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Gu Bailu found him too shameless. The two of them could’ve escaped together if he hadn’t attacked her.

She would never save such an ungrateful man.

“You would be an idiot to not save me.” Yin Neng tried to stand up, but failed.

Gu Bailu stepped on his back and broke his bones.

“I’m bored, anyway. Why don’t you tell me why I would be an idiot to not save you?”

If his answer was satisfactory, she would merely crush his body.

So many bones should be enough to feed a few dogs.

“You have no spiritual power. You can’t use your abilities. I can help you.”

Gu Bailu raised an eyebrow. “Okay… Is that all? Do you not know that I’ve been personally chosen by Shao Di to study under him? Do I need you?”

“Does he listen to your every word?” Yin Neng sniffed.

Gu Bailu grimaced. “Are you saying that someone who would kill his partner will listen to my every word?”

After a brief silence, Yin Neng said, “As long as you prevent me from being imprisoned on Ice Mist Peak, I’ll listen to you.”

“Do you think I’m a three-year-old? You’ll only bite me again once you’re out of trouble.”

“It won’t happen again. I don’t want to go to Ice Mist Peak ever again.”

Yin Neng gnashed his teeth. He didn’t expect that he would have to beg a girl in the end.

A girl who didn’t have a spirit root, no less.

“Are you actually hearing yourself?” Gu Bailu wasn’t convinced at all.

“Your maid is close to being killed. Do you not want to save her?”

Gu Bailu frowned at what Yin Neng said. “What happened to Ah Luo?”

“They’re venting their fury on her since you’re out of reach. There’s also your bracelet. Do you not want it?”

Gu Bailu crouched down and glared at Yin Neng. “Where did you hide my bracelet?”

“If you promise to save me, I’ll give it back to you.”

Gu Bailu scoffed. “Like I said just now, only an idiot would believe you.”

“I can sign a contract with you. I’ll have to listen to you then.” Yin Neng didn’t have a choice.

After finally regaining his freedom, he didn’t plan on ever returning to that frozen hell.

He had spent a hundred years playing on his own every day.

He had people he needed to find and revenge he needed to fulfill. He couldn’t go back.

“Contract? What do you mean?” Gu Bailu asked in confusion.

“I can be contracted to your soul. Then, you can summon me whenever you want.”

Gu Bailu wasn’t convinced. “Can you swallow the humiliation?”

As far as she knew, spirit manipulation was an ability that required extremely high spiritual power.

To manipulate a spirit required at least two hundred years of training.

Even geniuses could barely reach such a level.

Yin Neng was suggesting that she could control his spirit. How was that possible?

“I can do anything as long as you save me. Just keep me with you,” Yin Neng begged with his centipede-like face.

Gu Bailu stared at him, feeling nauseated.

“No!” Gu Bailu said without any hesitation.

“Why? Nobody will dare be mean to you anymore. Do you have any idea how many people want to contract with me?” Yin Neng was mad.

The girl didn’t know what was best for herself at all.

If he had any other choice, he wouldn’t have proposed this at all.

“You’re too ugly. I won’t be able to eat anything with you around.”