Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Chapter 811 - The Truth  

Su Yang said directly, “Manager Zhang, just tell the truth. Tell everyone here who sold the new technology of Teng Fei technology company to you?”

Su Yang was full of confidence.

“Ahem…” Manager Zhang coughed twice and then asked Su Yang hesitantly, “Manager Su, do you really want me to tell the truth?”

Su Yang didn’t hesitate at all. He raised his head high and replied, “Of course!”

Manager Zhang nodded and said, “Since Manager Su Yang said so, then I’ll tell the truth!” He deliberately emphasized the words ‘the truth’.

Unfortunately, Su Yang, Qiao Ruoyang, and the others were so happy that they didn’t notice anything wrong with manager Zhang’s tone.

“Ahem…” Manager Zhang coughed again and said, “Actually, the seller of the new technology of Teng Fei technology company is…” He deliberately looked at Su Yang.

Su Yang noticed manager Zhang’s gaze and was a little confused. He said, “Manager Zhang, just tell us who it is. Why are you looking at me?”

Manager Zhang sighed lightly and pointed at someone. He said, “It’s manager Su Yang, Qiao Ruoyang, Chu Xiangbei, Dai Yimin, and Pang Dayue, the five shareholders of Teng Fei technology company.”

As soon as manager Zhang said that, there was a moment of strange silence.

Especially Su Yang and the others’ shocked and incredulous expressions. It was so laughable.


Some of the people watching outside were shocked when they heard Manager Zhang.

“How is this possible?”

“It was actually sold by Qiao Ruoyang and Su Yang! This isn’t right at all!”

“That’s not right. Could manager Zhang be wrong? Why would he suddenly point out the other five? Did they conspire against Xiao Lingye?”

“The five of them conspired to frame Xiao Lingye. What’s their motive for doing this?”

“What other motive could it be? Of course, it was to drive Xiao Lingye out of the company. I heard that when the company was first established, Xiao Lingye didn’t pay a single cent. He only invested by offering his technology mastery. But he took the majority of the company’s shares and stabilized his status as the company’s major shareholder. Now that the company is getting bigger, perhaps a few people are feeling unbalanced.”

“But why should Xiao Lingye get the majority of the shares since he hasn’t invested any funds?”

“That is his ability.”

The students and teachers outside were discussing fervently. Su Yang, Qiao Ruoyang, and the others couldn’t hear them at all.

When they heard manager Zhang point out that the five of them were the ones who sold the company’s new technology, their minds suddenly went blank. For a moment, their smug expressions instantly froze, and their eyes revealed a look of disbelief.

Su Yang reacted the fastest. The expression on his face stiffened as he smiled and reminded, “Manager Zhang, did you say something wrong? That wasn’t what you told me back then.” He was referring to the secret agreement between them.

Qiao Ruoyang and the others also came to their senses. They looked at each other with shock in their eyes.

Manager Zhang smiled and said, “Manager Su, I didn’t say anything wrong. You were the one who told me to tell the truth just now. Well, I was just telling the truth.”

Su Yang’s expression cracked, and he said anxiously, “Manager Zhang, that was not what you told me. You clearly told me that Xiao Lingye sold our company’s new technology to you!”

Su Yang was really anxious now.

He never thought that Manager Zhang would suddenly change his mind at such a critical moment.

It shouldn’t have been like this.

He urgently needed manager Zhang to change his words and point the blame at Xiao Lingye. Otherwise, the person who would lose his reputation wouldn’t be Xiao Lingye but Su Yang.

Manager Zhang said with a serious expression, “Manager Su, what you said isn’t right. You were the one who told me to frame Xiao Lingye while you were trying to sell your company secrets to me.”

“What?” Many people who heard it were surprised.

Su Yang could no longer maintain his calm. He asked sharply, “Manager Zhang, what’s wrong with you? Could it be that you were bribed by Xiao Lingye to frame us?”

Qiao Ruoyang and the others did not make a sound, but the anxiety on their faces betrayed their fear and unease. They had never thought that they would be betrayed at this juncture. If they did not redeem themselves, they would be the ones who would be thrown out of Imperial University.

Qiao Ruoyang’s face was slightly pale. He took a deep breath and said carefully with a smile, “Manager Zhang, you must be mistaken. You said that we sold our company’s new technology to you, but our company’s new technology is only in Xiao Lingye’s hands. We have no way of getting it. Then how did we sell it to you?”

