Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Chapter 809 - Intense Quarrels and Confrontation!  

Qiao Ruoyang and the other three knew that Xiao Lingye was a man of his word.

If he gave them two hours, they would have two hours.

In these two hours, if they had not made a choice, then he might sell his shares to someone else.

Although they didn’t believe a country bumpkin could get another buyer other than them, they couldn’t underestimate him.

The five of them discussed this issue, but they could not come to a conclusion in a short amount of time. The five of them were angry and anxious.

Other than the five of them, there was another person who was angry and anxious.

It was Jiang Shuyu. She thought that Xiao Lingye’s reputation would have been ruined by now. Anyone with even a little self-respect would have been defeated. They might not even be able to recover.

However, Xiao Lingye rose above the rumors and slanders. Looking at Xiao Lingye’s nonchalant expression, she was filled with hatred and anger. She wished that she could skin Xiao Lingye alive. She wanted to see how he could be so confident.

‘No, I cannot allow Xiao Lingye to sell his shares. He can only give them away and not sell them. If he sells them, he’ll get at least four million. He will not suffer any loss at all.’

However, she was in public. She couldn’t contact her people, let alone discuss countermeasures with them. Moreover, the five of them were together. If she contacted one of them, she would be exposed. So what should she do?

Jiang Shuyu was so anxious that she stomped her feet.

“Shuyu, who do you think will buy the shares in Xiao Lingye’s hands?” A girl next to Jiang Shuyu raised her head slightly and asked curiously, “There are a lot of rich and powerful students on our campus, but their money is still controlled by their families. They have to rely on their families if they want to buy his shares.”

Jiang Shuyu suddenly stopped and looked at the female student. “Ran Ran, what did you say just now?”

Ran Ran was slightly stunned, then she said, “I said, who would buy the shares in Xiao Lingye’s hands?”

“No, that’s not it.”

“There are a lot of rich and powerful students on our campus, but their money is still controlled by their families. They have to rely on their families if they want to buy his shares.”

This female student repeated what she had just said and said with sparkling eyes, “Teng Fei technology company is a very promising company. In just two years, it has become a medium-sized company with more than 20,000 RMB in assets. If I had the money, I would definitely be willing to buy it.”

Jiang Shuyu’s eyes suddenly lit up.

‘That’s right. Anyone can buy Xiao Lingye’s shares.’

Teng Fei technology company was indeed a company with a very bright future. If it continued to develop like how it did in the past two years, it would probably be a large company with assets of hundreds of millions in a few years.

Thus, why couldn’t she just buy the company?

She didn’t have the money to buy it, but her family had money.

She believed that her family also had high hopes for the company.

Xiao Lingye had the most shares among the six of them, and he was also the company’s largest shareholder. He had the greatest say.

If she bought it, she would be the company’s largest shareholder. In the future, she would slowly absorb the shares from the others. Then, the entire company would be hers.

When Teng Fei Tech grew bigger, she would be able to make the people of the Jiang family look at her differently. In the future, her status in the Jiang family would be higher and higher.

The more Jiang Shuyu thought about it, the more satisfied she was.

The female classmate beside her kept chattering, but Jiang Shuyu directly interrupted her and said, “Ran Ran, I have something to do, so I’ll leave first.”

Then, without waiting for Ran Ran to react, she left.

She ran to a secluded corner and secretly called home.

When the family heard Jiang Shuyu’s analysis, they immediately felt that her idea was not bad. Her father felt that he could buy this company and give it to her daughter. What if she could really make something of it? Then, their branch might occupy a certain position in the main family.

“Shuyu, don’t worry. It’s only four million. I’ll definitely buy it and give it to you!” Father Jiang said straightforwardly.

Jiang Shuyu said happily, “Thank you, Papa!”

Father Jiang said again, “Contact that Xiao Lingye as soon as possible. I’ll be there soon!”

Jiang Shuyu replied with a smile, “Okay, Papa!”

After hanging up, Jiang Shuyu immediately sent a message to Xiao Lingye. After she sent the message, she couldn’t hide her excitement.

If she really bought the shares in Xiao Lingye’s hands, she would be a person with a company in the future. If she walked out, she would be envied by others.

She anxiously waited for the other party’s reply.

However, time passed bit by bit. Fifteen minutes had passed, but there was still no reply. She slowly understood what was happening.

Jiang Shuyu gritted her teeth and growled, “Xiao Lingye, just you wait!”

