Ah Luo’s head was the only part of her body that was above the water. Her face was too decayed to be seen clearly.

However, she was still chanting, “Don’t come, my lady. Don’t come, my lady.”

“Screw you! You’re going to end up just like your senior brothers for hurting Ah Luo.” Gu Bailu charged forward on Chen Yi.

She plucked Ah Luo from the water and quickly stuck a rune on her.

“Ah Luo, hang in there.”

Gu Bailu took out runes and hurled them at the disciples.

“Chen Yi, right now.”

It wasn’t the time to teach them a lesson. She had to save Ah Luo first.

Ah Luo was her sole support in this world. She couldn’t lose Ah Luo.

Nobody was more important than Ah Luo.

Chen Yi kicked the academy disciples and flew out of the place with Ah Luo and Gu Bailu.

“Don’t worry. She’s eaten Snow Goddess Fruit before. The poison can’t hurt her.”

Chen Yi comforted Gu Bailu.

Gu Bailu was relieved. She examined Ah Luo. Although she hadn’t been hurt by the toxic water, her internal organs were heavily shattered.

Those people had tortured her before throwing her into the tank.

Had it not been for Ah Luo’s talent, she would’ve died.

Gu Bailu clenched her fists. What had Ah Luo done to deserve such treatment?

That was too unfair.

Chen Yi brought them into the woods. “Do you know herbs? Some of the grass here may be helpful.”

“I think I do.”

After her parents passed away, Gu Bailu had read all the books of the Gu family, including those on amazing plants.

She memorized the medicinal recipes, too.

While waiting for the best day to transmigrate to this world, she had developed a lot of medicines that were very useful.

However, she hadn’t used any of those skills since she arrived. She didn’t know if the herbs in this world were the same as the ones she knew.

The trees were so endlessly tall that even sunlight could barely pass through.

Gu Bailu couldn’t see the herbs at all. She could only use her sense of smell.

Ah Luo was uneasy in her arms. She kept murmuring, “My lady, don’t come save me. They can’t kill me.”

Gu Bailu looked at Ah Luo’s face that had turned green because of the poison, and shed a tear in pain.

How long had it been since she cried?

After her parents died and her master went missing, she wept for three days before swearing never to cry again.

Gu Bailu gritted her teeth and held back her tears.

“Chen Yi, fifty meters ahead. There’s medicine.”

Chen Yi ran forward. They saw a tree the size of a human which was emitting a faint fragrance.

Gu Bailu jumped off and cut the tree with her dagger. Sap that looked like blood flowed out.

“It is indeed the Dragon Blood Tree.”

The Dragon Blood Tree, together with the Flower of the Nether King, could bring dead people back to life.

Gu Bailu gathered the Dragon Blood and fed it to Ah Luo.

Ah Luo swallowed it and soon opened her eyes. “My lady, go now. I can’t beat them. I’m so useless…”

With inexplicable strength, she pushed Gu Bailu several meters away.

Gu Bailu smiled helplessly. “Silly girl, we’re safe now. Don’t underestimate me. I just got you out of that place.”