Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife



Passion Honey, 百香蜜



Born as twins, but Mu Qiqi was left suffering every torment and became the greatest scapegoat in history only because she was not a better actress than her sister! That was when she had a nasty thought on how she would escape her family: she would marry the archnemesis of her own parents. She just never imagined that it would come true! However, she soon grew addicted to being the enemy’s wife: after the hardship of being the daughter of her parents, for her naughty husband was giving her strength and aided her revenge. Life does not get any better! *** “Doesn’t payback feel awesome?” “It does!” “Well, I can make you feel even better!”


1.chapter 1
2.chapter 2
3.chapter 3
4.chapter 4
5.chapter 5
6.chapter 6
7.chapter 7
8.chapter 8
9.chapter 9
10.chapter 10
11.chapter 11
12.chapter 12
13.chapter 13
14.chapter 14
15.chapter 15
16.chapter 16
17.chapter 17
18.chapter 18
19.chapter 19
20.chapter 20
21.chapter 21
22.chapter 22
23.chapter 23
24.chapter 24
25.chapter 25
26.chapter 26
27.chapter 27
28.chapter 28
29.chapter 29
30.chapter 30
31.chapter 31
32.chapter 32
33.chapter 33
34.chapter 34
35.chapter 35
36.chapter 36
37.chapter 37
38.chapter 38
39.chapter 39
40.chapter 40
41.chapter 41
42.chapter 42
43.chapter 43
44.chapter 44
45.chapter 45
46.chapter 46
47.chapter 47
48.chapter 48
49.chapter 49
50.chapter 50
51.chapter 51
52.chapter 52
53.chapter 53
54.chapter 54
55.chapter 55
56.chapter 56
57.chapter 57
58.chapter 58
59.chapter 59
60.chapter 60
61.chapter 61
62.chapter 62
63.chapter 63
64.chapter 64
65.chapter 65
66.chapter 66
67.chapter 67 you are not innocent anymore mu qiqi
68.chapter 68 are you looking forward to it
69.chapter 69 the crown prince is yourwhat
70.chapter 70 its really exciting
71.chapter 71 i have all kinds of ways to deal with bastards
72.chapter 72 xiaoxiao i can do it
73.chapter 73 youre the one who taught me that
74.chapter 74 mu tangxue deserved that
75.chapter 75 our key
76.chapter 76 you have to take responsibility even if you were forced to
77.chapter 77 youre mine
78.chapter 78 that should belong to me
79.chapter 79 i am your direction
80.chapter 80 then i should go and congratulate her
81.chapter 81 let me deal with mu tangxue first
82.chapter 82 mysterious guest
83.chapter 83 how dare you
84.chapter 84 thats impossible even in your next life
85.chapter 85 how could you ruin the mu family for that
86.chapter 86 mu tangxue has no clue about it
87.chapter 87 dont you want a luxurious life anymore
88.chapter 88 how dare you push me
89.chapter 89 her life as a princess has come to an end now
90.chapter 90 i just want what belongs to me
91.chapter 91 doesnt mu tangxue like to fight
92.chapter 92 are you satisfied now to see me like this
93.chapter 93 i have everything if i have you
94.chapter 94 young master sheng cares too much for qiqi
95.chapter 95 he is serious
96.chapter 96 it is you who changed me
97.chapter 97 you must be having dirty thoughts about me
98.chapter 98 since when have you become so reckless
99.chapter 99 congratulations you have become my woman
100.chapter 100 she is not getting anything
101.chapter 101 i really am innocent
102.chapter 102 i am always here for you
103.chapter 103 you really misunderstood me
104.chapter 104 they will have to ask if i agree or not
105.chapter 105 that is right i am threatening you
106.chapter 106 my little one so you know how to take revenge already
107.chapter 107 you learn well
108.chapter 108 you want to get revenge for your sister
109.chapter 109 how could you love someone when you havent fallen in love yourself
110.chapter 110 what are the results
111.chapter 111 just the two of you
112.chapter 112 im innocent
113.chapter 113 finally the bastard is defeated
114.chapter 114 ask anything you want
115.chapter 115 at last i took revenge for my mother
116.chapter 116 is it something im not allowed to know again
117.chapter 117 xiaoxiao please let me go
118.chapter 118 its related to your young master
119.chapter 119 are you going to recognize and accept qiqi
120.chapter 120 taking revenge on that little girl