Since there was no reply, she called Xiao Lingye directly. As the call was connected, it was disconnected again. The other party hung up the phone.

Jiang Shuyu was mad. She tried again but was hung up again.

She tried five or six times in a row. After being hung up five or six times, she was so angry that she almost threw the phone in her hand out.

“Xiao Lingye!” Jiang Shuyu gritted her teeth. Then, she took a deep breath to calm herself down.

Since he didn’t return her messages and didn’t answer her calls, she could only go to him personally.

Although it was a little insulting to her dignity, it was nothing compared to the company.

Xiao Lingye was eating in the cafeteria when he saw his phone ringing. He took it out to take a look and realized that it was an unfamiliar number. It said that it wanted to buy his shares.

He only curled the corners of his lips and ignored it.

Regarding the shares, he had his own arrangements.

He did not expect that when he did not reply to the message, the person would call.

Xiao Lingye did not even think about it and directly hung up.

If Jiang Shuyu knew that her calls went unanswered because her number was not registered on Xiao Lingye’s phone, she would be so pissed.

Xiao Lingye looked at the time. It had been half an hour. He was very curious about what his former good friends would do.

Would they buy his shares or…

There was a new message.

Xiao Lingye opened his phone to take a look, and the corners of his mouth immediately curled up.

His roommate asked curiously, “Ye, is there any update?”

Xiao Lingye did not hide anything and said directly, “Nothing. Someone just sent a message saying that they want to buy the shares in my hands.”

His roommate nodded and asked again, “Then, do you really want to sell the shares in your hands?”

Xiao Lingye smiled and said, “If I don’t sell them, I have to continue to work with them unless I can buy the shares in their hands or change the shareholders.”

When his roommate heard that, he immediately shook his head and said, “That’s unlikely.”

Xiao Lingye did have a little money, but this amount of money was not enough to buy all of their shares.

Besides, a discerning person could tell that Teng Fei technology company had a bright future. In the future, they might even have hundreds of millions of assets.

Therefore, who would be so foolish as to sell their shares?

Xiao Lingye listened to his roommate and only smiled faintly.

The reason why Teng Fei technology company had become what it was that day was because of his technology and management.

Without him, the company…

He was not in a rush.

As soon as Xiao Lingye returned to his dorm, he was told that the counselor was looking for him.

“Ye, I don’t know why the counselor is looking for you at this time,” his roommate said worriedly. “You should be careful!”

This counselor was a snob. In his eyes, Xiao Lingye was a country bumpkin from the countryside. Therefore, his attitude towards him was arrogant and superior.

Xiao Lingye didn’t take this counselor seriously.

Xiao Lingye went to the office to look for the counselor. There were other people in the office. One was the dean, and the other was the vice principal.

Xiao Lingye frowned slightly. It seemed that there was some trouble.

“Principal Liu, director Guo,” Xiao Lingye greeted them one by one, “Counselor.”

The counselor asked in a sharp voice with an ugly expression, “Xiao Lingye, do you know why we are looking for you?”

Xiao Lingye shook his head and asked in confusion, “I don’t know! Counselor, why are you looking for me?”

Looking at Xiao Lingye’s expression, the counselor was furious. He pointed at Xiao Lingye and said sharply, “How dare you pretend? You are indeed a sanctimonious animal…”

“Counselor!” Before the counselor finished his words, Xiao Lingye’s expression darkened, and he said seriously, “What did I do wrong that you need to scold me like this? Is that what an educator should do?”

Xiao Lingye could not tolerate the counselor anymore. He was basically scolding his parents by calling him an animal.

“Principal Liu, director Guo, are you going to let an exemplary counselor insult a student?” Xiao Lingye turned around and questioned the two of them, “Even if I did something wrong, it should be handled by the police and not this person.”

The counselor was stunned, then pointed at Xiao Lingye with a livid expression, “You…”

Xiao Lingye’s gaze was very sharp as he said, “Counselor Zhang, don’t blame me for not respecting you. It was you who did not act like a counselor first!”

The counselor said angrily, “Xiao Lingye, you are not worthy to be a student of our imperial capital university. You are a treacherous and sanctimonious villain!”

Xiao Lingye immediately questioned in a stern voice, “Counselor, you can’t say whatever you want! What evidence do you have to say that I am a perfidious villain? If not, then I will sue you for slander!”

Xiao Lingye usually tolerated this counselor as much as he could. But now that this counselor had crossed his bottom line, he did not need to endure anymore.

