Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 99 - Do We Know Each Other?

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“You mean I have to wait until you graduate?” Feng Qingtian felt that it was too shameless of Gu Bailu to say that.

Not only was she lying, she had even lied to him again and again.

Even more absurdly, he believed it.

He had to believe it, because he couldn’t control himself from not hating women.

Too many doctors had failed to cure him.

Gu Bailu had no spiritual power, but he could tell that she had certain abilities.

However, he didn’t expect her to be so unreliable as to claim that she could only help him after her learning was done.

“Not exactly. I’m not kidding; as soon as Nan Ningxin leaves the Murong family, I can help you immediately,” Gu Bailu said honestly.

“How is this related to Ningxin? Do the two of you have history?”

Feng Qingtian asked the question suspiciously.

Gu Bailu responded coldly, “We have the greatest history.”

“Ningxin has always been kind. Why can’t she tolerate you?” Feng Qingtian said to himself.

“Are you an idiot? Is any woman happy to see the man she likes sleep with another woman?”

Even if they didn’t have a history, Nan Ningxin wouldn’t have been able to tolerate Gu Bailu.

After all, Gu Bailu had stolen the man Nan Ningxin loved most.

Gu Bailu felt quite good about that. Although she couldn’t kill Nan Ningxin for now, she could at least make her uncomfortable.

As long as she was near Feng Qingtian, Nan Ningxin would never be comfortable.

“Is that so?” Feng Qingtian was deep in thought.

Ningxin was trying to kill Gu Bailu because he and Gu Bailu slept together?

“It’s perfectly normal for a man to have concubines. Besides, I haven’t even married you yet…”

A voice popped up in Feng Qingtian’s head. “If you betray me and sleep with other women someday, I’ll throw you into a septic tank.”

“What’s a septic tank?”

“A tank for human feces.”

“I want nobody except you.”

“Mark your words. It won’t end well for you if you violate that.”

“I won’t allow any other woman to approach me.”

Feng Qingtian suddenly stood up and looked at Gu Bailu in confusion.

He knew that the voices were from his previous life.

It was from his and Nan Ningxin’s past.

But why was his promise still in effect in this world, and not in relation to Nan Ningxin, but to Gu Bailu?

No other woman could approach him, but Gu Bailu was the only exception?

“Gu Bailu, do we know each other from before?”

Gu Bailu looked at him, puzzled. “Prince Zi, what’s wrong with you? Are you hitting on me?”

“I asked you a question. Do we know each other?”

“Certainly not. It was only a coincidence that day. I was drugged and you happened to be there. Nothing was forced.”

“You really don’t know me?”

Gu Bailu was amused. “Believe me, with your handsomeness, if I knew you before, you would’ve lost your virginity eight hundred years ago.”

Feng Qingtian sat down and pressed his forehead.

Things seemed much more complicated now.

“Qin Shou, bring in the other female disciples of this class.”

“What are you doing?” Gu Bailu was confused.

However, she knew that Feng Qingtian was certainly not here to be a good teacher. He must have other plans.