121.chapter 121 there will be a great drama soon
122.chapter 122 young lady shen
123.chapter 123 no i want to sleep with you
124.chapter 124 im really not your daughter
125.chapter 125 qiqi is so much better than you
126.chapter 126 i have falsely accused you
127.chapter 127 i just hope she will die without peace
128.chapter 128 love her with all his heart
129.chapter 129 i will torture her with all my might
130.chapter 130 you are such an interesting girl
131.chapter 131 its already a mess
132.chapter 132 i still have to pretend not to know you
133.chapter 133 nobody can bully her
134.chapter 134 the real young lady shen please grant me my wish
135.chapter 135 let qiqi come home this coming weekend
136.chapter 136 mu qiqi is that good at keeping secrets
137.chapter 137 i am the daughter of the shen family
138.chapter 138 i want you to conquer them
139.chapter 139 dont have too much faith in me uncle shen
140.chapter 140 after all you have a rich boyfriend
141.chapter 141 dont lose your cool the night is yet to come
142.chapter 142 we will humiliate her tonight
143.chapter 143 must i be the one who slapped her after you said so
144.chapter 144 you lie
145.chapter 145 you are not stupid you are cleverer than anybody else
146.chapter 146 how to live like a dead person
147.chapter 147 you own the world when you own me
148.chapter 148 qier you should know that you have me
149.chapter 149 why dont you change your surname to rong
150.chapter 150 but he does not want to see you
151.chapter 151 how are you going to compensate me
152.chapter 152 i am not a fragile clay figurine
153.chapter 153 whoever blocked his womans way would have to pay the price
154.chapter 154 deprived of love
155.chapter 155 you always beg for mercy at midnight
156.chapter 156 it is so embarrassing to let aunt know
157.chapter 157 another discovery
158.chapter 158 taking revenge for your daughter
159.chapter 159 you are the best man on earth
160.chapter 160 you have your bath and i will have you
161.chapter 161 after we take care of the scum and the slut we shall start anew
162.chapter 162 good that she dares to come
163.chapter 163 i dare
164.chapter 164 the empress has come here to fight cool
165.chapter 165 isnt it too early to say that she is in charge
166.chapter 166 cant i even take control in my territory
167.chapter 167 the duan family will come and beg you
168.chapter 168 is there really no room for salvation
169.chapter 169 are you wishing for a fate worse than death
170.chapter 170 real and fake mu qiqi
171.chapter 171 how great is your admiration
172.chapter 172 she hid herself well
173.chapter 173 dont dream about to sleep tonight if youre not aware
174.chapter 174 show me the evidence that youre mu qiqi
175.chapter 175 i told you that were easy to be differentiated
176.chapter 176 its filled with loopholes
177.chapter 177 now you know that you need to plead with me
178.chapter 178 why do i have to forgive you
179.chapter 179 do you really want to be my uncle
180.chapter 180 im angry but ill teach you a lesson
181.chapter 181 how dare you make the whole family wait for you
182.chapter 182 im not being disobedient
183.chapter 183 the shen family is bullying me
184.chapter 184 dont you want me to show up
185.chapter 185 for her sheng xiao is everything
186.chapter 186 how dare you claim that you know nothing of it
187.chapter 187 no one wants to see your performance
188.chapter 188 ill lock you up and give you a shower ten times a day
189.chapter 189 how shameful
190.chapter 190 you wicked thing
191.chapter 191 wicked
192.chapter 192 is qiqi falling in love
193.chapter 193 what a pity you are being evil
194.chapter 194 grandpa i am still young
195.chapter 195 i worked so hard to pursue you
196.chapter 196 she is a bastard child that would seize your things
197.chapter 197 stop comparing
198.chapter 198 he is just a useless man
199.chapter 199 this will cause an allergic reaction
200.chapter 200 then i shall embarrass them back
201.chapter 201 did you get into trouble
202.chapter 202 remembering names is troublesome
203.chapter 203 i will bring you home later
204.chapter 204 dont blame me if i act mercilessly
