Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 91 - She Loves Pretty Men

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But why did he feel less strongly about her now that they could be together?

The feelings were so thin that he wondered if he had somewhat lost his personality.

He couldn’t wrong her again.

“In any case, I should marry her first.” Feng Qingtian stood up, only to be blocked by Qin Shou. “Who are you marrying, my lord?”

“Nan Ningxin,” Feng Qingtian said firmly.

Qin Shou shook his head. “That’s impossible, my lord. You can’t even touch her. His Majesty won’t agree to that, unless you want to give up your inheritance right.”

Feng Qingtian sat back down again. Marrying a woman that he couldn’t touch meant that there would be no children.

Those who couldn’t have children couldn’t inherit the throne.

He had to inherit the throne. He had been holding back for so many years, just to make things right for him and her someday.

However… Why did he feel only guilt toward the woman whom he had been willing to abandon the world for in the past?

“Qin Shou, do feelings change because of irrelevant thoughts?”

Qin Shou said solemnly, “My lord, humans are the most complicated creatures. Whatever you did, my lord, it wasn’t your fault, because you’re human now.”

“Is that so?”

He couldn’t control his desires because he was human?

Desires were part of humanity.

He hadn’t fallen in love with somebody else.

“Find some women who would be willing to cut out their spirit roots. I’m going to test something.”

He was going to find out why he could touch only Gu Bailu. There wasn’t anything special about her whatsoever except for the fact that she didn’t have a spirit root.

“Yes, at once.”

“Wait – choose the bold ones, preferably those who can do things against my wishes.”

“You mean the girls who are crazy about handsome men?”

Feng Qingtian tapped the table and suddenly felt better. “Do you think Gu Bailu is one such girl?”

“I suppose. She drools every time she sees you.”

“What a shallow woman.” Feng Qingtian frowned. “She should be happy to stay with Gu Yunjing.”

Gu Bailu, whom Feng Qingtian believed would be happy, wasn’t happy at all.

Her bracelet was gone, her Ah Luo was gone, and she was locked up on the mountain, unable to go anywhere.

Gu Bailu couldn’t help but want to use the teleportation rune again.

She shouldn’t waste her time here. She should be learning how to use the teleportation rune correctly.

She walked along the barrier, trying to figure out a way to undo it.

Everything was connected.

Gu Bailu was studying the structure of the barrier when something enormous almost hit her.

It flew in from the outside through the barrier?

The object was covered in leaves, which obscured its appearance, but it was still possible to tell that it was a bag of bones.

Gu Bailu lifted the leaves and took a look. “Yin Neng?”

He hadn’t been killed and had even escaped Cloud Mirror Academy’s pursuit?

“Help me! I don’t want to be imprisoned on Ice Mist Peak.”

Gu Bailu sniffed. “Only an idiot would save you.”