Seeing Xiao Lingye being so aggressive, director Guo spoke up, “Student Xiao Lingye, someone has reported you for secretly selling your company’s new technology and leaking trade secrets! Even though this is a matter of your company, you are still a student, after all, and it involves a moral issue. Imperial university cannot tolerate a student with bad conduct!”

Xiao Lingye smiled and asked, “Oh, then may I ask, director Guo, do you have evidence to prove that I sold the company’s new technology and leaked the company’s business secrets?”

“You’re still trying to quibble!” The counselor said angrily, “The rumors of this have spread even to the other campuses. You still don’t know how to repent. To think that you’re our model student!”

Xiao Lingye said very seriously, “Rumors and slander don’t mean that there’s real evidence! Counselor Zhang, I’m just asking for evidence. How can it be a quibble? Counselor Zhang, do you have evidence to prove it?”

“Evidence?” Counselor Zhang suddenly said with confidence, “Your partners are the evidence.”

Xiao Lingye curled his lips and thought to himself, ‘Ah ha.’

Instead of being angry, he laughed and said, “Oh, they are the evidence. Alright then, call them over, and we’ll have a confrontation with them. What do you think?”

Instructor Zhang was stunned.

Even principal Liu and director Guo couldn’t help but be confused as they looked at the composed Xiao Lingye.

‘This Xiao Lingye is too steady and calm.’

Counselor Zhang reacted and said, “Alright, just you wait. I’ll call them over!” Then, he went out to make a call.

Not long after he returned to his room, Qiao Ruoyang and the others came over.

Seeing them enter, Counselor Zhang’s attitude changed drastically.

With a smile on his face, he said with a fawning expression, “Classmate Qiao, classmate Chu, you’re here!”

Then, he said with a fierce tone, “Xiao Lingye, didn’t you say that you want to confront them? Well, since they are here, let’s see what tricks you can come up with!”

Xiao Lingye’s sharp gaze swept over them, and he nodded. Then, he said with a smile, “Alright. We’ll get this started. If I don’t have this confrontation, I might be trampled under the feet of some people.”

Qiao Ruoyang and the others lowered their heads slightly, feeling a little guilty. But in their hearts, they thought to themselves, ‘Why is it that even now, Xiao Lingye is still so confident?’

They had bad feelings in their hearts.

Director Guo looked at the five students who came in and asked very seriously, “Five students, you reported that Xiao Lingye sold your company’s new technology secretly and leaked the company’s secrets. This involves a student’s character. Please explain it properly. What evidence do you have to prove that Xiao Lingye did that?”

Actually, director Guo had some doubts in his heart.

He had heard that Xiao Lingye had the most shares in the company and was the company’s largest shareholder. Moreover, the company was flourishing. There was no need for him to make such a stupid move, right?

Furthermore, as a dean of Imperial capital university, he got to know Xiao Lingye’s character over the past few years.

However, the rumors were spreading too much. Even if director Guo and president Liu did not believe it, the matter had already been reported to the school. They had no choice but to step in.

Xiao Lingye raised his lips and asked with a smile, “Qiao Ruoyang, Su Yang, Counselor Zhang said that you have evidence to prove that I sold the company’s new technology and leaked the company’s secrets?”

At this point, he paused for a moment, and then his expression changed. He said in a serious tone, “If you don’t show me real evidence, I will never let this go. The rumorson campus these past two days are cutting. But I was not affected because I’m innocent!”

When he said that he had no guilt, his tone was powerful and righteous!

The faces of Qiao Ruoyang and Su Yang changed slightly.

Qiao Ruoyang looked at Xiao Lingye with his sharp eyes and said with conviction, “Xiao Lingye, those new technologies are only in your hands. Other than you, none of us know about them.”

“So, this is the evidence you are talking about?” Xiao Lingye found it funny and asked, “Your subjective perception is the evidence? That’s funny. I don’t think that will hold up in court.”

The five of them instantly fell silent.

Director Guo and principal Liu didn’t look too good!

‘What nonsense evidence is this? This is simply a joke.’

Principal Liu said with a very serious expression, “Qiao Ruoyang, if you don’t have evidence to prove Xiao Lingye’s bad character, then your company’s matters will be handled privately. The school will not interfere!”

Su Yang suddenly said, “Principal Liu, I’ve confirmed with Li Fei technology. They said with certainty that the person who sold them the new technology was Xiao Lingye. Is this evidence enough?”

Yup, that would be enough… if it was true.