205.chapter 205 on the way
206.chapter 206 mu qiqi was sheng xiaos masterpiece
207.chapter 207 are you afraid that madam might dislike miss qiqi
208.chapter 208 why are you afraid to meet my mother
209.chapter 209 those are the nice things said in your favor
210.chapter 210 you are not the one who is humiliated
211.chapter 211 you better know what youre doing
212.chapter 212 they cannot indulge mu qiqi
213.chapter 213 you know how to coax him
214.chapter 214 isnt sheng xiao your boyfriend
215.chapter 215 im afraid
216.chapter 216 are both the mother and daughter mad
217.chapter 217 enemies are bound to meet each other someday
218.chapter 218 how annoying
219.chapter 219 how dare you fall in love with your uncle
220.chapter 220 little one its time for us to enjoy ourselves
221.chapter 221 dont you like sheng xiao
222.chapter 222 thats a deal bastard
223.chapter 223 xiao qi just admit that you like him
224.chapter 224 i couldnt let mu qiqi take it away from me again
225.chapter 225 or do you want to get wet
226.chapter 226 dont you always spank me
227.chapter 227 how dare you slap me mu qiqi
228.chapter 228 you are the one who should get lost
229.chapter 229 dont you touch grandpa
230.chapter 230 apologize face to face
231.chapter 231 i will go crazy
232.chapter 232 a dangerous love game
233.chapter 233 i will not leave you
234.chapter 234 you are not allowed to enter
235.chapter 235 qiqi needs our help
236.chapter 236 no one can save you
237.chapter 237 i need to spoil her no matter what happens
238.chapter 238 what do you want to ask
239.chapter 239 i want to marry her
240.chapter 240 its ridiculous
241.chapter 241 go where sheng xiao is
242.chapter 242 i want you only
243.chapter 243 sheng xiao wins surprisingly
244.chapter 244 isnt that the crown prince of huang yao
245.chapter 245 i actually lost to that bastard child
246.chapter 246 listen to your hubby okay
247.chapter 247 aunt and uncle are here
248.chapter 248 she is my life dont simply touch her
249.chapter 249 i want to be your bride
250.chapter 250 i will not make things difficult for her
251.chapter 251 her eyes shone
252.chapter 252 it has been a long time since last time
253.chapter 253 ill bring her back to the sheng family
254.chapter 254 sheng xiao is that how you treat a toy
255.chapter 255 you dont have to be so overbearing
256.chapter 256 qier i feel that im bewitched by you
257.chapter 257 hes also a man who you cannot annoy
258.chapter 258 does he approve of that little granddaughter in law
259.chapter 259 i prohibit you from humiliating me
260.chapter 260 youll ruin the dress
261.chapter 261 women shouldnt drink too much alcohol its harmful
262.chapter 262 she has used this excuse too many times
263.chapter 263 escape
264.chapter 264 i am not afraid of him because i have you
265.chapter 265 pick a good time to send him to your bed
266.chapter 266 i am already at my limit with just you alone okay
267.chapter 267 is there someone that you like
268.chapter 268 do you think i will succeed
269.chapter 269 i want to disgust her
270.chapter 270 wow she is so cool
271.chapter 271 if i were you i wouldnt have done something so shameless
272.chapter 272 can you
273.chapter 273 its not for you
274.chapter 274 you are getting more daring
275.chapter 275 is sheng xiao your first love
276.chapter 276 he is a smart one
277.chapter 277 youre not looking when im naked
278.chapter 278 what lies are you spreading
279.chapter 279 had your fill little one
280.chapter 280 cant you see that he is goading jing yun
281.chapter 281 flaring jealousy
282.chapter 282 cant wait to devour me whole
283.chapter 283 dont drink too much from now on
284.chapter 284 i never knew that you could be so awful
285.chapter 285 let seventh sister be a one night bride
286.chapter 286 not a word about tonight
287.chapter 287 go in both of you
288.chapter 288 are you meddling young master
289.chapter 289 its only an engagement you can still call it off
290.chapter 290 only you dare to pull my ears like this
291.chapter 291 what do you pair of cheaters want
292.chapter 292 i can wait for your answer
293.chapter 293 how can she miss such a good drama