Manager Zhang turned stern as he said seriously, “Li Fei technology company doesn’t like Xiao Lingye very much, but we admire his talent and character. He would never betray the interests of the entire company for the sake of a small profit. As a member of the industry, I can’t selfishly destroy such a rising star. This is a huge loss for the industry.

“Also, manager Su, I wasn’t bribed by Xiao Lingye,” manager Zhang said righteously. “I was just telling the truth!”

Su Yang’s face suddenly turned pale.

He had never thought that things would turn out like this.

When he was bribing manager Zhang, manager Zhang said, “Don’t worry, manager Su, I will help you get Xiao Lingye out of your company.”

At that time, manager Zhang thought in his heart, ‘What a fool. The development of the Teng Fei technology company was entirely due to Xiao Lingye’s ability and contributions. Now that they want to get this contributor out of the company, of course, I’m willing to help. Without Xiao Lingye, Teng Fei technology company is nothing.’ Of course, manager Zhang did not say those words at that time.

Manager Zhang suddenly took out something from the official document company. Many people recognized that it was a recording pen.

Manager Zhang said indignantly, “I know you’d say that I’ve framed you. This recording pen recorded the process of our transaction. I will play it for all of you now!”

Su Yang, Qiao Ruoyang, and the others suddenly widened their eyes and looked at the recording pen in manager Zhang’s hand. Their expressions changed drastically, and their faces went blank.

They knew very well what kind of deal they had with manager Zhang.

However, they never expected that manager Zhang would secretly leave behind evidence of their transaction.

Just as their minds went blank, Lei Junshan suddenly spoke.

He smiled and asked, “Manager Zhang, you mean that other than Xiao Lingye, the other five people have made the same deal with you, right?”

Manager Zhang nodded and said, “That’s right!”

“This is a little interesting,” Lei Junshan said with a smile, “Teng Fei technology company only has six shareholders, and five of them have made a deal with you. I’m a little curious. Are all the deals they made with you the same? Didn’t they say that this new technology was only in the hands of student Xiao Lingye? Therefore, he has to be the one who betrayed the company, but in the end…”

Manager Zhang heard this and said with some embarrassment, “The deals they made were indeed the same. But Teng Fei technologies and Li Fei technologies are competitors. When our company learned that they wanted to frame Manager Xiao, we obviously agreed. Of course, we purchased the new technology at the lowest price too.”

Manager Zhang’s meaning was very clear. He helped so that Xiao Lingye would be kicked out of Teng Fei Tech Company.

Furthermore, they also had another goal.

Once Xiao Lingye was out, Li Fei would immediately poach him.As for the issue of reputation, it was not a problem at all.

As long as Xiao Lingye was willing to join Li Fei technology, they could clear their name. Teng Fei would lose a great mind, but Li Fei would gain one.

That was the purpose of this recording pen.

Su Yang finally reacted. He stared at manager Zhang in disbelief. Then, he looked at Qiao Ruoyang and the others with suppressed anger. He asked angrily, “Why didn’t you tell me? You secretly sold the new technology to Li Fei Company.”

If they had told him, he would have thought of a countermeasure long ago instead of panicking and being at a loss.

In fact, what made him most angry and helpless was manager Zhang’s betrayal.

However, the other party was their nemesis. Su Yang should have known that they shouldn’t be trusted.

Qiao Ruoyang and the others were also shocked when they found out that they had all secretly sold the new technology to Li Fei company.

At this moment, the sound of clapping could be heard in the quiet office.

Then, everyone looked at Xiao Lingye in unison.

Xiao Lingye smiled and said sarcastically, “This is simply amusing. Su Yang, Qiao Ruoyang, Chu Xiangbei, Dai Yimin, Pang Dayue, you guys have really opened my eyes.”

Su Yang and the others lowered their heads at Xiao Lingye’s sarcasm. They were embarrassed and angry.

Before this, they still accused Xiao Lingye righteously, but now, they had no way to defend themselves.

Xiao Lingye said again, “Didn’t you guys say that the new technology is only in my hands? I did develop the new technology, but as for the storage of the new technology, if I remember correctly, you all have a key to my office, right?

