Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 97 - This Is a Fake Teacher

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“Senior Sister, you cannot bring your pet in,” Dou Ye reminded her at the door.

“Chen Yi, wait here.” Gu Bailu gave a command, took off her shoes, and walked into the classroom.

The classroom wasn’t large, and there were books everywhere. Tables and cushions were placed in an orderly manner.

There were about twenty seats.

However, those seats were empty, and only one person sat at the front.

She could only see black hair and a tall figure, and sensed a powerful pressure.

Gu Bailu frowned slightly. Why did it feel so familiar?

The closer she got to the figure, the more familiar it felt.

However, the man who was sitting down didn’t respond at all, as if he didn’t know that she was coming.

Gu Bailu knew that couldn’t be true.

Are you playing at being mysterious?

Gu Bailu took out a dagger and walked even faster.

She was about to stab him, when the man suddenly turned around. An immense power was launched at her. She hurried to dodge.

The power smashed into the tables and ruined dozens of them.

Was it really okay to be so violent?

She had ruined the classroom. Would her classmates regard her as an enemy, too?

What kind of teacher was this?

Gu Bailu raised her head, only to be stunned. Why did the teacher look so familiar?

“Gu Bailu, what time is it? And you only just got here for class?” The cold voice carried firm intimidation.

Gu Bailu felt like her face was cramping. “Why are you here?”

No wonder he had felt so familiar!

She would probably recognize Feng Qingtian even if he turned into ash.

Dressed in a black robe, Feng Qingtian sat in a chair and stared at her sharply.

The charming and masculine face truly brightened her mood.

Face really mattered the most to her.

“I’ll be your teacher from now on,” Feng Qingtian said calmly.

Gu Bailu was so shocked that she almost tripped over her own feet.


What the heck?

A powerful lord had come to be her teacher instead of managing state affairs?

Also, why was Feng Qingtian a teacher at Cloud Mirror Academy?

“You’re late, and you should be punished,” Feng Qingtian said expressionlessly.

“You can punish me, but why are you a teacher?”

Was she still dreaming?

Gu Bailu pinched her thigh.

It really hurt!

Feng Qingtian came to Cloud Mirror Academy to be her teacher. The world didn’t make sense.

“Am I not qualified to teach you?” Feng Qingtian was dissatisfied with her response.

She wasn’t delighted, but instead was disdainful when she saw him.

How many people in the world deserved his time?

“Of course you are. But I’m not qualified to be your student. I’m too useless,” Gu Bailu said gloomily.

Feng Qingtian said coldly, “Enough of the crap. Come here and receive your punishment.”

Gu Bailu sighed. What was this all about?

Where was Ouyang Yin? Hadn’t Shao Di entrusted her to him? Why had he given her to Feng Qingtian?

Did Shao Di know?

The two of them hadn’t seemed very friendly yesterday.

She walked forward helplessly and saw Feng Qingtian open his hand.

The punishment wasn’t a slap on her forehead, was it?

“Wait, you aren’t fake, are you?”

Was it really appropriate for a powerful lord to pretend to be a teacher at Cloud Mirror Academy?