294.chapter 294 is there any reputation left after she did such a thing
295.chapter 295 looking at me the way a mouse sees a cat
296.chapter 296 i am not a human if i keep putting up with it
297.chapter 297 you can be my personal bodyguard
298.chapter 298 is mu qiqi going to huang yao for a meeting
299.chapter 299 carrot and stick
300.chapter 300 start anew
301.chapter 301 dont take it for granted
302.chapter 302 you should know the consequences if i look into it
303.chapter 303 nobody touches qier when im here
304.chapter 304 you are really something
305.chapter 305 she is good but does not ask for credit
306.chapter 306 she would just slap his face altogether
307.chapter 307 are you convinced seventh sister
308.chapter 308 if i were you i will hide under the table
309.chapter 309 giving them one last chance
310.chapter 310 because you cant resist me
311.chapter 311 as long as you dont run away again
312.chapter 312 our relationship is confirmed
313.chapter 313 whats the use in rubbing my chest
314.chapter 314 spare you
315.chapter 315 she is officially no longer a sheng
316.chapter 316 lets try them tonight
317.chapter 317 he was just suppressing his feelings
318.chapter 318 are you still trying to revive your plan
319.chapter 319 i shall reward you tonight
320.chapter 320 this is worth a celebration
321.chapter 321 regard it as if i were never part of the family
322.chapter 322 do you think he wouldnt if i admit defeat
323.chapter 323 wont you let me marry into your family
324.chapter 324 a mule or a horse
325.chapter 325 but who started it
326.chapter 326 you are already my wife
327.chapter 327 move in
328.chapter 328 but jing yun was suffering
329.chapter 329 you are still together at this time
330.chapter 330 out of friendship
331.chapter 331 please let me go
332.chapter 332 he looks very familiar
333.chapter 333 then i will wash you a few more times
334.chapter 334 i can only consider myself unfilial
335.chapter 335 his hunger was not in the stomach
336.chapter 336 do you know your fourth sisters secret
337.chapter 337 who would benefit from losing jing yun
338.chapter 338 a servant a dog
339.chapter 339 eloped
340.chapter 340 to me you are less than a dog
341.chapter 341 help them run away
342.chapter 342 ill make him wish he was dead
343.chapter 343 what i say goes
344.chapter 344 there is a secret not known to anyone else
345.chapter 345 youve got good eyes at least
346.chapter 346 your grandmother is telling me to marry into your family
347.chapter 347 does he intend to use our family
348.chapter 348 i really want to see the look on the old mans face
349.chapter 349 dont force me sheng xiao
350.chapter 350 i will definitely wait for you
351.chapter 351 i wont let him hold back
352.chapter 352 i dont need you compromising to anyone or anything
353.chapter 353 less cynicism please father in law
354.chapter 354 still calling me young master
355.chapter 355 who do you think you are
356.chapter 356 qier time to go home
357.chapter 357 really just friends
358.chapter 358 are you keeping this from xiao qi too
359.chapter 359 dont slander others
360.chapter 360 young masters wits are peerless
361.chapter 361 blow the matter out of proportions
362.chapter 362 you you would marry into our family
363.chapter 363 then ill definitely dump you
364.chapter 364 was that supposed to be an apology
365.chapter 365 self leaked gossip
366.chapter 366 no need he wont show up anymore
367.chapter 367 then give me my grandson
368.chapter 368 are you so sure i would surrender
369.chapter 369 ill think about it
370.chapter 370 ten huang yao would never compare to one mu qiqi
371.chapter 371 qier youve changed
372.chapter 372 arent you afraid of my grandfathers revenge
373.chapter 373 the shen familys neet live in son in law
374.chapter 374 show you a whole new world
375.chapter 375 the answer is my eldest brother
376.chapter 376 who knows if the test you did was real
377.chapter 377 no way im believing in you
378.chapter 378 even huang yao is being reshuffled
379.chapter 379 prepared for xiao xiao
380.chapter 380 would that not be interesting
