said nothing aside from that.

It had begun to fog out there, and there was a dampness when he returned home at night.

When Sheng Xiao found that Mu Qiqi did not go over to the Lu Manor, he scooped her up from the floor and asked, “Is everything fine over at the Lu family?”

“Uncle Lu would be cremated tomorrow. Let’s see him off when the time comes.” Mu Qiqi told him.

“Don’t sit on the floor. Is your butt not cold enough?” Sheng Xiao said, putting Mu Qiqi on the couch before taking off his milky-white coat.

Her heart warmed, Mu Qiqi smiled and reached out to take his coat. “You must be feeling hurt for me.”

“By the way, Third Brother is going to marry the daughter of the Hu family.”

“The Hu family?” Mu Qiqi frowned. “That Hu family? The one dealing in property?”

“You know them?”

“Heard about them. That old man really knows how to find in-laws.” Mu Qiqi snorted, putting down the jacket.”

“So you definitely wouldn’t know that Miss Hu is a halfwit.”

“You mean that old man obviously knows it’s a firepit, and would still have Third Brother jump in?”

Mu Qiqi’s eyes widened in disbelief—was there any other grandfather who would hurt his own grandson that badly? “I know he’s angry that Third Brother ran here, but it’s really low to punish him for life… and Third Brother is just taking it?”

Sheng Xiao said nothing, but after being with him for so long, Mu Qiqi understood his silence.

“Is there a chance to turn things around?”

Sheng Xiao shook his head. “Even if it is not Miss Hu today, tomorrow it’ll be some Miss Zhang or Miss Li. Third Brother knows what the old man is like, which is why he’s not resisting.”

Mu Qiqi opened her mouth and was about to say something, but felt helpless even as it was about to leave her lips.

“Still, I’ll try to ask him if it wants to escape before that one last time.”

Mu Qiqi walked up to Sheng Xiao and sat beside him at that and held him over his chest. “If I’m not with you and with anyone else in the Sheng family, I would be no different from dead.”

“Why aren’t you hugging harder if you know that?”

That being said, who would not be laughing at Third Brother for marrying a well-known halfwit?

Sheng Kai would die from embarrassment over the gossip, but it did not appear so important to Third Brother.

Because he was composed, and did not care what others think.

And after the dinner the other night, Third Brother’s room arrest continued, until Old Sheng appeared by his door, crutch in hand.

“Third Brother.”

“What is it?” Third Brother remained in his bed and looked nonchalant.

“Be prepared for your wedding.”

“Whatever. Decide on the date and then inform me.”

“You’ll meet Miss Hu in two days, since you have to at least meet before you are wed.”

But since it was decided either way, what was there to meet about?


Nonetheless, Third Brother’s sudden compliance left Old Sheng suspicious.

Was the kid up to some scheme again? Or is he planning to break the ceiling to run again?

“Don’t try to imitate your Eighth Brother. I would not lose another one of you even if I lose my life.”

“Get out if you’re done talking. Don’t you get tired of this?” Third Brother simply did not have the mood to have a heart-to-heart with the old man, just as the old man did not have to keep insisting that Sheng Xiao incited him.

Old Sheng sighed and left Third Brother’s room. He simply believed that Third Brother was stubborn and unchanging, when the reality was that he did not know of the greatest sadness there is: an uncaring heart.


The next day, Papa Lu’s body was to be cremated.

Every member of the Lu family was present to see him off. Regardless of whether their intentions were good or vile, Mama Lu gave all of them a bow…

Meanwhile, Lu Qianqian was crying in Lin Mu’an’s arms.

Watching as a person dearest to her was reduced to a pile of ashes in the blink of an eye, she truly experienced the agony of being unable to keep him even if she wanted to.

When her father’s remains were being carted away, Lu Qianqian’s dropped to a crouch and broke into tears, and Lin Mu’an promptly lifted her and brought her to a nearby chair.

“Don’t be in such a rush to cry. Close your eyes and feel: your father is definitely not gone yet. He is always with you.”

Lu Qianqian forced herself to calm down, and did as Lin Mu’an told.

When she closed her eyes, she did feel that her father was still beside her and could pat her head.

It was a much happier feeling.

Moments later, she opened her eyes reluctantly to find that Lin Mu’an was holding her and pressing his hand over her head. “You have forty minutes to tell your daddy goodbye.”

“He’s gone now.” She said, accepting reality. “Scumbag, you and Mom can’t leave me now. Ever.”

“I won’t… not a chance in my life.”

Mama Lu was accompanied by other relatives, although the other members of the Lu family immediately decided they were a couple after seeing Lin Mu’an and Lu Shanshan embracing each other.

“She already had that embarrassing fling with the Duan boy, and she’s still hugging away in public when her father’s dead.”

“There’s no telling how much the Lin family hates the Lu family for taking away their grandson now.”

Lin Mu’an put his hands over Lu Qianqian’s ears when he heard that.

Still, she was caught in the pain of losing her father, and naturally did not know what the people around her were saying.

And when Mama Lu heard it, she walked up to them and said, “Mu’an, go get some fresh air with Qianqian outside. I’ll wait here.”

“I’m fine, madam.”

He could shoulder many things with Lu Qianqian. So what if they were saying those things? Words hurt, but no one could hurt you if you don’t mind it.

Meanwhile, the youngest uncle of the Lu family was sneering at them from a corner.

He had agreed to the Lin family’s condition. Sure, Lin Mu’an could still hang around with Lu Qianqian for now, but he would know how helpless he was when the lawyer announced the will and distribution of inheritance.

He would not be able to save Qianqian no matter what!

The cremation took a long time, but it also felt brief.

In the end, Mama Lu clutched the small urn of ashes as if embracing her own husband, and the group soon arrived at the burial grounds.

Sheng Xiao and Mu Qiqi were at the funeral to see off Papa Lu too.

Even so, the whole wide world was waiting to laugh at the Lu family. They were just mother and daughter now, and there was no telling how many eyes were set upon them now.

These two alone, protecting the family’s estate? Was that even possible?