Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 89 - Good Guys Are Drawn to the Wrong Girls

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Gu Bailu couldn’t help but admit that Nan Ningxin was smart.

She put all her beauty on display.

Gu Bailu suddenly lost her support and fell to the ground.

As it so happened, Feng Qingtian had already loosened his grip the moment Nan Ningxin appeared.

Gu Yunjing rushed to pick Gu Bailu up and rubbed her chafed wrist sympathetically.

“Now that Nan Ningxin is here, he won’t pester you anymore. Rest assured; he can’t take you away as long as I’m here.”

Gu Bailu simply allowed him to carry her back to the temple.

When she looked back, Nan Ningxin was standing before Feng Qingtian and asking, “Prince Zi, why do you have to be involved with her? Do you really have to break my heart? Is it because I can’t really be your woman?”

Her tears and her sobs couldn’t be any more poignant.

For a moment, Gu Bailu actually felt that Nan Ningxin wasn’t pretending.

Feng Qingtian stood there and stared at Nan Ningxin in silence.

The fury in his eyes had been replaced with guilt.

Feng Qingtian truly liked Nan Ningxin.

The fact made Gu Bailu rather uncomfortable.

Did a woman have to be fake in order to be appreciated?

Can you people open your eyes?

Gu Yunjing looked at her. “Why aren’t you saying anything? Is it uncomfortable?”

“How can I not be uncomfortable? Good guys are drawn to the wrong girls.”

No, that was wrong. Feng Qingtian was hardly a good guy.

He wouldn’t have been a virgin for so long if he could touch women.

“She’s to stay here. If anything happens to her, you’ll be punished.” Gu Yunjing put Gu Bailu on a bed.

He left in a hurry after giving the maid the instruction.

Gu Bailu didn’t know their history, nor was she interested.

The maid gave her a pill, and she soon fell asleep.

By the time Gu Yunjing came out, Feng Qingtian was already gone. Nan Ningxin was still standing in one spot, at a loss.

“You let him leave so quickly? You’re getting more and more useless.”

Nan Ningxin turned around and said angrily, “Why are you protecting the garbage? Who is she? Why didn’t you dispose of her when you knew that she could influence Prince Zi?”

“I don’t need to explain myself to you.” Gu Yunjing pulled on the necklace around Nan Ningxin’s neck. “I gave you the Night Lotus, and you couldn’t capture his heart. Are you of any use?”

Nan Ningxin said angrily, “How can I capture his heart when I can’t approach him? However, as long as I have the Night Lotus, he’ll always think that I’m the one he’s looking for.”

“Figure out a way to let him have you. It’s not like he doesn’t have sexual needs.”

Nan Ningxin clenched her fists. “Are you saying that he’ll fall in love with the garbage because she can sleep with him?”

Gu Yunjing smiled. “Who knows? He’s waited for too many years. It’s understandable that he’s lonely.”

“No, it can’t be! He’s not like that! He’ll control himself for me!” Nan Ningxin was agitated.

She had paid a huge price to obtain everything she had. She even became the garbage’s sister and flattered those vulgar mortals so that she could be Prince Zi’s unique person.

Gu Yunjing mocked, “Don’t get too serious while you’re pretending. You’re just a fake. Wake up and get him for real. You can’t keep the secret from him forever – sooner or later, he’ll know the truth.”