381.chapter 381 am i easy to bully outside my element
382.chapter 382 so what if i got a grandson for free
383.chapter 383 i hope the shen family would not meddle
384.chapter 384 can you even compare to the crown prince
385.chapter 385 but im afraid of getting beaten up again
386.chapter 386 we were really blind
387.chapter 387 just a bastard
388.chapter 388 sometimes you have to be ruthless
389.chapter 389 theres no need to earn eighth brothers favor
390.chapter 390 she is too special
391.chapter 391 ill try to give face
392.chapter 392 you really dont know whats good for you
393.chapter 393 bring eighth brother home
394.chapter 394 im here to enjoy the show
395.chapter 395 return to work at huang yao
396.chapter 396 men love power since ancient times
397.chapter 397 it seems you want to lose everything
398.chapter 398 you want a clean break from the sheng family right
399.chapter 399 liquidating my property too
400.chapter 400 just to get back at you
401.chapter 401 i dont want to divorce you
402.chapter 402 are you fine with having nothing
403.chapter 403 she is reluctant
404.chapter 404 what are you smiling for you silly thing
405.chapter 405 you dont get to choose
406.chapter 406 xu che that is not the posture of kneeling
407.chapter 407 that is how he would pay for it
408.chapter 408 do you have any evidence
409.chapter 409 i did not post that
410.chapter 410 she wont clear her name
411.chapter 411 he hates seeing his little one being wronged the most
412.chapter 412 that is some solid evidence
413.chapter 413 intend to teach her a lesson
414.chapter 414 i have an agreement to offer
415.chapter 415 the thunderbolt of retribution would strike me first
416.chapter 416 you truly are a towering figure amongst women
417.chapter 417 hes no match for me now
418.chapter 418 he made you so ugly
419.chapter 419 cant fool yourself
420.chapter 420 so you helped contributing
421.chapter 421 youve hidden long enough havent you
422.chapter 422 who would want to watch you
423.chapter 423 are you getting too tired lately
424.chapter 424 you are always so despicable
425.chapter 425 losing everything overnight
426.chapter 426 you would not even treat a dog like that
427.chapter 427 the sheng family is really despicable
428.chapter 428 why did you cling to me
429.chapter 429 why are you always spying
430.chapter 430 the score is settled when my husband steps up
431.chapter 431 is it treatable
432.chapter 432 dont be so full of yourselves
433.chapter 433 so that you could go sabotaging him
434.chapter 434 ill say it again i dont know
435.chapter 435 you dont want me getting an exclusive
436.chapter 436 would finish spoiling even while kneeling
437.chapter 437 she is a girl and would feel embarrassed
438.chapter 438 could not wait to eat me
439.chapter 439 what else could there be between men and women
440.chapter 440 because you are not beside me
441.chapter 441 what kind of trouble
442.chapter 442 which hand you want broken tell me right now
443.chapter 443 is that not a slap to the face of the sheng family
444.chapter 444 fighting constants with variety
445.chapter 445 is that not embarrassing
446.chapter 446 they must be sisters in a past life
447.chapter 447 scumbag taking advantage of me again
448.chapter 448 i jumped out a window
449.chapter 449 im with you you are not helpless
450.chapter 450 dont poke your nose in the sheng familys business
451.chapter 451 im at your side no matter what
452.chapter 452 you were inside qianqians room all night
453.chapter 453 ill marry
454.chapter 454 tactless
455.chapter 455 not leaving for the rest of my life
456.chapter 456 i did not ask him to do that for me
457.chapter 457 i dont care at all if others lived or died
458.chapter 458 worried over you for nothing
459.chapter 459 taking her for a halfwit just because she looks like one
460.chapter 460 you are a good boy big brother
461.chapter 461 thinking of you
462.chapter 462 why would i hold you in disdain
463.chapter 463 i do love you
464.chapter 464 did you take me for a fool
465.chapter 465 xiao qier knows him
466.chapter 466 marrying right away
467.chapter 467 your crown prince is a bad influence on you