“I have never been on guard against my partners, so you all know my computer password. With my key and password, wouldn’t it be easy for you to get my technology?

“Also, don’t think that just because you turned off the surveillance cameras in the corridor and turned off the surveillance cameras on the ceiling of my office, I won’t know who actually entered my office. In fact…”

At this point, Xiao Lingye paused for a moment. His sharp gaze swept over the faces of Su Yang and the others, and the corners of his mouth revealed a mocking smile. Then, he continued, “Actually, there is a hidden camera installed in my office.”

When Su Yang and the others heard this, their eyes suddenly widened.

“This camera is at the edge of the chair. It is wrapped by the leather of the chair, so it is very difficult to discover,” Xiao Lingye said sarcastically, “As the person in charge of technology, I have always been very cautious and serious about technology protection. I was originally guarding against some corporate spies from the other companies, but who would have thought that the biggest thieves were from inside the house!”

Xiao Lingye took out his phone and flipped through it a few times. Then, a video appeared on his phone.

Lei Junshan saw the content of the video at a glance and revealed a sarcastic smile. “Well, that just proves everything.”

Xiao Lingye said somewhat helplessly, “Originally, I wanted to leave some face for you guys. As long as you guys simply paid up and bought the shares in my hands, I naturally wouldn’t release these videos. However, you guys want me dead. So…” He sighed.

Everyone could hear Xiao Lingye’s tone. They knew that Xiao Lingye wanted to let them off originally. However, they were ruthless. They wanted to end Xiao Lingye’s life and career. They wanted him to lose his reputation. They even wanted him to be kicked out of the Imperial Capital University.

If they had cooperated well and used their money to buy the shares in his hands, they would not be in this state. They would not be the ones who had lost their reputation now.

“They are really vicious!” Someone outside sneered, “No one would have thought that it would be five people working together to frame one person. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it either.

“No wonder the rumors on campus were so fierce. Everyone thought that senior Xiao Lingye had really betrayed the company’s interests. After all, as the shareholders of the company, it’s impossible for all five of them to betray the company’s interests just to frame one person, right?”

Someone immediately nodded in agreement, “That’s right. In the beginning, student Su Yang said that he would let the people from his rival company testify for him. Who would have thought that his competition would betray him?!”

“They are now businessmen. They have changed.” A student said in disbelief, “For their own interests, they’re willing to sell out the collective interests. This is really too selfish.”

“Now that the truth is out, Su Yang, Qiao Ruoyang, and the others have nothing to say, right?”

“I feel bad for Senior Xiao. He has been wholeheartedly working hard for the development of the company. Not only are some people sitting back and enjoying the fruits of his labor, but they’re also willing to go to great lengths to drive him out of the company for the sake of the interests in front of them.”

When Jiang Shuyu rushed over after receiving the news, she heard her classmates talking about the truth.

“Shuyu, you’re here.” When her close friend saw her, she pulled her arm excitedly and said, “Shuyu, we really misunderstood Xiao Lingye.”

Jiang Shuyu’s heart jumped, and then she pretended to be calm and asked in surprise, “Ah, what’s going on?”

Her best friend said excitedly, “It’s like this…”

Then, she told the story one by one. Little did she know that her best friend, who was being held by her arm, turned pale. She looked at Xiao Lingye through the glass with a sharp and guilty look.

Her hands were clenched into fists, and her head was slightly lowered. Her beautiful eyes were filled with hatred.

She thought hatefully, ‘Xiao Lingye, you’re simply an unkillable cockroach!’

She knew very well that the situation had turned.

What she hoped the most right now was that the five of them would be expelled from school and that they would not implicate her. Otherwise, her reputation…

Jiang Shuyu simply could not imagine the consequences that would result from that.

How could this be?

Her plan was clearly so perfect.

She did not expect that she would lose because of this Manager Zhang.

‘Manager Zhang, just wait.’

Inside, Xiao Lingye said with a faint smile, “Even if the truth is out now and I have cleared my name, I will not continue to stay in the company because I am disgusted. So, the shares in my hands will be sold. If any of you want to buy them, I’ll auction them off in the student conference room at three in the afternoon!”

Manager Zhang’s eyes lit up, and he immediately asked, “Manager Xiao, can we attend it too?”

Xiao Lingye smiled and said, “Of course!”