Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 93 - Contracted Chen Yi

She could imagine how uncomfortable it would be to have such an ugly face around her every day.

Yin Neng found it hard to believe. He was being rejected not because she didn’t trust him or question his abilities, but because he was ugly?

Was it really his fault? He had been a handsome young man once!

“Can I wear a mask?” Yin Neng was helpless.

Of all the people in the world, she was the only one that could save him.

No one else could form a contract with him.

Only this girl could.

Although she didn’t have any spiritual power, she seemed to have been born with the ability to manipulate spirits.

He might be the first person to discover this.

“A mask cannot make me forget the ugly face that I’ve already seen.”

“Are you going to save your bracelet and your maid or not? What a shallow woman.” Yin Neng was rendered speechless.

Gu Bailu frowned at the barrier. It would take a lot of time to undo it.

Ah Luo couldn’t wait that long.

Ah Luo hadn’t come when Gu Bailu caused such a fuss in the square. Something must’ve happened to her.

She couldn’t lose the Soul Attractor, which she was dependent on, either.

Yin Neng was truly cunning. He was forcing her to take him in.

“How do I do this?”

Since she couldn’t refuse him, she could only take him in.

With the contract, he couldn’t be disobedient.

“There’s a spur on my back. Take it out and sign a contract using your spell. Then, put it back.”

Gu Bailu touched his back and felt nothing but bones.

She truly wondered how the man was still alive.

After groping around for a while, Gu Bailu found a protruding spur. “Is this it?”

“Yes.” Yin Neng sighed. “Little girl, you better be nice to me.”

Gu Bailu pouted. “As long as you’re obedient.”

Did he think she was willing to contract a skeleton?

Gu Bailu cast a spell, and the pale spur glittered and reentered Yin Neng’s body.

Yin Neng’s body changed quickly in the dazzling light.

Gu Bailu’s jaw almost hit the ground.

“Are you Yin Neng?” Gu Bailu was shocked at the polar bear before her eyes.

“My real name is Chen Yi. I’m Chen Mu’s brother.”

The polar bear was actually talking, although it was still in a hoarse voice.

Gu Bailu’s lips twitched. “Alright. It sounds much better this way. Let’s go save my Ah Luo.”

Chen Yi roared at the sky. “Get on me.”

Gu Bailu quickly sat on the bear, and Chen Yi leapt to the bottom of the mountain.

The barrier that had stopped Gu Bailu didn’t seem to exist.


She couldn’t find a way out, but the man jumped out easily.

By the time Gu Bailu arrived, Ah Luo was submerged in green, toxic water inside a tank.

It was the most creepy place in Cloud Mirror Academy.

People sentenced to death were sent here to be reduced into water.

“Fool, so many of our classmates lost their spiritual power today because of the garbage. You’re going to answer for that.”

“Do you think she’ll come?”

“She’ll die if she does.”

“Yes, we must avenge our senior brothers. Even now, the chief hasn’t recovered. We have to do something for him.”