Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 95 - Gu Yunjing Did Something Good

Ah Luo stared at her for a long time and looked around, before she burst into tears in Gu Bailu’s arms. “My lady, I thought I was never going to see you again. I don’t want to die. I need to protect you, my lady.”

Gu Bailu understood her well.

Ah Luo had almost died under the torture, but she didn’t because her lady was still alive.

Gu Bailu touched her head. “You’re a good girl, Ah Luo. I’ll give you dragon meat. For now, have some dragon blood.”

Ah Luo was still weak. She fell asleep after her cathartic cry.

Gu Bailu asked Chen Yi to search the forest for the Flower of the Nether World.

By the time she returned to the main peak, Shao Di hadn’t returned yet.

Somebody else had come to visit her.

“Where have you been?” The ragged man’s voice was as unrefined as he was.

He asked Gu Bailu the question the moment she got back.

Gu Bailu finally understood that the barrier only worked on her!

Other people could come and go freely.

“I was busy saving my maid, unlike certain other people who just stood by.” Gu Bailu didn’t like the teacher.

She knew that it was perfectly understandable that he didn’t rescue her.

Still, it was impossible for her to respect him as she did her master.

Gu Bailu gave Ah Luo to the maid. “Help me clean her up. Don’t wake her up.”

She was going to do it in person, but this Ouyang Yin certainly wouldn’t permit it.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” Gu Bailu sat down, and Chen Yi crouched next to her feet obediently.

Gu Bailu mischievously kicked it, and it showed absolutely no resistance.

It was hard to imagine how the man had appeared to be king of the world a few days ago.

“All the disciples in your class have arrived. Lessons will start tomorrow. I’m here to let you know.”

Ouyang Yin had no bias against them. He had been well aware of their aptitudes when he accepted the responsibility to teach them.

However, he had to pay more attention to this one, whom Shao Di had singled out.

“Got it.”

Seeing that he wasn’t welcome here, Ouyang Yin decided to leave, but he said after a brief pause, “Due to your special situation, I won’t be teaching you myself tomorrow.”

“Who will it be? Does Shao Di know that you’re ditching me?” Gu Bailu asked casually.

“Someone who will make you grow quickly. He’s much better than I am.”

Ouyang Yin walked out and smiled.

Not only had Shao Di appointed him to teach the losers, the man had also threatened him.

Had he known, he wouldn’t have gotten involved in the dirty water at all.

Another dozen bodies were carried out from Prince Zi’s house. It was said that their spirit roots were all broken.

Also, they were all women who would lunge at handsome men on the street.

However, they lost their lives when they attempted to jump on Prince Zi.

“A broken spirit root and boldness are still useless. What exactly is the reason?”

Qin Shou was truly puzzled. Why was Gu Bailu the only woman who could approach his lord?

Feng Qingtian said coldly, “Gu Bailu was born without a spirit root.”

It was like saying that their hands were broken, but she was born without one.

“It isn’t easy to find a person born without a spirit root… However, Shao Di did find several such people recently…”

Feng Qingtian smiled. “Gu Yunjing has finally done something good.”

“Should I get those people?”

“That’s unnecessary. I have other arrangements.”