“Gu Bailu, who let you out? Go inside!” Shao Di roared.

Gu Bailu had never seen him like that before.

He was never more manly.

Did war really make men mad?

“The house is falling because of your fight. Do you want to be buried alive?”

In pain, Gu Bailu stumbled out step by step.

Suddenly, the earthquake stopped. Somebody approached her, and something sticky fell on her forehead.

She reached up to touch it. It was blood.

She raised her head, only to discover a huge wound on Feng Qingtian’s forehead which was dripping blood.

His right shoulder was red, too.

“Why are you fighting so desperately? Is your life too dull?”

Gu Bailu frowned. She wondered if the wound would leave a scar.

Why couldn’t he cherish his pretty face?

“Come back with me.”

Feng Qingtian, however, didn’t seem to feel any pain at all. He grabbed her and was about to leave.

Gu Bailu was exhausted in the first place. She had no strength to resist after stumbling out.

“Where to? I’m going to study here.”

“What are you studying? What can you study without a spirit root?”

“I can learn my opponents’ moves and how to deal with them. Also, who are you to command me? Don’t presume that you can boss me around.”

“Do you remember your promise? You won’t refuse whatever I want.”

“Didn’t you drop that because I was too dull?”

“I regret it now.” Feng Qingtian picked her up and flew off.

Gu Yunjing flew over and stopped him. “Prince Zi, you can’t take her away.”

“Get lost. It’s not your place to say what I can or can’t do.” Feng Qingtian had never found Gu Yunjing more annoying.

Had it not been for old time’s sake, he would’ve crippled him.

“If you insist, I have to ask Nan Ningxin to come.” Gu Yunjing became solemn, too.

However, he didn’t expect that Feng Qingtian still wouldn’t release Gu Bailu, even after Nan Ningxin was mentioned.

What was the guy thinking?

Had he really fallen in love with someone else?

How was that possible? They had been through a lot. Although he couldn’t be with Nan Ningxin, it was already worth celebrating that they could meet any time.

Falling in love with someone else wasn’t something Feng Qingtian would do.

However, what happened today was out of Gu Yunjing’s expectations.

Feng Qingtian held Gu Bailu’s hand even more tightly, and his killing intent surged again.

“Let go of me! You’re breaking my hand!” Gu Bailu was in agony to begin with. She genuinely wondered why she was so unlucky today.

She just wanted to sleep and recover.

Why did somebody else get to decide whether she could stay or leave?

Feng Qingtian loosened his grip slightly, but he still kept her behind him.

Gu Yunjing felt even worse after seeing this gesture.

“Prince Zi.” Two people landed next to them.

Nan Ningxin was wearing a long dress that highlighted her perfect curves. Her high heels made her taller and more gorgeous.

Her beautiful face was as pure and innocent as a lotus flower.

Her necklace, which was in the shape of a white flower, gleamed hazily on her chest.